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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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943 Stakes 3

Suddenly, the old man and Dyon ignored the crowd as though they were old friends.

"What kind of betting stakes are you thinking?" Elder Nova grinned.

"If it's not big, is it really worth it? We should take them for all they're worth or else we wouldn't be able to swindle cowards like them again."

"Of course, of course. Energy stones are too bland. What's truly hard to replace are rare materials."

A devious glint flashed in Dyon's eyes. "Rare materials and prestige."

The old man and Dyon grinned at each other before looking at Elder Rhode who was already steaming in anger by now.

Dyon took out a vial from his spatial ring. "This is 100 drops of honey from the Jade Queen Bee."

At that moment, it was as though an odd magic had swept through the coliseum, completely sucking the sound away in its entirety.

How could they all not understand the significance of what Dyon had just brought out? In a poor quadrant like this, when had they ever seen a treasure like this? It was completely earth shattering!

Everyone knew that the honey of the Jade Queen Bee could increase the grade of one's meridians. The first drop guaranteed an increase of 1 grade, something Dyon experienced the first time he took the honey. Even if you didn't take all 100 drops yourself, you could increase the meridian grade of 100 people! That was something even the Soul Rending Peak would completely drool over.

Just as the red robed elder was about to recover and call out Dyon for being a lying scumbag, Dyon popped the top of the vial off.

In that moment, the entire arena was filled with scent that was completely irrefutable. It was as though they were all transported to their best memories, reliving them with bright smiles on their faces.

The fact of the matter was that God constitutions were too rare, and only they guaranteed first grade meridians. Dyon's inner circle of friends and family should never be the gauge for the frequency of talent in the cosmos as a whole… In the entirety of the 98th, their most heaven-defying talent had a mere high ranked Earth constitution. In their entire history, the number of those with Heaven constitutions could be counted on a single hand!

At this point, even those elders of the Soul Rending Peak that hadn't shown up couldn't help but lose control of their emotions. If their core disciples were given even a single drop, wouldn't their rankings shoot upward? This treasure… It was just too valuable!

Even Elder Nova who had been Dyon's partner in all of this had to use all of his will power to not tremble. If he had a single drop, wouldn't the bottle neck he had been wrestling with for so long simply disappear?

"To tell you truth, I've already taken my fair share," Dyon waved the vial around as though it held nothing more than water. "The amount I have left isn't enough for me to progress any further, so I might as well use it as a gambling stake, don't you think?"

Dyon's words immediately doused cold water over the greed of those watching. Many assumed that since Dyon pulled out such a vial so easily, that he must be hiding other treasures. But, his innocent statement seemed to make it clear this was all he had. Of course, this was deliberate. These elders looked down on Dyon too much to assume he was scamming them. After all, a mere 1st stage essence gatherer using such a stake to bet on himself? Wasn't that too retarded?

"However," Dyon smiled innocently, "I'm also certain that your Slaughter Peak doesn't have an equivalent treasure. Just how are you planning on betting with us?"

The red robed elder's face suddenly turn a blazing shade of red. He really didn't have anything that matched up to the value of even a single drop of this honey, let alone 100 drops of them.

"That's okay, that's okay," Dyon waved his hand, putting the vial away.

"WAIT!" Donari's elder brother suddenly interrupted, a gleam lighting in his eye as though he had seen through Dyon.

'Hmph. You think you can scare us into not betting like this? You're still too tender.'

"Is something that matter?" Dyon asked.

"I'll bet my Caedes family's peak heaven technique."

This time, the crowd began to clamour to ridiculous noise levels. One time use resources were nowhere near as valuable as cultivation techniques. In truth, the a peak heaven technique still fell short of 100 drops of this Jade Queen's honey, however, it wasn't so egregious that others would look down on him for using it as a stake.

"You sure?" Dyon asked.


"You're a little short." Dyon said slowly.

"If we lose, I'll become your servant for 100 years." The red robed elder chimed in.

'How could this be more perfect, this is exactly what I wanted.' Dyon couldn't help but laugh inwardly. From the very beginning, he wanted an opportunity to steal a high ranking official of the sect so that he could interrogate them about things he couldn't find out from the general public. Now one had voluntarily jumped into his lap. How could he turn it down?

Dyon took out a parchment paper specifically used for soul contracts.

"Deal." Dyon said with a smile. "But, 50 of those years will be under Elder Nova."


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