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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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939 Mercy 2

Dyon paused in his walk and took a glance at Nikolaos' smug features. "So, you'd like to use your position as a Legatee to bully your fellow junior brothers and sisters?"

"Bully?" Nikolaos sneered. "You've clearly violated the rules of our Unseen Peak. As a supposed core disciple, a privilege you neither fought for nor earned, you've very clearly already over-stepped your bounds.

"As the Legatee of our Unseen Peak, it's my responsibility to handle you. Our Core Elders don't have time to waste on you, neither do they acknowledge you as a true core disciple.

"Now. Do as I say so we can end this as quickly as possible."

Dyon shifted his gaze toward the inner disciple hiding in the back. Although he was clearly standing their for his own safety and protection, the gloating expression on his face was clear.

"Which one of you ordered that inner disciple to lie about the meeting time?" Dyon's eyes left the inner disciple, scanning the seven faces before him. What he saw was an odd mixture of deadpan, nonchalance, and one deathly stare coming from Donari.

Seeing that he didn't receive and answer, Dyon smiled. "I understand. You're unconvinced by my appointment as a core disciple?" Dyon didn't bother waiting for them to respond. "I wonder, if I fought you all right now, and defeated you all right now, would you accept your loss? Or would you find another reason to hate me?"

Dyon took another step forward, causing Nikolaos' eyes to widen. By all rights, Dyon shouldn't be able to move right now.

It was too bad he was far too naïve. Dyon was already suppressed to less than half of his peak abilities, the suppression Nikolaos placed on him was a drop in the bucket. Not to mention the fact he was already more powerful than Nikolaos was in the first place, meaning the suppression he could place on him was limited to begin with. If that wasn't the case, wouldn't Nikolaos be able to defeat even core elders?

"Don't mind me." Dyon said casually walking by Nikolaos and arriving in front of the inner disciple. "It's been 20 minutes. I'm sure you understand what that means, no?"

The inner disciple stumbled backward. "Senior brothers and sisters… Please…."

Suddenly, Dyon felt a murderous aura overwhelm him as a fist blazing with foggy red qi erupted toward him.

At this moment, it was as though time had completely stopped.

The dense killing intent made everyone's blood run cold, it was as though the fist wasn't aimed toward Dyon, but rather, themselves.

Those who were spectating didn't truly understand the significance of Dyon walking through Nikolaos' suppression, even if they knew, they would likely have assumed that Nikolaos didn't use the whole of his ability. In truth, this would have been true. Nikolaos didn't use his full suppression abilities, but he definitely used enough to crush a mere 1st stage essence gatherer. The fact Dyon wasn't writhing on the ground was already enough to astonish him.

Some with fainter hearts immediately looked away. They were very clear on Donari's cruelty. Since he took action, even if Dyon didn't die from the first punch, he would definitely be beaten bloody in the subsequent punches.

Although Donari wasn't the most powerful of the core disciples, it didn't matter. He was, by far, the most feared. Not only was he a member of a family rivaling the Soul Rending Peak, he was also far younger than any of the other core disciples. In fact, he was the youngest core disciple in the history of Unseen Peak.

He didn't have a title yet because he had yet to take his trials, but no one doubted that when he did, he would become yet another Duke of their quadrant.

And now… That Duke was attacking a mere 1st stage essence gatherer without holding back a single ounce of his strength…

Dyon turned toward the punch, and watched as it slammed into his chest.


Force winds blasted from the center of the collision, sending the inner disciple flying and the core disciples along with Nikolaos trotting backward leisurely, it was as though they had a tacit agreement to allow Donari to do whatever he wanted.

The bricks of the pavilion went flying, creating a small crater of dust and cracked flooring.

Dust flew into the skies, even as the inner sect elder watched worriedly from the skies, unable to deal with the inner turmoil he was facing.

However, just when everyone assumed that Dyon was heavily injured, the dust began to slowly settle, revealing two silhouettes.

Under everyone's shocked eyes, Dyon was revealed, nonchalantly looking down at the mangled fist resting on his chest.

Donari's face was contorted in pain, unable to stop the blood from seeping from his mouth.

Dyon grabbed Donari's wrist, taking out one of his knees with a sickening cracking that made Donari call out in pain and fall to the ground.

"Just a few days ago, I said it was Unseen Peak's fortune to have me as a core disciple. It seems none of you truly believed me, or else you wouldn't attack me with such pitiful cultivation. Did you think a mere 4th stage essence gatherer was enough to do much of anything to me?

"You see, I wasn't planning on dealing with your arrogance. I simply didn't care. Whether it be what you thought in your minds, or whispered amongst your friends, I simply don't care.

"However, the moment you think you have the right to treat my name like dirt, and my life like soil, that's when you've truly earned my anger."


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