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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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930 Devils 1

Dyon glanced at Donari. "Rule 4.01. To become a core disciple one must either be acknowledged by a core elder or pass the core disciple exam.

"What do you say, old man? If I beat him, give me a core disciple robe and let me take his participation spot."

When the crowd saw that Dyon was looking at the napping old man, they thought he had gone insane.

To be a core elder of their Unseen Peak, unfathomable strength was needed. How could the mere gate keeper of the outer sect be a core elder?

They inwardly sneered, no longer daring to make fun of Dyon on the surface anymore. Instead, they would wait for him to slap his own face.

"No need." The old man mumbled. "I'll accept you as a core disciple. However…" The murky eyes of the old man opened. Somehow, despite being unfocused, they had a subtle sharpness to them that made Dyon's eyes glow with intrigue. "You can't become such an important member of our Peak when no information about you is known. Don't you think?

"Who are you?"

Dyon smiled. "My name is Dyon."

"Do you not have a family name?"

"Of course I do."

"What is it?"

"Jafari." Dyon said with a slight menacing murderous intent.

This name was like a resounding thunder clap throughout the sect. There was no longer any murmuring, because no one dared to. There was no longer and slander, because no one dared to. There was just an eerie silence overcast through Unseen Peak as dozens of elders appeared in the sky.

There weren't many notable clans within their 98th quadrant, this was because they were a place where sects thrived. Often times, it would take many families to build up a single sect, and as such, single families were quite powerless to resist them.

However, there were exceptions to every rule…

In their quadrant, their six peaks were a nearly unmatched existence. But, there still remained two clans capable of matching up to their prowess. The first was Donari's Caedes family. And the second… Was Zabia's Jafari family!

After the incident three decades ago, the Jafari family had completely disappeared from their quadrant. No one had any idea where they went, but here was someone actually claiming to be one of them!

In truth, Zabia never told Dyon just what happened. He seemed very afraid, or at the very least, wholly disgusted with the goings on of this quadrant. However, Dyon did have a clue.

When Dyon first mentioned the Dukes and Duchesses that attacked their quadrant, Zabia was certain that those Dukes came from this very universe. This told Dyon that Zabia's family had likely had some major conflict with a group who held that title.

The only thing Dyon regretted was that Zabia truly didn't want to speak about it. In fact, Dyon went out of his way to not tell Zabia that he was here. Was that a stupid and dangerous decision? Probably. Considering Zabia knew how intelligent Dyon was, and just how powerful he was, yet still insisted he not go, that should be telling in and of itself. However, Dyon also knew that there were no rewards without massive risks. So, he dived right in.

When Donari heard this name, he trembled in anger and his fighting intent soared. Now that he knew this Dyon was a member of the Jafari family, he wanted to kill him even more. It wasn't that their family were enemies, it was just that Donari refused to be suppressed by a member of the same generation as him.

Not for a moment did anyone believe Dyon was lying. Because if it was a lie… It was just far too stupid! The amount of trouble that came with be a Jafari in this quadrant far outweighed the benefits! Although their enemies wouldn't act out on the surface, the number of people trying to backstab Dyon would sky-rocket!

Dyon smiled, looking up at the sky. "Oh my. It seems my family is quite famous." Sighing, Dyon continued, "I had wanted to hide this from you all as I have no need to rely on my family's name to get what I want, but this esteemed elder here insisted."

The elders looked at Dyon with a wide variety of odd looks. This child seemed so intelligent and crafty just moments ago… How had he become so stupid in an instant?! To willfully say you were a member of the Jafari family, wasn't that asking for trouble?!

"Sorry," The old man recollected himself. "My ears are old, I didn't hear what you said properly. Do you mind repeating?"

Dyon's eyes softened when he looked at the old man. He could tell that he could hear perfectly fine. The only reason he was saying this was in order to give Dyon a way out. This made Dyon's favourability of the old man jump up a few levels. However, Dyon wanted it just like this.

With a wink, as though to say he was prepared, Dyon repeated. "My name is Dyon Jafari.

"My father is Bol Jafari. My mother is from the 74th quadrant. I took my trials as a member of the 74th quadrant, however, against the wishes of my family, I decided to come back and have some fun in our old stomping grounds." An oppressive pressure erupted from Dyon that made the elder's eyes widen with shock. "You can all call me Duke Jafari."

Suddenly, everyone understood why Dyon dared to come back… It seemed there would be a major stirring in their small quadrant very soon. This was because these enemies of the Jafari weren't the Peaks, nor was it the Caedes family… It was the most powerful force in the quadrant… The Cathedral.


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