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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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964 Semis 1

Everyone stood rooted in place. Was this speed that an essence gatherer could produce? Was this speed a saint could produce?

Those with lower cultivation had no way of differentiating the speed of those lauded stages of cultivation. Even the judge, who was a saint himself, was stunned. He was absolutely certain he didn't have such speed.

Dyon had done this on purpose. He was simply telling the judge that he wasn't a match for him. If he continued to play underhanded tricks and use underhanded tactics, Dyon would make him suffer. Plain and simple.

This judge was a mere 6th grade saint, the lowest threshold requirement for reaching sainthood. This meant that he had only managed to fill 63 of 108 meridians, corresponding to the peak of 7th stage of essence gathering, before he forcefully ascended from the essence gathering stage. Before Dyon, he was even weaker than some peak-level essence gatherers, and he wanted to flaunt and sneer before him? Who did he think he was?

Just as the judge was about to speak, Dyon's Presence swept over him. It was only for a moment, but it was enough for a cold sweat to permeate the entire back of the judge.

In that moment, he gave up all thoughts of arguing that Dyon had taken advantage of the work of others to win. How laughable, he couldn't even face Dyon himself, yet he wanted to cut off his path to the future?

There was only one reason why they were retained as judges. They came from prestigious families that allowed them to enter with letters of recommendation. Or else, they would have never would have made it into the sect on their own merit.

There was no shortage of characters like this judge in Soul Rending Peak, but they were all outer sect disciples, with only a few managing to become inner disciples. Core disciples had no such corruption issues… Or, more accurately, their corruption issues weren't as obvious.

"D – Dyon Jafari Wins." The judge his way to the verdict, not even able to watch Dyon casually hop off the stage.

Many were still processing exactly what they had just seen. Even those with the capability to witness Dyon's actions were completely baffled. They knew his body was powerful, but was it really to this extent?

"He… He didn't use any wills." RolRol whispered.

She couldn't fathom reaching that speed without the use of a technique or, at the very least, a speed based will. Yet, she had just witnessed it.

Asyna's eyes once again brightened, her fighting spirit igniting. "Why do you think he threw his sword up first? Was it to show off? Or did it have another purpose?"

"I don't know… Is the sword heavy? Why can't I tell how heavy it is?"

Lilith frowned, unable to understand either. By all rights, that should be a practitioner level sword, how could it be heavy enough to influence someone who was capable of reaching such a speed? It didn't make any sense

Dyon, of course, was simply smiling as though none of this had anything to do with him.

Back when Dyon first took this sword as his main weapon, he had placed a concealment array to hide its aura as a transcendent level weapon, for obvious reasons. However, the problem was that this concealment array was imperfect for various reasons.

For one, Dyon's soul was sealed and he was forced to use aurora stones instead. It went without saying that Dyon level of precision and control drastically dropped because of this, not to mention the fact the level of array he could create also severely dropped.

Because of these reasons, Dyon usually only used his aurora stones to manipulate already created formations and arrays because this was much easier and much less burdensome.

However, with those issues meant that the concealment array he placed on his sword had many glaring issues. For example, not being able to conceal its weight from prying eyes.

Anyone with half a brain would understand that a practitioner level weapon shouldn't be hundreds of thousands of jin in weight, but concealing something from those with high enough senses to see it required a highly complex spatial type array that Dyon didn't have the capability of creating for himself in these conditions.

Knowing this, Dyon used the crudest method of concealment: a bandage wrap. He then cleverly used that disguise to portray himself as a weapon's master, making the weight he was unable to hide easily explained.

But now, Dyon did something completely different. With the help of Clara, Dyon was able to conceal the weight of his weapon, so now it seemed to truly be a practitioner level weapon. Aside from Dyon himself, no one else, who didn't wield the blade, of course, could sense the weight. Even if they clashed with him, the extra weight would seem to be Dyon's own strength.

Now, this expert concealment was even confusing a 10th stage grandmaster of formations in Asyna, who could not see through it at all. After all, it was an array drawn by a 2nd stage comet level master in Clara.

This was why Dyon decided to be purposefully flashy. Now all of his tactics would come off as showing off, rather than well thought out, conveniently explaining his sword toss into the air.

All of this said, no type of concealment was absolutely perfectly. Lilith's mind was already beginning to have a keen interest in Dyon's secrets, and that may very well not bode well for him.


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