Reaper of the Martial World
936 Punishment Faction 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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936 Punishment Faction 2

"Do you need something?" Dyon asked, completely unperturbed.

"Do we need to have a reason to stop you?" One of them replied arrogantly. "Rule 11.03. Questioning the authority of a Punishment Faction member is punishable with 1 week of solitary confinement."


Dyon watched as hand cuffs fell to the ground.

"Cuff yourself. I can't be bothered to. After you're done, head back to the outer sect punishment hall, you're not worthy of being held in the core sect punishment hall. It would dirty the -."

Just as the guard was about to finish, he suddenly felt a soft breeze pass him by. When he looked up to see what it was, he realized that it was actually Dyon walking by him!

"You… Good! To dare defy the Punishment Faction!"

Two fists blazed toward Dyon, carrying with them a domineering flame qi that Dyon assumed would be quite hot if he didn't have a celestial level body.

Although Dyon could simply take their punches head on, he instead slid backward, watching with amusement in his eyes as their fists collided with each other, sending them flying apart.

Dyon leisurely bent down, picking up the cuffs and walking over to one of them.

Before the guard even realized what was happening, he heard a click and felt cold metal wrap around his wrist just as a fierce kick snapped his knee back at an awkward angle.


"You dare attack a disciple of the Punishment Faction?! That's grounds for expulsion from the sect!" The second guard charged over, convinced this all had to be a dream.

Didn't this guy trick and weasel his way into a core disciple position? How come he was so powerful? Were they lied to?!

As Punishment Faction disciples, they had duties to attend to. The only person free of such rules was Donari himself, and that was only because of the power of his family.

When Dyon caused the alarm to sound off the other day, they were under obligation to remain and guard the bridge. So, they hadn't seen anything.

After that, they heard all the rumors and the twisted story spread afterward. Everyone thought that Dyon had simply conned his way into the sect, especially since he remained in the outer sect. They all assumed that that was because he didn't dare to face the core disciples, lest his poor strength be exposed.

Little did they know that Dyon simply didn't care about the small benefits of the core sect. Let alone the Unseen Peak, even the Soul Rending Peak hardly interested him. The only reason he was here was to find a base of operations for his investigations. Nothing more, nothing less.

Yet, to think these idiots saw this as a sign of weakness. It seemed he would have to educate them.

Dyon grabbed the approaching fist of the second guard, slapping the other end of the cuffs on him.

The guard was shocked that Dyon grabbed his flaming fist. All of a sudden, he felt endless fear.

"You… Even if you can defeat us, you won't have a good ending!" The guard started laughing as though he had lost his mind.

Dyon grabbed the center chain of the cuffs and leapt into the air, letting them tangle below him as he crossed over into the Inner Sect.

As soon as he left, the crowd of students that were hiding came out. Of course, Dyon had noticed them already, he just couldn't be bothered to care.

"Should we tell the outer sect elders about this?..."

"Read the rule book, idiot. Outer sect disciples don't have the right to interfere with a core disciple. Only core elders can."


"Don't even think about it. You saw it for yourself, he knows the rule book like the back of his hand."


The scene of Dyon dragging two Punishment Faction disciples through the Inner Sect spread like wild fire. However, surprisingly, no one dared to stop him or even speak a word of reproach. Something about Dyon's calm and nonchalant appearance in the face of the agonizing screams of the two chained disciples sent shivers down their spine. This was simply not a man they could afford to offend.

After a seemingly leisurely stroll, Dyon had made his way to the center of the Inner Sect. There, he found a communal plaza that acted as a central pathway branching out to every other area of the Inner Sect. From here, it should be possible to follow a straight path to wherever you choose.

At the very center were two poles. One pole had the rankings of the inner disciples and acted as a stage for glory. The other pole had a list of the worst disciples to ever appear in their Unseen Peak, and acted as a stage for shame. Anyone who committed unpardonable offenses was listed here.

While the first pole changed depending on the area of the sect it was in, as well as the changes in disciple power, the second pole was identical whether it be here, or the outer or core sect.

Dyon leaped to the top of the second pole, still dangling the two Punishment Faction disciples from his hand. After rummaging through the belongings, he managed to find a suitable knife.

With a casual swing of his hand, they were stripped naked other than their single shoulder armor. Then, nailed to the Pole of Sins using their cuffs.

After finishing this, Dyon leisurely sat at the top of the pole, a clear look of boredom on his face. "Tell the Inner Disciple who brought my robes to crawl out here."


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