Reaper of the Martial World
934 Basement 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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934 Basement 2

The elders had long since surpassed the age of normal baseless lust, having been approaching the end of their lives for a long while now, but seeing this girl a fraction of their age before them, they couldn't help but feel those flames reignite. However, none of them dared to stare for too long…

This young lady wasn't normal by any stretch. That white hair was a symbol of only a single family of the devil clans… The current most powerful existences in Nightmare Palace… The Royal Family… The Ravana family.

If they were correct about that, then the only young lady capable of reining in those geniuses that followed her would have to be the greatest genius of their family since their inception. Princess Lilith.

She was just 18 years old this year, yet she was already a 12th stage saint! A first-grade saint at that! In fact, it was rumored that she could break through at any moment, but was waiting for something. This level of cultivation speed… It was simply unmatched!

In truth, these elders weren't qualified to have such information. It was just that those weaklings the devil clans usually sent to monitor them would give them some information for some small benefits here and there. This was why they knew so much. Yet, to see the truth before them now… It was too much!

"Greetings elders. My name is Lilith Ravana. I've been sent to represent the Nightmare Palace in leading the members of the younger generation we've sent this time."

As the young lady spoke, it was as though all who heard her were transported to a dream land. Her very voice itself was like an illusory technique that made them want to tell her all of their secrets.

"I know you might be confused about why we've sent so many, so I will do my best to explain." Despite her words being amiable, they still kept their edge of frostiness.

"For one, the places we originate from do not have the Epistemic Tower, so we are unable to partake in their treasures. Our elders have long since lamented this and have finally decided to take advantage of the opportunity provided.

"Secondly, the Sapientia family auction has an important item we must buy. Our home land does not have standard energy stones, so although we are wealthy in our own right, we simply did not have recognizable currency for your quadrants. As such, we needed your help in achieving this.

"Thirdly, there is an important event occurring in the Epistemic Tower that will act as good tempering for us, so we have decided to participate."

The elders nodded vigorously, as though they were fighting over each other to prove who was listening better.

"We will need a few things from you during this time." Lilith continued unperturbed. "Firstly, we need accommodations for 15. Ensure that all of my maidservants are female.

"Secondly, arrange sparring partners for my fellow devil clan members. Although I can command them during important times, if they do not blow off steam frequently, they will disobey even me.

"Thirdly, key wielder duties of this quadrant will be handed over to me at the earliest possible convenience. If the key wielder is unconvinced, tell him that he may challenge me at any time.

"Fourthly, arrange the best you have in Soul Market and sell them all. It will no longer be a necessity after this."

With those final words, the beauty turned in left as though she had never been there to begin with…


Dyon had no idea about the arrival of such geniuses, but even if he did, he wouldn't care. This wouldn't be because he wouldn't be interested in their origins, but rather because they wouldn't affect his plans much anyway.

From the very beginning, Dyon had already planned on having to deal with some covert and powerful force, it just so happened that they appeared far earlier than he assumed.

However, this Soul Market was something Dyon hadn't heard even a single word of. Despite his diligent investigative work, other than hearing about how much this quadrant hated soul cultivators, the word soul only came up when referring to Soul Rending Peak.

Of course, Dyon found it odd that the foremost sect in this soul hating quadrant would have the world soul in it… Even more poignant was the fact that while this sect was named Soul Rending Peak, Dyon's very own soul cultivation technique was named Soul Rend!

The odd coincidences were beginning to stack up, but Dyon simply didn't have enough information to draw conclusions.

Maybe it was simply a coincidence. After all, to rend something meant to tear it to pieces. It was possible that the namesake of the sect had nothing to do with Dyon's soul cultivation technique at all and simply underlined a barely furtive attempt at make their hate for the soul even clearer.

And then there was the elephant in the room. Although soul cultivation was seen as a weaker form of cultivation, it didn't go so far as to be hated. That made little to no sense. To this quadrant, soul cultivation was almost akin to demonic practices, as though soul experts were forming cults and performing sacrifices of the innocent.

Normally, one should be able to see through such stupidity easily. However, the combination of censorship and information restriction in the quadrant made it difficult for people to be well informed. Even further, The Cathedral was somehow highly in support of this!

A Soul Market… A group of young geniuses from a non-existent quadrant… A religion seemingly eager to hold a blindfold over the eyes of its people…

This 98th quadrant wasn't so simple.


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