Reaper of the Martial World
948 Second Round 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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948 Second Round 1

Dyon began to walk. He didn't speak at all, but even the golden robed elder couldn't find the courage to stop him.

Elder Nova wanted to reach out, but he too was feeling a deep rooted fear… As though Dyon's entire body was exuding an aura that would kill anyone who tried to stop him.

He had personally witnessed the struggled between The Cathedral and the Jafari family. Not many understood or even knew such an event happened, but with his strength, he knew the secrets of this quadrant long ago…

The Jafari family, themselves, were a family of soul talented individuals. Although they couldn't match up to Dyon, who in the cosmos could?

It was because of this talent that they mastered such difficult wills such as darkness and time, it was to their benefit.

But, for too long, they were forced to cripple their children at birth, hindering their growth into the future all for the sake of not angering The Cathedral…

The cruelty of ripping away a part of your child's soul was more than you could imagine, yet it was something they were forced to do in order to survive. There was no choice about it…

Dyon leaped into the air and landed before the grieving family. When many saw his killing intent and his destination, they thought that he was going to kill this family. After all, it wasn't a rare occurrence. Often times the family members of those with soul talent would be ostracizes, bullied, and eventually found dead. Sometimes, The Cathedral would even come to personally check the soul talent of siblings of the offender, just to see if this talent was passed on.

However, Dyon did nothing of the sort. He looked from the grieving mother and the crying little boy before his eyes rested on a lanky father with bags of purple and red under his eyes. Their constitutions were all weak, and it was clear that it was only a stroke of heaven's luck that their daughter was so talented. But, Dyon knew that others wouldn't see it this way.

Dyon lowered his head. "I'm sorry."

He knew he had the power to save their daughter. In fact, it would be easy beyond compare for him. It was eating him up on the inside that he knew, for the greater good, he could not do so. If he saved their one daughter now, what about the other millions of sons and daughters that were already taken away? Were they already dead? And even if they were, how could Dyon get true justice for them unless he got to the bottom of this?

The father, who was protecting his family behind his back was stunned by Dyon's words. He had never expected such a thing. In fact, he was racking his mind, trying to find a way to get what remained of his family out of here safely.

"I can't save her now. But, I will." Dyon didn't hide his voice. Instead, he took a spatial ring out of his and discreetly filled it with something things before leading the family down to the 5 teleportation stations.

Dyon looked coldly at the members of Unseen Peak that still stood there. "Move."

No one dared to disobey Dyon's words, and even less understood where he got the bravery to so blatantly say that he would save someone seen as a criminal by The Cathedral. But, his aura right now was so murderous, no one dared to refute him.

Dyon stood at the edge of the teleportation platform while the family looked down at him. "Don't worry. They may think they know where the destination of this formation sends them, but they don't. Live well and live quietly. I'll let you see your daughter soon."

With a flash, the family disappeared just as muffled thank yous reached Dyon's ears.

Dyon turned back as though nothing had happened. His murderous aura was now much more restrained, but anyone could see that he was still pissed.

At this point, the golden robed elder realized his prestige was being challenged. Now that Dyon had restrained himself, the pressure on the elder's chest had suddenly been lifted. He felt his face redden… He had really been afraid of an essence stage brat? Even if he was only 29 years old, that only meant he had future potential, it had nothing to do with his current strength.

"Do you know what you've just done?" The elder sent a piercing gaze toward Dyon.

"Listen." Dyon's voice cut through the elder's. "It's best for everyone that we continue along with this assessment. I'm sure Soul Rending Peak and The Cathedral don't want to be seen policing the words of its people, now do they? If you want to vent your anger, do it the way anyone else of your stature would and use underhanded means to undermine my position."

The elder's frown deepened. He had never been spoken to by a member of the younger generation in this way.

"Esteemed elder." Elder Nova stepped forward. "This child is a member of the Jafari family and has only just come back. Although he is young and hot blooded, he actually hasn't broken any rules. At most he's guilty of having a glib tongue and giving false promises. I believe we can continue without any issues, no? A single commoner family is of no consequence."

The golden robed elder almost sighed in relief now that Elder Nova had given him a way out. But, when he and the crowd realized that the name Jafari was thrown out, a shocked stupor overwhelmed them all. However… the golden robed elder knew that he had no choice but to give Elder Nova face. Although many might not know, he did… Elder Nova wasn't to be taken lightly.

So, the elder harrumphed before continuing on. "Next."


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