Reaper of the Martial World
956 Symphony 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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956 Symphony 3

They were stunned by Nikolaos' words, but when they saw the seriousness of his features, they had to accept it.

At this point, many began to ponder. Everyone knew how unruly Donari was, he was so talented that his own father didn't dare to reprimand him. In the end, Donari ended up leaving his home to forge his own path forward and the Caedes family could only accept it.

Yet, everyone could see that Donari allowed Dyon to stand in front of him when they all arrived… What did this mean? Was Donari not as powerful as they assumed?

Almost as if to answer the question from above, Donari's group stepped onto the platform to begin their bout.

Much like Dyon, Donari had the weakest cultivation of his group, only being at the 4th essence gathering stage. However, unlike Dyon, no one looked down on him for this. They were far too familiar with Donari's exploits, not to mention the fact that Donari had one of the highest-ranking Earth constitutions in existence!

Donari casually glided downward, looking at his opponents with disdain. They all had stronger cultivation that him, yet he wasn't worried in the least.

"Just step off now and stop wasting my time. If in the end you all die, it's best you don't blame me. Consider this your one warning."

Hearing Donari's words, it was no surprised that his opponents were absolutely livid. They had fought so hard to get this point, not having nearly the same benefits and resources that Donari had, yet he wanted them to give up without even trying, going as far as to threaten their lives? Even worse, he was younger and weaker than they were!

Maybe the most insulting part was that Donari didn't care about offending them all. Wasn't he scared of them ganging up on him? No matter how talented a person was, they still needed adequate time to grow. Donari was only 87 years old!

"You should be careful about who you insult." One of the participants said with a darkened expression.

"Within a hundred thousand years, everyone in this quadrant will be beneath my feet! Why would I care about insulting you?!" Donari's voice boomed, causing a dark and red aura to emanate from him.

Everyone was stunned by Donari's boldness. In their entire history, as far as they were aware, there had only been a single Dao Formation expert. In fact, that person's life or death was completely unknown. By all rights, he might not even be in their 98th quadrant anymore. Yet, a boy of only 87 years old was basically stating that he would be the next!

Everyone knew that the upper limit of life for a celestial was only ten thousand years, and even they were abnormally rare here, only to be found within the elders of Soul Rending Peak and the Priests of The Cathedral, yet Donari was speaking in terms of ten times that! His meaning was clear!

"Arrogant!" The participants had had enough, there should be a limit to a person's words and a sense of propriety in what they chose to say. Yet, this boy clearly had no such thing within him.

"Let's get rid of him first!" An 8th stage essence gatherer spoke. "Then we can deal with the rest after!"

Without another word, the nine of them surged forward as though they had a tacit agreement. In fact, that was exactly the case. They didn't dare to underestimate a genius of the Caedes family.

Donari's face darkened, glowing with a faint red as his long maroon hair began to violently whip in the air.

Taking a step forward, blades forged with red fog appeared in his hand, seeming to be in the form of two short sabers.

Seeing this, those disciples of the Soul Rending Peak opened their eyes wide to observe. This was an ability unique to Donari and those who shared his constitution. He was able to give his killing intent a tangible form, allowing it to directly attack the soul of his opponents.

This constitution was known as A Killer's Symphony. It allowed those who were born with it to use their bodies as Life Stealing treasures, resulting in an increase in strength for every life taken. At the same time, it was one of the very few constitutions that allowed one to attack with their soul directly.

Unfortunately, Donari's ability to use his constitution was reduced by more than 80% at birth. This wasn't his fault, but rather the fault of his parents for crippling his soul.

As a person who held such a constitution, it was no question that Donari's soul talent far outweighed that of many who came before him. At first, Donari had no idea about this. It was kept as a secret from him because having such soul talent was a massive taboo. However, as Donari grew, he began to want to know more about his constitution so that he could grow more powerful, and that's exactly what he did.

He came to learn that his constitution came in three levels. The Earth level, known as A Killer's Symphony. The Heaven level, known as Assassin King's Symphony. And the God level, known as Assassin Emperor's Symphony. Each was more powerful than its predecessor, but also more heavily relied on the soul with each step to condense more and more powerful killing intent.

The reason Donari hated his family with all his might was because there was that A Killer's Symphony had a provision that other constitutions did not have: the ability to evolve! However, Donari would never have the opportunity because his soul was crippled!

Every time Donari thought about it, every time he realized how the bullshit Cathedral cut the path of his future off, and how his bullshit parents didn't have enough backbone to fight for their son, he became more and more angered… Angered to the point where he could kill any and everything in sight…


Donari's blades swept forward, overwhelming the nine martial warriors with a killing intent that rose to the heavens.

In an instant, nine heads accompanied by vile fountains of blood shot into the air stunning the crowd into silence.


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