Reaper of the Martial World
935 Punishment Faction 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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935 Punishment Faction 1

By now, the events in the basement of The Cathedral had long since passed and the core disciples of the various subordinate peaks were gathering at Soul Rending Peak.

Dyon hadn't done much else but sleep for the past few days. No one bothered him. In fact, his working disciple cabin was easily the quietest area in the entire Unseen Peak. It wasn't until the day they were meant to leave that someone brought a set of black robes embroidered with the Unseen Peak insignia for him to wear.

After putting the robes on and sliding on a pair of martial warrior shoes that seemed to come straight out of a 1970s Kungfu movie, Dyon strapped his massive broad sword across his chest using its black chains before walking out.

Since Dyon was exactly sure where to go from here, he simply walked to the gates, finding himself beside the sleeping old man again.

"You sure know how to live the life, old man. I can't wait until I can sleep all day too."

The old man snorted, not bothering to open his eyes. "Isn't that what you've been doing these past few days anyway? Simply wasting away your youth."

Dyon laughed, before replying mysteriously. "And you're wasting away your power."

The old man shook his head. 'Smelly brat.'

Normally, Dyon would create a chair for himself to recline on. But, he was doing his upmost to separate his personas. Unless it was absolutely necessary, he wouldn't reveal his soul related abilities. For now, he would strictly be a body cultivator.

Unfortunately, this meant he lost many style points while he waited for the other 5 core disciples to appear. Dyon knew he didn't appear early, he arrived at the very time the inner disciple who brought him his robes told him to. So, it didn't take long for Dyon to realize that that Inner Disciple had purposefully lied to him.

'Interesting…' Dyon felt that this inner disciple had quite a large amount of courage to dare lie to him. 'It seems that I'm still not taken seriously.'

A smile spread across Dyon's face. He didn't bother to wait. In fact, from start to finish, he had only been standing alone for ten seconds. Even in that inner disciple's wildest dreams, he wouldn't believe that a supposed martial artist would lose patience so quickly. However, he clearly didn't understand Dyon very well.

"Old man, I'll be taking a trip to the Inner Sect."

Before the sleeping old man could respond, wings of black had already appeared on Dyon back as his disappeared into the air.

'Such a temper…' The old man shook his head. 'Since you knew you were lied to, couldn't you just have headed back to your cabin?' Even though he thought this, the old man went back to snoring in the next instant.

Dyon made it to the end of the outer sect in just a few minutes.

The 6 sections of Unseen Peak were separated not only by elevation, but also a land and a heavily guarded bridge.

The edge of the outer sect was actually a massive drop off. The geography of this place hardly made any sense. They were on the top of a mountain right now, weren't they? How come the bridge seemed suspended in the sky?

Looking over the edge, one would see an endless see of clouds, and in the infrequent gaps, there would be a drop to a very distant earth below.

The bridge itself was only one of four, one for the south, east, west and north of the outer sect.

It swayed in the wind and honestly, didn't look all that reliable. That said, did Dyon really need a bridge? He could fly.

However, he was truly interested in what these sect disciples were trying to do.

Considering the distance between the outer sect edge and the inner sect, by normal measurements, a mere 1st stage essence gatherer wouldn't have enough energy stores to fight the force winds and cover the distance. In fact, only a mid level essence gatherer would have enough, by Dyon's estimation.

In all likelihood, these disciples wanted Dyon to take the bridge, thinking that he was only a body cultivator, and thus couldn't make it without using the bridge.

It wasn't their fault, honestly. Dyon had retracted his wings before he fully cleared the Unseen Peak walls, so only the sentries knew he had wings at all, until this point.

When the guards of the southern bridge saw Dyon approaching, a sinister light flashed in their eyes. Dyon had already retracted his wings and was calmly walking toward them.

"Halt!" The guards called out.

Dyon continued to walk until he was about a meter from the two of them.

They wore a sort of single shoulder armor that seemed to be a 6th stage common level defensive treasure. This was quite good for this sect, so Dyon assumed that this was why they were so haughty. Well, that and the fact that this single shoulder armor was a symbol of the Punishment Faction of the peaks.

Normally, only those considered undefeatable within their cultivation realm would earn the right to join the Punishment Faction. Considering these two were guarding the outer sect southern bridge, it meant they were considered undefeatable within the meridian formation realm, and could even fight across cultivation stages. So, when they were told that Dyon was only of the 1st essence gathering stage, they didn't fear him at all.


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