Reaper of the Martial World
957 Tempering 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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957 Tempering 1

Those questioning Donari's combat prowess immediately shut up. There was simply nothing to be said, even his own elder brother had a solemn expression on his face. He had thought that he had been rid of this annoying younger brother of his after he stormed away from the family, only to realize that he had become even more of a problem.

As for Dyon, his eyes shone as he looked at Donari's use of his constitution.

Although Dyon hadn't studied constitutions as deeply as Clara because he was waiting for his wills to unlike before choosing his own, for obvious reasons, that didn't mean he was completely ignorant about them. He had the base knowledge necessary to, at the very least, recognize them.

Donari's 'A Killer's Symphony' was very easy to spot, but understanding how it was used was a completely different matter.

Before hand, Dyon had thought A Killer's Symphony allowed a person to condense their soul energy into an attack, however, this was very clearly not the sake.

Even with this constitution, it wasn't possible to directly attack with a soul. Rather, it was possible to directly attack the soul of someone else which made this constitution scary beyond belief. It was no wonder why its peak form was among the top 3 of male God constitutions.

'Is this the secret to increasing the battle efficiency of the soul?' Dyon began to ponder seriously.

The problem with the soul, and why it was looked down on, was because it was difficult to attack directly without harming yourself. Although you could ignore this and attack anyway, that attack wouldn't have form and would be much weaker compared to someone who could couple their energy with a technique, as an example. Not to mention the fact that if you did this, even if someone's soul was much weaker than yours, you could still end up seriously hurt, or even die!

Dyon was well aware of this. In fact, much of his own combat prowess issues stemmed from the fact he didn't have any techniques to supplement his power. He had a lot of power enhancement techniques, but no efficient way of using them. He had never learned any spear or sword techniques, or any long or short ranged techniques, nor had he had even any simple fist or kicking techniques. He was wholly lacking in that area.

Maybe the only technique he had that could count as an attacking one was [Devour], but it was heavily restrained in its use as well.

Truth be told, it wasn't entirely Dyon's fault for this. He had spent too little time in the martial world, most of which was spent either in a trial world, or in a coma. Outside of that, he also spent much of his time embroiled in battles or seriously studying array alchemy. This was why his array alchemy never lagged behind his soul cultivation, and, in fact, actually surpassed it. Unfortunately, with that, came some trade offs.

Following this logic, without a proper method of attack, the soul was doubly doomed.

However, Donari's constitution seemed to innately allow him to cultivate a method of attack without causing any damage to his own soul… By using his soul to condense killing intent and then using said killing intent to attack, he was able to bypass the burden and harm to his soul…

Of course, array alchemy worked in this exact same way. But, the reason it wasn't seen as efficient was because of the lack of efficiency as well as the lack of power attacking techniques. Weapon's arrays like Dyon's [Judgement] arrays were incredibly rare and incredibly difficult to use. Not to mention, they were a massive drain and couldn't be used in an extended battle. All of this accumulated to the detriment of soul cultivators…

As Dyon was lost in thought, Donari stared at the corpses with disdain, almost breathing in the murder in the air. Although many weren't sharp enough to notice, the more powerful elders and judges in attendance immediately noticed that twin blades in his hands increase in power, albeit very slightly.

They all sucked in a cold breath seeing this. There was no rule against killing during these assessments, and even if there were, at most they could disqualify Donari. Although he had run from the Caedes family, no one was stupid enough to believe the head of their family would sit idly by and allow such a talent to be slighted in anyway.

That aside, they were truly intrigued by this fashion of cultivation. There were many taboo cultivation methods that allowed those who used them to increase their strength through killing, but those sinister methods often had major drawbacks that made those wanting to use them think twice. However, clearly, Donari didn't have to worry about any drawbacks at all… Truly heaven defying.

Everyone could only watch, stunned, as Donari walked slowly and stopped before Dyon.

At that point, Dyon was still lost in thought, his mind racing on overdrive. By the time he snapped out of it, Donari was already within a meter of him, raising a blade aimed at his head.

"I swear there'll be a day I kill you. That second core disciple spot is mine." He said resolutely.

Although his words were vague, it told everyone one thing: Dyon was stronger than him! Even with his arrogance, he didn't dare to say that he would place first!

Dyon smiled. Despite seeing Donari as a whiny cry-baby, he had to admit that his resolve and adaptive abilities were quite impressive. Either way, wasn't he also quite the cry-baby?

However, his smile disappeared in the next moment. "If you want to surpass me, this shitty quadrant won't do you any favors, nor will it allow you to reach your full potential."


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