Reaper of the Martial World
963 Did I Win? 4
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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963 Did I Win? 4

Even as the crowd wanted to begin to boo and the disciples were looking at Dyon with disdain, he only smiled, taking a step forward.

"Truthfully speaking, I have no will to eliminate you all. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't want to cut off the path to your future and would have allowed you all the "fated chance".

"However, Vice Master Evangeline has been nice enough to allow you all an extra chance. And, becoming a core disciple is quite important to me, so I can't allow you all to do as you please."

The crowd couldn't understand what Dyon was talking about. The four contestants were already blasting toward the outer boundaries. If he wanted the conclusion he sought, he would have to stop at least three of them from going out!

But, according to the arrangement, that was completely impossible.

The two brothers before Dyon had already blasted apart and were hundreds of meters in either direction of Dyon. On top of that, the final two that had already been fighting hundreds of meters away were also blasting toward their respective boundaries, creating a massive square of flying bodies…

In order to stop three of them, it was no exaggeration to say Dyon would have to travel at least a kilometer in a split second. That kind of speed was simply impossible!

Dyon casually took off the massive sword on his back, causing the eyes of the crowd to widen. Was he going to use it?

Seeing this, the elder sneered. If Dyon sent a long-range attack now, he could just say that he wasn't responsible for their defeats because they were already flying out. Did he really think that just this was enough to defeat him? How ridiculous!

On top of this, he was a mere essence gatherer. What long ranged attack could he possibly use in quick enough succession?

By this point, even Lilith was frowning in disappointment. How could he not have seen through the biased intentions of the judge by now? Or was his cultivation really so low that he was fooled by the "acting" of the other participants.

The red robed finally breathed a sigh of relief before laughing heartily. He wouldn't have to become a slave, how could he not be happy beyond belief?

"It doesn't look like you'll be able to fight him Asyna." RolRol nibbled her lips. Had they really overestimated him so much?

Asyna sighed. "Under this suppression, even I would have to use more than 80% of my strength to still win in this situation. On top of that, I would need to use that technique." She shook her head. "It doesn't matter. Since he was so weak and stupid, there wasn't much of a point in fighting him to begin with."

The golden robed elder smiled complacently, sneering inwardly. He had much more control of his outward appearance that the judge, but he was clearly very happy with himself. Now, he didn't need to worry about what it would mean for him as an outer sect elder to offend a high-ranking disciple. In fact, even if he wanted to kill Dyon after this, it would be as easy as flipping over a hand.

Maybe the only person in the arena who wasn't doubting Dyon was Donari himself. Only he was aware of that facing Dyon was like facing the peak of an eternal mountain. It wasn't even close… He might as well have been in a race without a finish line.

Although others of the Unseen Peak had seen the battle, how could they be more certain than Donari of the power Dyon had? For all they know, Donari was only injured because Dyon had some amazing defensive treasure on his chest that broke Donari's hand when he attacked and that was the only reason the victory was so easy.

However, under the eyes of everyone, Dyon did something inexplicable… He threw his sword into the air!

The massive 700 000 jin sword spiralled in the air, reaching a height of more than a hundred meters in an instant. Before anyone could realize what was happening, Dyon had vanished!

With a speed that made the eyes of the beauties widen, Dyon made it to the side of the fire will wielder of the two brothers in less than a blink of an eye.

At that time, the elder brother had a complacent smile on his face, completely oblivious to what was about to happen. Even as Dyon's elbow slammed downward and into his forehead, he still believed in he had victory in hand.

Dyon didn't even wait for his body to slam into the arena floor, in a moment, he had already disappeared again. What astonished those who could keep up with him was that he actually hadn't chosen the closest individual, as though he was trying to show off, he went for the furthest participant in the distance, swinging his foot downward and destroying his rib cage before moving on as though nothing happened.

The judge and elders could only watch in shock as Dyon's body flitted around as though it was made of wind itself.

In an instant, Dyon had sent out four attacks and returned to his original position, casually catching his massive sword and placing it on his back again as the loud booms of four crippled bodies crashed into the arena floor.

The weaker members of the audience had no idea what happened. To them, Dyon had tossed his sword up and caught it before loud booms sounded throughout the coliseum. What the hell was happening?

It was only at that moment the dust settled, allowing everyone to see…

There, at the very edge of the arena, mere centimeters from being out of bounds, four unconscious and bloodied bodies lay at each of the corners of the platform…

Dyon smiled, looking at the judge. "I guess I win, right?"


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