Reaper of the Martial World
953 Second Round 6
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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953 Second Round 6

There wasn't a single drop of noise left in the crowd. When had they ever seen beauties of this caliber? It was no wonder they had practically lost their minds.

The first was an adorable little girl, and although no one had the heart to sexualize her, it was clear that once she grew up, her own beauty would easily rival that of the other three. Everything from her bob cut hair, to her bangs, to her red dress screamed pure and stainless. She was truly someone anyone would be willing to protect with their lives.

The second was a fiery woman no one dared to look at for too long. She had delicate chocolate skin, and oddly long and sharp ears with mini skulls hanging from them. Despite exposing so much skin, her killing intent was so strong that no one dared to sexualize her either.

However, the final two women were the two that truly took the breath of the crowd away.

One wore a long white gown, with skin so delicate and pale that it seemed carved out of the purest ice. Her long white hair gently graced the long hem of her gown, easily reaching down past her ankles. She dressed very conservatively, leaving only the tips of her fingers and her neck up as the only skin she exposed. The rest was completely covered, but could hardly hide the exquisiteness of her figure.

The final beauty had a mature air none of the previous three had. It was clear that she was much older than them and had the experience and sensual awareness to captivate a crowd.

She wore a flowing golden dress that was reminiscent of a mage's robe. Her hair was golden and just as long as the white gowned beauty's, losing out in no way. Her eyes had opal stone quality to them, swirling with natural greens, blues and violets. She was truly enrapturing.

The first three beauties, were, of course, RolRol, Asyna and Lilith. However, the fourth held a position in much esteem to Planet Cathedral's residents… She was the Vice Head of Soul Rending Peak, Evangeline Moon!

While no one else dared to look, each one of them lowering their heads as a show of respect, Dyon's eyes brightened as he scanned the four beauties. He had always been one to appreciate beauties, but his standards had been raised almost too high by his wives, it resulted in him usually ignoring beauties who he might have used to drool over. But, even in comparison to his wives, the white and golden haired beauties lost out in no way, while the dark elf and little girl only had to mature a bit more before they reached such a stage. This was a rare bounty indeed!

What interested Dyon even more was how powerful these women were! Even more so, he was shocked to sense an Elvin bloodline in the scantily dressed girl with the massive spear strapped to her back.

The little girl was actually already a saint, but she couldn't have been more than 13 or 14. The dark elf was only a step away from stepping into the ranks of a high-level saint. The white-haired beauty was actually a peak level saint despite only being about 17 or 18 years old! As for the golden-haired beauty… Dyon actually couldn't see through her!

The reason Dyon was so certain of the ages of the first three without his soul to sense their life essence was because they still had room to mature. Although cultivation could stop aging, that would only be when a person reached the age of about 22 to 25 years old, that's when maturing would stop. However, these girls looked even younger than that, which meant they hadn't reached that threshold yet. This meant only one of two things: Either they practiced an odd technique that made them look younger than they were or were part of a race that aged slower than other, and the other explanation was that they were actually only that old.

As for the golden-haired beauty, she looked somewhere between 22 and 25, which meant without his soul, it was impossible to tell how old she was.

Because Dyon was the only one with his head looking up into the sky, and the fact he was standing at the front of the candidates for acceptance into Soul Rending Peak, his actions were very obvious to those standing in the sky.

The Evangeline smiled lightly when she saw Dyon's lit up gaze, trying to hide the shock she felt as she scanned him. She was well liked by the general public because of her philanthropic work, so no one expected her to get angry by Dyon disrespect. As a result, one of the disciples standing behind her seemed to want to step forward to protect their sect's beauty from the scoundrel below them.

However, before he could say anything, the gentle voice of Evangeline spoke out.

"Little brother, what's your name?"

Seeing their goddess speak to a mere mortal so easily, the core, inner and outer disciples behind the four beauties felt their insides turn green, but they didn't dare to say anything.

Dyon was also a bit stunned, he wasn't expecting such a thing to occur. But, he smiled and answered simply.

"My name is Dyon." Dyon chose to purposefully leave his fake last name out, something in his heart was imploring him not to lie to this woman, as though she deserved his truth.

The golden-haired beauty faintly trembled at Dyon's response. Although this action wasn't caught by anyone, it still caused confusion in Dyon. How could he miss something like that with his level of Perception? Just what had this woman figured out from such a simple answer?

However, Evangeline recovered quite easily. As for what she realized from Dyon's response, no one but her knew.

"I see. I hope you'll perform well then," She responded gently, before smiling a smile that lit up the whole arena. "Let's begin then, shall we?"


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