Reaper of the Martial World
962 Did I Win? 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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962 Did I Win? 3

Seeing this, Dyon smiled. He once again casually glanced at the fight happening in the distance only to see one of the participants being blown off, reducing the number from seven to six.

To Dyon, it was clear that this participant had allowed himself to be blown off, although his acting was quite good, it was still flawed.

Out of curiosity, Dyon sent another glance toward the judge to see how he would react. Under normal circumstances, a judge of these proceedings would be at least of the middle saint tier. How could such an expert be fooled by the acting of essence gatherers?

It was simple logic. To saints, the movements of essence gatherers were painfully slow. While to an essence gatherer their movements seemed natural, to a saint who could see every minor movement, it was a sham.

However, much to Dyon's expectations, the judge pretended as though he had seen nothing. It didn't take a genius to know that this judge was a friend or subordinate of the golden robed elder.

If Dyon was forced into being an outer disciple, he would not only be easy to suppress, even killing him wouldn't be completely out of the question. The sect wouldn't care about such a weak talent.

As Dyon was casually observing the judge who pretended as though he hadn't noticed his gaze, yet another of his opponents was sent flying off the stage. As for the brothers, they hadn't moved, content to block Dyon's path while also preparing their own attacks. If anything left the scope of their plants, they would immediately mutually blast themselves off of the platform.

When Evangeline noticed what was happening, she frowned deeply. However, she couldn't act. All the judge would have to do is insist that he didn't see anything, then it would become a matter of Evangeline overstepping her bounds. That would allow those elders who disliked her to leap at yet another opportunity to suppress her. Disrupting the disciple assessments wouldn't lead to a small punishment…

Donari's elder brother snorted. "Is this the supposed genius of Unseen Peak? Can't even handle a small problem like this?"

Even has he spoke, another participant was blasted out, leaving on four.

"What is he doing?" Many in the crowd began to frown and wonder.

Even if he thought that this was unfair or that he had little to no chance, shouldn't he at least try? He just went on the whole speech about how they should risk their lives to become stronger, but now that he was faced with some adversity, he didn't dare to take action? Wasn't that a little too pathetic? Did he think he would look cooler if he didn't try at all?

Thinking about all of those participants before him that were incited by his words and even put their lives on the line to earn a spot, many of the onlookers couldn't help but feel disgusted. There was nothing worse than a person who talked big but had no ability to back it up, or to, at the very least, follow his own example.

The only people who hadn't spoken were the four the beauties. With their cultivation, they could see that there was something more to Dyon's actions… Did he have some sort of plan?

It had to be said, that in Asyna's mind, if she wasn't suppressed by the 98th quadrant, Dyon would be no match for her. In fact, the reason why she wanted to fight Dyon to begin with was because of this.

She saw Dyon as worthy of being her opponent since she was suppressed. Nothing more, nothing less. So, when she saw Dyon not moving at all, although she wasn't as quick as others to condemn him, she kept a skeptic mind. It was just unfortunate for her that she didn't know that Dyon was being suppressed too.

As for the brothers standing before Dyon, although they were elated inside, they didn't dare to have an outward showing. However, even they began to question some things.

All of their preparation was under the assumed strength of Dyon… What if he was tricking everyone? What if they had a chance to win and he was just pretending as though they didn't? If he really fooled everyone, then wouldn't this be the biggest joke round ever? To allow a first stage essence gatherer the chance to move on, where would they hide their faces if he actually turned out to be a weakling?

Despite having these thoughts, they didn't move. They only promised themselves that if he really did turn out to be a fraud, they would destroy him once they became disciples of Soul Rending Peak. After all, the two of them were brothers. One way or another, they would have used this strategy of theirs so that they could both enter together.

In that moment, two more participants were blasted off in a flurry of flashing lights, leaving only two.

Looking at each other, they couldn't help but smile. Even if Dyon started running toward them now, he wouldn't make it in time. On top of that, the two brothers were still fine and could definitely obstruct him! They would get their chance to enter Unseen Peak!

In that moment, the judge couldn't hold back his sneer as he oversaw the situation in the arena, preparing himself to administer the "fated chance" rule.

The two participants charged up their most powerful attacks, quickly explaining to each other how to escape unharmed and the flaws of their techniques before blasting them forward.

At that moment, the two brothers also noticed the situation in the back. Looking at each other and smiling they blasted attacks toward each other as well.

The crowd could only watch with disappointment on their faces as four bodies flew apart, blowing through the air toward the out of bounds line.


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