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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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929 Rules 3

"Are you trying to die?" Donari asked in a low roaring voice.

"Keep your anger to yourself. Unless I get confirmation that I can participate by defeating you, I don't plan on wasting my time fighting you for no reason. Like I said before, call someone with real authority here."

Shouts of anger began coming from the crowd of disciples.

"You're not even a disciple here!"

"You're not worthy of speaking to Senior Brother Donari!"

"Get out of here!"

Dyon hopped down from the hundred-meter-tall gates, not bothering to slow his fall as he slammed heavily into the ground.


A resounding crash sounded throughout the sect, causing the lips of those in the surroundings to twitch.

Looking at the massive crater around Dyon, that was no normal weight on his back. On top of that, he took the impact with his body! What level had his body refinement reached?!

Dyon walked to an unassuming black post with an old man sleeping in a rocking chair by it. He had long since noticed this old man, and could already see through his cultivation, however he hadn't bothered him. Dyon knew that he would hate having his nap interrupted, so he left the old man alone.

But, it was also clear that this old man might be the reason no other elders had acted yet. It was too bad that this old man pretending to be mysterious was nothing in Dyon's eyes.

Dyon casually flicked his finger at the black post, causing it to vibrate violently and nearly shatter where it stood.

Nonsensical numbers appeared, fluctuating wildly, but ultimately not landing on anything exact.

"Rule 1.03. There is no deadline for becoming a working disciple. The only exam date there is are for direct entrance to the outer sect.

"Rule 1.04. To become a working disciple, one must display the battle power of a 3rd stage foundation stage expert.

"I guess I'm a working disciple now, right, old man?"

The old man snorted awake in a half snore, casually flinging a badge toward Dyon before going back to sleep.

"Rule 1.08. To become an Inner Disciple, one must first rank in the top 100 outer sect disciples, before then defeating an Inner sect disciple."

Dyon casually scanned the audience, getting a good gauge on their power levels before his eyes landed on a particular grey robed individual.

"Y- You…" The outer sect disciple took a step back. He was indeed in the top 100 outer sect disciples, but he didn't understand how this newbie knew that. They all had a tacit agreement to not help this invader, but he somehow hadn't needed to ask any questions at all!

"Rule 3.11. Challenges from lower ranked disciples must be accepted. Rule 3.12. A single disciple can only be challenged 3 times per a given week, and never more than once on a single day unless said disciple accepts willfully." Dyon smiled. "Tell me truthfully, how many times have you been challenged this week."

"Th- Three times!" The disciple stuttered, very clearly lying.

"Tsk, tsk. Are you sure you don't want to change your answer? Rule 3.13. Should a disciple refuse a challenge through deceitful means, there's grounds for expulsion from the sect."

The disciple grit his teeth. "Z- zero."

Dyon laughed. From his estimates, this disciple was at least top 20. By normal logic, he would be challenged very often.

"I'll have to formally challenge you then, Senior Brother."

The grey robed disciple trembled. "I concede."

"Aiyah. Unexpected, unexpected." Dyon shook his head as though he was lamenting something.

The grey robed disciple was clearly angry, but there was nothing he could do. However, that was when he suddenly thought of something.

"You're technically still a working disciple, no matter what you can't rank in the top 100 outer sect disciples if you aren't an outer sect disciple."

Seemingly having found an avenue for victory, the disciples loudly gave their own agreements.

However, Dyon only shook his head. "The sect is divided into six regions. The outer sect, the inner sect, the core sect, the legatee courtyard, the elder courtyard and the sect master courtyard.

"The rules are quite vague." Dyon said with a devious smile. "How is a person to know whether "outer sect disciple" refers to outer disciples, or simply disciples who reside in the outer sect?"

The surrounding disciples froze. It was true that their sect was split into 6 regions, but more importantly, both outer and working disciples resided in the outer most region! If the rule book really worded it in this fashion, it was truly open ended…

Those who saw Dyon casually reading the rule book just moments ago felt a cold sweat permeate their backs. Just what kind of existence could ingest so much information in such a short time, and actually be able to find and use loopholes against those who had become familiar with that very same information for years… even decades!

"I think it's fairly clear that I can defeat an inner sect disciple…" Dyon said slowly. "But, I don't mind defeating another for the sake of the rules." Dyon looked toward the lackies that had followed Donari here. "What do you say senior brothers? Which of you would like to have a little spar with me?"

The once imposing elite inner disciples looked at each other, as though they were waiting for the other to respond first. After seeing how easily Dyon handled one of their own, neither of them were eager to face him, especially since failure would likely mean death by the hands of Donari.


Dyon looked over to who spoke. But, surprisingly, it wasn't one of the Inner Sect Disciples that spoke. Instead, it was Donari himself…


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