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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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928 Rules 2

"I didn't know that mere 1st stage essence gatherers had become so cocky these days. My horizons have truly been widened."

The black robed youth was ordinary in appearance, except for the fact he had long maroon hair and blazing red eyes that made him look more like a demon than a human. He even had an oppressive slaughtering aura that surrounded him that made Dyon raise an eyebrow.

Those who followed the slaughter path were rare. In fact, this was the first of them Dyon had met that wasn't Ava's father, Head Sicarius.

Of course, considering the Sicarius family was, at its core, a family of assassins, this path of choice made sense for them. However, it was still impressive for someone from this backwater quadrant to manage to follow such a path. It seemed that if he was born in a better environment, he would be a much more known character.

'Those black robes… A core disciple huh? Interesting.' Dyon smiled. He could tell that this murderous young man wasn't planning on appearing, however Dyon's cocky words had aggravated him.

The moment this young man appeared, a mixture of excitement and fear spread through the crowd of disciples.

"Isn't that Senior Brother Donari?"

"Sh, don't speak so loudly. I hear he's broken the no killing rule of our peaks dozens of times, yet the elders never punish him! Do you want to be next?"

"Not only did they not punish him, they even suggested he join senior brother Nikolaos as our second Legatee, but he declined, stating that this stage was too small for him!"

"Cocky?" Dyon responded, unperturbed. "That's relative. For example, if I really don't deserve a participation spot, you might have a point. Unfortunately, you're a frog in a well. You should learn to choose your words better. The most those murderous red eyes of yours do to me is make me sympathize with the problems you must have getting a woman's consent."

The crowd of disciples were stunned by Dyon's words. Even most elders didn't dare to talk to Donari in this way, let alone a 1st stage essence gatherer!

Dyon's eyes constricted into pins as he hastily titled his head to side. His hand shot upward, catching something that was about to fly by his head before it slipped out of his range between two of his fingers.

Seeing this scene, Donari's eyes narrowed just as the hand of a blue robed disciple behind him lowered.

"Interesting." Dyon looked at the long needle between his fingers. "Seems the Unseen Peak Inner Disciples are only so-so."

Dyon's forearm bulged before his wrist snapped forward, sending the needle flying toward the disciple who sent it at blinding speeds. The blue robed disciple's hand hadn't even fallen before he felt a sharp pain in his knee.

"AAGHH," A pained cry sounded as a disciple fell from the skies.

However, he never got the chance to touch the ground. Before he had even fallen more than a foot, Donari raised his hand, causing a blade of red to appear. With a clean slice downward, the disciple's head fell from his shoulders…

His head hit the ground first… With wide, disbelieving eyes, he rolled around before coming to a slow stop. Completely dead.

Donari rubbed his wrist as though he disdained to kill such an ant, "You want to become a participant, hm?"

"Exactly right." Dyon replied with a smile, not caring about the death of the disciple. After all, that needle was meant to kill him, the fact he had only aimed for a knee was already an act of mercy. If it wasn't for the fact he had to consider the sect, Dyon would have directly killed him.

"There are only five spots. All of which are occupied by core disciples. Do you really think you're worthy?" A murderous aura steamed off of Donari, it was clear he hadn't taken Dyon's response to him too kindly.

The cycle of the peaks was quite interesting. Although the peaks were separate, they were still a cohesive unit at the same time. This was proven by the fact the uniforms of their core and legatee disciples were identical aside from their insignias. This showed that no matter which peak you were from, you would be respected as a core or legatee disciple.

In this way, every year, a batch of core disciples from the subordinate peaks would head to be assessed by the main Soul Rending Peak. At the same time, this current batch of inner disciples would be tested to earn the lost core disciple spots.

Of course, not every core disciple that participated would be accepted. After all, core disciples were candidates to become Legatees. So, their positions were taken very seriously.

In this era, Legatees were capped at three per sect. This universal rule was circumvented by establishing subordinate sects like these, but it was impossible to avoid the weakening of these Legatees as a consequence. As a result, many core disciple's first goal would be to become the main peak's Legatee, as opposed to a subordinate sect Legatee.

Considering this truth and how long the Unseen Peak core disciples had been waiting for this opportunity, how could they ever willingly give up their spot to Dyon? Wasn't that a bit too ridiculous?

However, Dyon acted as though this was the most natural thing in the world. "It's the fortune of your Unseen Peak to accept me as a core disciple. I can guarantee I'm more qualified than any one of you to become the glory of this sect."


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