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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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942 Stakes 2

Dyon sent a glance toward the voice, only to find an old man, wearing dark red robes.

According to Dyon's knowledge, inner sect disciple robes varied in color depending on the sect. In conjunction with this, elders of a sect usually wore the darker version of this color as their own robes. So, while the inner sect disciple of Unseen Peak wore light blue robes, the elder Dyon had met was wearing dark blue robes.

Seeing that this elder was wearing dark red robes told Dyon that he was from Slaughter Peak, while the pattern on his chest, underneath their sect insignia, told him that he was a core elder.

From what Dyon could see, it seemed that the Peak Patriarchs didn't participate in this event. Although he found it odd, he didn't think too much of it. Maybe they were already here and Dyon just didn't know.

As for the relationship between Slaughter and Unseen Peak, they were constantly vying for first place amongst the five branch peaks. So, one could say that the competition between them, as well as the rivalry, was quite fierce.

In a historical context, Unseen Peak used to be backed by the Jafari family, while Slaughter Peak used to be backed by the Caedes family.

Obviously, with the disappearance of the Jafari family, the Unseen Peak was becoming more and more incapable of challenging Slaughter Peak. That said, they didn't fall so far that the other Peaks could challenge them.

What Dyon found interesting, though, was that Donari would choose to come to Unseen Peak instead of his family's Slaughter Peak. But, Dyon wasn't exactly on the best of terms with Donari, so he simply didn't care about whatever family issues he had.

As for this "Elder Nova", it was the very same sleeping old man Dyon had become acquainted with. He had changed out of his black and scrappy clothing to don a dark blue robe. He seemed to have a completely different air to him now.

Elder Nova only smiled, "We just had too many good seedlings to keep it to 5."

"Is that so? Since when was a mere 1st stage essence gatherer a good seedling? A rejected 4th grade essence gatherer too? He even looks to be injured. This truly is a poor showing." The red robed elder shook his head in mock pity.

On the surface, he wasn't exactly wrong. Core disciples, even of the branch sects, should be far more powerful. Many were already at the 8th or 9th stage, let alone bringing mere 4th and 1st stage disciples. Dyon couldn't lie, it did look like a poor showing.

It wasn't only because he and Donari looked weak, it was because they also brought 6 disciples.

There was an unwritten rule that every branch would only bring their 5 best disciples. Although it wasn't a true rule, it was what was usually followed. The fact that Unseen Peak brought 6 made it look like they were throwing everything they had out and hoping something stuck.

However, those who were aware of Donari's power knew better. And, those who had seen how easily Dyon destroyed Donari were even more clear that he was an even greater freak.

"Little brother, you should be so impatient. Come back home and stop being so stubborn." A maroon haired and red eyed individual of the Slaughter Peak spoke out from behind the red robed elder.

Dyon raised an eyebrow. He had assumed that Donari would be healed by his family when they reached Soul Rending Peak, but it seemed that that wasn't the case.

"Fuck you." Donari responded simply and straight forwardly. Never once looking at this elder brother of his.

Truth be told, Dyon found this quite funny. Donari was a person who had killed, wantonly, for who knows how long. Now, he was like a child throwing a tantrum. Dyon found these kinds of people the most disgusting.

Dyon leaned toward Elder Nova. "Hey, old man, how about we put some stakes on this?"

Donari's elder brother frowned. "Was it your turn to speak? Learn your place."

Dyon assumed he was trying to intimidate him by released his 10th stage essence gathering cultivation, but how could such cultivation perturb Dyon?

"Good thing I wasn't talking to you, then." Dyon responded, ignoring him. "How about it, old man? I'm sure you didn't come here just to spectate, hm?"

The old man laughed. "How about it, Elder Rhode?

"What's the bet?" Elder Rhode was intrigued. In his mind, he was sneering. In his mind, Elder Nova had no intention of betting at all, but since Dyon asked so openly, he would lose face by rejecting. Because of that, he had no choice but to propose a bet.

Unfortunately for him, it's exactly because of this thought process that Dyon went about this as he did.

"Elder Nova, bet that I'll place first." Dyon said with a smile.

When the crowd heard Dyon's words, there was a mixture of shock and disdain.

Some people had such poor sensory abilities, that unless they directly fought someone, they would be unable to tell their cultivation level. People began to assume that Dyon must fall in this category, or else he wouldn't have ignored the intimidation of Donari's elder brother so easily.

However, to everyone's shock, Elder Nova didn't reprimand Dyon at all.

"Sure, let's do it."


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