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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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938 Mercy 1

Dyon smiled. "You're not a bad elder."

With his Perception, seeing through the character of people weaker than him was quite a simple matter under normal circumstances. Although Inner Sect elders were lower level saints, and Dyon was suppressed to less than 50% of his peak prowess, he wasn't so out of it that he couldn't handle a 4th grade saint.

According to the rules, Dyon was in fact in the wrong. So, he didn't find any issues with an elder being angry with him. He just didn't care.

Just a few days ago, dozens of elders watched Donari kill an inner disciple and no one made a move on him. Dyon wouldn't wantonly kill people, in fact, he wasn't even serious about killing that inner disciple who brought him his robes, but that didn't mean he would allow slaps to his face in the name of following the rules.

This said, Dyon still needed Unseen Peak. There was a reason he hadn't just used the same overbearing tactic to force his way in Soul Rending Peak, and that was because the elders of that main peak couldn't be so easily dealt with by Dyon even in his unsuppressed state, let alone his suppressed one. As such, he was forced to take advantage of Unseen Peak. In the end, this meant that Dyon's rule breaking actions still had to maintain an air of rationality, lest he lose his foothold into Soul Rending Peak.

The elder, still standing in the skies, was stunned by Dyon's words, and even more surprised that they didn't come with a mocking tone.

Just as the elder was about to respond, another voice interrupted him.

"Dealing with this is beneath you, esteemed elder. Allow this little one to take the role of senior brother and discipline those who need to be disciplined."

The crowd couldn't help but suck in a breath when they saw the lineup of seven individuals who entered the pavilion.

Five core disciples. A Soul Rending Peak disciple. And their Legatee? It wasn't often that they saw even one of these characters, let alone seeing them all at once.

The elder frowned when he heard this. Even if he was a five-year-old child he would be able to tell at this point that this situation wasn't so simple as it seemed. These arrogant children didn't even show due respect to their elders, let alone speaking so cordially to him now and even offering to help discipline and add structure to the sect. Clearly, they had instigated this.

However, although he had a strong moral compass as an elder, that moral compass also forced him to follow the rules. He had already been overstepping his bounds by questioning Dyon in the first place, although in reality, it was only because he didn't recognize Dyon.

As an Inner Sect elder, he had no right to question a core disciple, and even less of a right to question the Legatee of their branch sect. He might be more powerful than some of their core disciples, a large majority of them, in fact, however, that meant nothing.

He could only send Dyon a helpless and apologetic glance, only to be surprised by the fact Dyon didn't seem to care about the identities of those who had arrived.

Dyon didn't bother to respond to the inner elder's glance. Although he said his character wasn't bad, Dyon still found him to be a coward and he didn't very much like to associate with people like that. There was a reason he said that the elder wasn't a bad one, rather than saying he was a good one.

Casually taking a glance down at the approaching disciples, Dyon scanned them before his eyes landed on a particular individual hiding further behind the front seven. It didn't take Dyon much effort to recognize that this was the inner sect disciple who had brought him his robes.

With a single leap, Dyon softly landed on the ground despite the weight on his back.

"It's good that you've come down on your own." Nikolaos said when he noticed Dyon's actions. "It saves me the trouble of coming to get you myself. Admit your wrongs and accept your punishment."

Nikolaos began to exude an otherworldly aura, causing those surrounding him to feel as though he had placed an individual hand on each one of their throats.

The privileges of a Legatee were many, but one of the most important was the ability to completely suppress those of their clan or sect. As a member of any clan or sect, you have a small bit of that clan's faith protecting you, that faith then increases as the position you earn in the clan or sect increases. However, among those of the sect or clan, no one has more faith than the Patriarch. After the Patriarch, Legatees lag not too far behind…

This seems simple enough, but the reality of the matter is far more complex.

Although everyone of a sect has faith, the only ones who can consciously mobilize it are Legatees. Which means… If you have joined a sect and happen to anger its Legatee, the chances of you winning a fight is near zero. This isn't because the Legatee is definitely more powerful, although it is a strong possibility considering their position. It is because a Legatee has the ability to suppress anyone of their sect by making use of the faith they all inherently had within them.

With these abilities, Nikolaos was undefeated, and as far as everyone else was concerned, he would stay undefeated.


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