Reaper of the Martial World
949 Second Round 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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949 Second Round 2

"What do you think, RolRol?" Asyna spoke softly. Both her and RolRol had entered the crowd of the coliseum, hoping to find a hiding spot before the big league of the Soul Rending Peak and The Cathedral arrived. If they were spotted by Lilith, there would be trouble.

"That isn't a killing intent that should be in this quadrant… Even Lilith's Presence can't match up to his. Although he hasn't released it, and Lilith has yet to train her Presence with the tower, I'm certain! In fact, I'm even more certain that he will fake his results soon."

"You're talking about boring things." Asyna snorted. "Isn't he also ridiculously handsome? I haven't seen a man like this even in my Elvin clan."

RolRol blushed. After all, she was still only 14 years old and they were talking about a man twice her age. She wasn't at the point where she could ignore age differences yet, nor was she well versed in the world of men and women.

"Stop joking around. Is he really the one you sensed?"

Asyna nodded. "I had expected him to be a woman because that was what I sensed. Who would have known that I only sensed that because he had actually taken a little princess's Primordial Yin! What a womanizer!" Although Asyna said these words, her eyes were brimming over with lust.

"Why would you want such a weak man? He's already 29 and is only of the Essence Gathering stage."

"Haha," Asyna laughed, "This is how I know he's spellbound you. With how intelligent you are, how could you say something so stupid.

"You should know that the younger generation of the tower quadrants can't be measured like we are. Some of their most talented individuals spend decades if not centuries within their trial worlds, so of course their cultivation is slower than us in the beginning.

"I suspect that he's already entered his trial world, which is why his cultivation is so slow. However, that's not the most interesting part about him."

If Dyon was listening to this conversation now, he would be stunned. Asyna's Perception was spot on, but it wasn't only that. Her sensory abilities were off the charts. It was clear that her Elvin clan heavily specialized in the soul much like the Elvin Kingdom did. In fact, Asyna was among the rare breed that included Dyon and Clara, who actually had higher soul cultivation than energy cultivation!

"What else?" RolRol asked.

"I can't sense a soul inside him at all… Yet, just now, when he used the teleportation array, I'm 60% certain that he altered the location symbols of the array to send the family to a different location. But, I have no idea how he did it! That array is too high level for even me to manipulate so easily…"

"What?!" RolRol couldn't help but cover her little mouth in shock. One had to know that Asyna was already a 10th stage grandmaster formation expert. For a young man only 13 years older than her to be so much better… It was mind boggling!

"Wait, but you said you can't sense his soul? What does that mean?"

"It means that either his soul is blocked or sealed by some sort of odd technique or treasure, or… His soul is too much more powerful than mine for me to sense it." Asyna explained slowly. "Also, his body…" Asyna inadvertently wiped her nose, double and triple checked to make sure no blood was running down it.

RolRol didn't seem to notice this oddity. Or, more accurately, she didn't understand the double meaning behind that action. "What about his body?"

"It's very…" Asyna gulped. "Powerful…"

Seeing that Asyna had turned into some love crazed teenage girl, RolRol lightly pulled her long brunette hair to get her to snap out of it.

Asyna cleared her throat, "I mean, I can't accurately sense how powerful his body is. As you know, that's an advantage of body cultivators."

"But, your senses should be high enough to see through it... Unless…"

"Unless his body is stronger than my senses are, which seems to be the case."

RolRol breathed out. "This is a big matter. He's a variable we shouldn't have to deal with according to reports, yet he's here."

"Not only is he here, he's noticed us long ago." Asyna fixed her hair as though she was getting ready for a date. "Didn't you see how his eyes lingered on my body for so long? Do you think he likes me?"

RolRol rolled her eyes. "The only reason no man dares to look at you is because of all that murder lingering around you. Since he dares to look, it's only because he has the Presence to counteract it. If you stopped going around like this, there wouldn't be a single man without his eyes on you. Plus, we're behind a concealment array, he can't see you, genius."

Asyna snorted. "If you can't deal with a little killing intent, are you even a man?"

"You're a virgin yet you're still such a pervert, does anything in this world make sense?"

"Hey, hey. Don't go spreading that around." Asyna covered the little girl's mouth as though she was saying something blasphemous.

"Either way, this is good. Now we can justify ourselves to Lilith when we're found out."

Asyna grinned. "I just thought of a really good idea."


"I'm going to be his sparring partner!"


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