Reaper of the Martial World
958 Tempering 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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958 Tempering 2

Hearing the interaction between Dyon and Donari, the crowd felt a headache coming in.

One of them wantonly killed and often publicly spoke out against the quadrant and the Cathedral, while the other publicly defied the Cathedral by saying he'd save someone they'd arrested all while calling their quadrant a pile of shit. Anyone who had to deal with these maniacs would certainly lose more than a few brain cells.

Donari suddenly burst into laughter hearing Dyon's words, lowering his blade he shook his head. "I didn't know there was a kid crazier than me in this world. But, you can't legitimately believe that your 74th quadrant is so much more different than ours, do you? Truly the pot calling the kettle black."

The crowd was stunned by this realization. 74th quadrant? Is that where this Dyon was from? But, wasn't his last name Jafari?

Suddenly, those smarter individuals in the crowd came to understand. After the major war between the Jafari and allies of The Cathedral, the Jafari must have left to the 74th quadrant, where Dyon was born. The fact that Dyon was 29 years old perfectly fit with this narrative because this war was just about that long ago.

During the war, The Cathedral actually didn't make any movements at all. To the general public, it was a war between the Caedes family and the Jafari. However, those more astute individuals read the tea leaves.

Although the relationship between the Caedes and Jafari family was like fire and water, it was only in so far as healthy competition went. Usually, the youngsters of the two families grew up and competed together. While some of their relationships were worse than other, overall, their relationship was solid.

It was because of this that a war between the two families made little to no sense. No one with half a brain cell, while also knowing the political inner workings of Planet Cathedral, really believed that the Caedes family would turn on the Jafari family.

In the end, what really happened was obvious. The Cathedral didn't like the growing power of the Jafari family and used the Caedes family to get rid of the threat. As for what reason they had to decide on this, no one knew. However, what those clever enough did know was that it was impossible for the Caedes family to make the Jafari run away alone. Rumor had it that Soul Rending Peak secretly sent experts to help the Caedes family!

That aside, the 98th quadrant didn't have very good feelings toward the 74th quadrant…

As neighboring quadrants, there was often competition between them and it wasn't rare for geniuses of the 74th quadrant to come and temper themselves here… To describe them as unruly would truly be an understatement. So, when the crowd heard that the Jafari family had been chased off to the 74th quadrant, causing them to lose a talent as great as Dyon, they had mixed feelings about it.

The good news was that Dyon had come back… The bad news was that he had might have already completed his trials under the 74th quadrant banner, thus not allowing them to benefit at all. After all, where else could he have gotten that talent increasing honey of his?

Dyon shook his head. "Has nothing to do with the quadrant I'm from. My mother is a mortal woman, what benefits do you think I received from the 74th quadrant? They're not even aware of my existence. To them, I'm likely just another fool who overestimated himself and died in his trials."

Donari was stunned by these words, but he suddenly understood.

Unlike the 98th quadrant, although the 74th quadrant didn't have any kings either, they did at least have dozens, if not more, Dukes. This was already tens of times the number their quadrant had. If Dyon's mother was truly a mortal like he said, it would be very easy for him to go unnoticed by the 74th quadrant even if he became a Duke.

"What I meant is that if you want to improve, staying here isn't the answer. If you go to the tower, yes, you'll be humiliated. Yes, you won't stand a chance against those greater geniuses. Yes… You might even have to lower your head in order to survive, or learn to keep your head high even in the face of death. But, all of that is better than doing what your supposed title holders do."

Suddenly, Dyon sounded like he was lecturing everyone in attendance instead of just speaking to Donari. His words resonated with them all, and those who had been proud of the titles they had earned turned their heads in shame, avoiding the scrutiny of others.

"Your 98th quadrant is already practically unified under one head. You have no campaign wars, so what reason do you have to be here instead of tempering yourselves in the tower? You won't improve here."

When Dyon had come here, he had assumed that he wouldn't have to deal with the title holders of the 98th quadrant. Usually, title holders would only return to their quadrants when campaign season was in full swing, choosing to spend the rest of the time training in the tower and facing the danger there. It was only in this way that they'd improve.

And yet, that wasn't the case here. Instead, they all cowered, choosing to flex their muscles in front of the weak instead of confronting the strong. This was truly too pathetic.


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