Reaper of the Martial World
933 Basement 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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933 Basement 1

"W… Why? Why would they send so many experts?"

"I do not know the details, but they definitely wouldn't send so many young geniuses into such a dangerous environment for no reason.

"It's like a combination of the Sapientia Auction, making sure that their investments are panning out, as well as that Epistemic Tower event coming up…"

The elders furrowed their brows. "What event? Why haven't I heard of this?"

"Of course you wouldn't have heard of it. Our best geniuses are only Dukes. Even that bastard child Dyon we got a report on a few hours ago, is nothing before those geniuses meant to participate in this event. Our small quadrant wouldn't need information on it because we don't stand a chance anyway."

One of the elders laughed, "Are you planning on letting that child do as he please? Although he's nothing but an ant and a frog in a well, he's quite a large fish in our quadrant. You all know that those devil clans won't have a use for us for much longer, at that time, all of our problems will have to be dealt with by us. It'll become much more difficult to hold onto our position of power at that time."

"Handling that child won't be easy. If he had decided to stay in the dark, and our information network sniffed him out, getting rid of him would be as easy as flipping a hand. However, by now, his name is too well known."

"Hmph, the only reason he'd be so well known so quickly is because those elders of the Unseen Peak spread it out intentionally despite saying they wouldn't do anything to help him."

"It hardly matters. He's a mere 1st stage essence gatherer who happens to know some body refining. He's not a match for even Soul Rending Peak's core disciples, let alone being a threat to us. If you really want to get rid of him, just do it during this year's assessments."

"How's that?"

"Just change the rules up a bit." The elder said with a shrug that made it clear he could care less. "Since he's a Duke, just give him an opportunity to become a Legatee of Soul Rending Peak by defeating one of their two current Dukes. Then, have them kill him."

"We don't even have to try that hard." Another elder said mysteriously. "Remember, he said that he was a Duke of the 74th quadrant, you all know what that means, right?"

The eyes of the elders widened. "He's being suppressed!"

Devious smiles spread all around. "Although our quadrant is weak now, its suppression is not too different from what it used to be. Right now, he's a mere 1st stage essence gatherer, facing suppression to at least 50% if not even more of his power. With that being the case, we could probably kill him before he even earn a spot in Soul Rending Peak."

"That's not entirely the case. You might not know this since this occurrence is fairly rare, but those who share a bloodline from two quadrants avoid suppression in both. Right now he should be at full power. How could mere 1st stage essence gatherer defeat an Inner Disciple if he was suppressed to 50% of his power? That hardly makes sense."

The elder who spoke was embarrassed, but still nodded in acknowledgement.

There were multiple ways to avoid the suppression of a quadrant.

The first was to share a bloodline with someone who wasn't suppressed. The second was to accumulate enough faith from that quadrant by becoming an important figure or Legatee. The third was to have enough power to suppress that quadrant alone. The fourth was, obviously, to be born in that quadrant. And another was a unique method provided by Dyon's cultivation technique, although unique methods like these were very rare and very sought after.

There was also universe-based suppression, but that was often much more negligible than quadrant level suppression.

That aside, the fact Dyon's mother came from the 74th quadrant and his father came from the 98th, allegedly, meant that he was suppression free in both quadrants.

This line of logic was within Dyon's calculations. He wanted to, as long as possible, hide his true strength. A younger version of himself would never do such a thing, but he was forcing himself to think about more than his ego recently.

If these elders were to find out that despite being suppressed to less than 50% of his peak power, he was able to throttle Inner Disciples, there would be problems. In fact, the likelihood of him leaving this quadrant was fall to nearly 0.

"Then we'll go with the first plan." Another elder said nonchalantly. "That aside, when will we receive these youngsters of the devil clans? We must hold a ceremony of some sort. We also need a way to integrate them without others asking questions.

"I would suppose to rein in these youngsters, but if they are too rampant in their actions, it might cause future problems for us and their clans."

"Such a thing won't be necessary." At that moment, a contradictorily cold, yet sweet voice sounded. It was as though it came from the depths of hell, yet also managed to carry the softness of the female voice.

At that moment, a peerless beauty walked into the room, somehow circumventing the senses of all of the elders present.

Her face seemed to be delicately sculpted of the most pristine ice. Her skin was so pale that in combination with her flowing white gown, it was as though the ghost of a world-shattering woman had just entered.

Her long white hair disappeared into the folds of her white gown, gently gracing the ground her dress trailed upon.

Anyone saying they had ever seen a woman more beautiful would no doubt deserve to be slaughtered where he or she stood.


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