Reaper of the Martial World
959 Tempering 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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959 Tempering 3

Everyone took Dyon's words differently.

Some who had been too scared to attempt their own trials resolved in their hearts to do so.

Some who had already taken their trials, but decided to cower here after facing the tough competition of the tower resolved themselves to cower no longer.

While others still became angry at Dyon's words, as though he was personally attacking their character.

In the end, Dyon was content that at least some individuals took his words the right way. Those who chose to become angry had no future to speak of and were destined to forever remain mediocre.

The path of cultivation was one rife with struggles and hardships, if you weren't willing to face them head on, did you deserve to cultivate at all? And even if you did, and you somehow made it through, muddling in mediocrity, there was no doubt in Dyon's mind that people with such weak mindsets would be destroyed under their tribulations.

There was no denying that Dyon had been gifted with a lot of luck in his path, and he would never deny such a thing.

Nearly from the beginning of his journey, he was blessed with a great master who gave him all the tools he could ever need. And then after that, he met a man he was truly proud of becoming the successor of.

However, he would have never received either of these opportunities if he had chosen to remain in his mortal realm. If he had chosen to cower, and stay behind his computer screens and gadgets, he would have never worshipped the 25th White Mother as his master, nor would he have ever met the Demon Sage.

He had to suffer through all sorts of hardships during his time in Focus Academy, even being pushed to the point of near death twice before he received his first opportunity to truly improve.

Although Dyon was lucky, one could never say that he hadn't worked for what he received.

Donari fell into deep thought hearing Dyon's words, before he nodded in the end and walked away without saying a thing.

It took a moment for the battles to start up again after the 'heated' exchange between Dyon and Donari, but finally, under Evangeline's guidance, it did.

Dyon's words had risen his place in the hearts of those four beauties, albeit for vastly different reasons between them.

Lilith simply nodded, acknowledging that although Dyon might be of lowly birth, at least he wasn't a coward. Although it didn't surpass a simple nod, it was more than Lilith usually gave people.

As for Evangeline, she had already been interesting in this Little Brother for one reason or another, but she seemed to like his fiery temper.

RolRol's thoughts were much more innocent, and hardly had to do with Dyon at all, truth be told. She only thought to herself that the man she liked in the future shouldn't be a coward. While Asyna wanted to fight Dyon even more after hearing his words. She wanted to see if he really didn't back down in the face of pressure, or whether those were just high and might words he could speak now that he was in front of people he was sure he could beat.

In this vein, even Lilith was moderately interested how Dyon would react when his opponent was someone as powerful as Asyna.

Just like this, the rounds continued, with a few standouts here and there, mostly members of the up and coming families of Planet Cathedral. With the Jafari family gone, there was a huge piece of the pie left than no one had been able to grab a hold of yet. So, many of these families heavily invested in their younger generation, hoping to increase their prestige from the ground up.

These families included the Mogy family, the Acor family, the Coudry family and the Novrel family. Of which, they all had geniuses younger than 180 years old, yet had stepped into the 9th and 10th stages of essence gathering. There was no question that they were promising youths.

For obvious reasons, they had hostility toward Dyon. Their families were finally getting in perfect position to steal the position the Jafari family once held, yet here was Dyon, far younger than any of them, yet supposedly also much more power. They weren't convinced! They would fight it out with him until the end.

Soon, the final round came to the fore, and under a mixture of excited, anticipatory and killing intent filled eyes, Dyon walked to the stage with his group, waiting for it to be their turn to fight.

Maybe by design, the other groups ended quickly, and everyone's eyes finally trained on Dyon. Was he really as powerful as Donari made it seem? Or not?

Dyon had quite a leisurely aura, yet people couldn't help but constantly look toward the massive sword strapped to his chest with jet-black chains. Was this the reason he was so powerful? They were all eager to see him use it.

Dyon's nine opponents fanned out around him, looking around with caution in their eyes at everyone other than themselves, but it was clear that they spent most of their time observing Dyon.

Unlike Donari, though, Dyon didn't belittle people that hadn't insulted him first, so he simply waited patiently, clasping his hands behind his back while lamenting the fact these stupid black disciple robes didn't have pockets. He truly missed his comfy sweat pants.

"Start!" The judge's voice roared into the silent arena.


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