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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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927 Rules 1

Dyon casually glanced at the incoming sentries. They both were at the meridian formation layer, seemingly about the 6th stage. Even while supressed, this power level was a joke to Dyon.

He twisted his body, narrowly avoiding the outreached swords before pinching their blunt edge and pulling their weapons away.

In one swift motion, they were both disarmed and disoriented, but Dyon wasn't finished.

Grabbing both of their collars, he slammed their heads together, causing them to lose consciousness in an instant.

Having finished, Dyon laid them both down to "rest" before sitting down and dangling his feet from the tall gates, waiting for the commotion to bring someone actually worth talking to.

Without question, there was a currently massive uproar sounding off in Unseen Peak.

The sect itself was split into 6 distinct areas, arranged almost like an onion, with more important areas near the center, while less important areas were near the outskirts.

The furthest area out were reserved for the residences of working disciples and was also the most raggedy. The closer to the center of the sect you approached, the closer to the area reserved for core elders and the sect master you reached.

Because of this arrangement, working disciples were the very first to react to the alarm. However, they were clearly not in a position to do much at all. Considering most of them were still at the foundation stage, going up against a person capable of causing their sect's alarm to ring was practically suicidal. After seeing Dyon's leisurely appearance, they were even more certain that acting would be stupid on their part.

Seeing that it would take a bit for anyone with power to come, Dyon riffled through the belongings of the unconscious sentries before he found the sect's rule book. Then, he began to read at a speed far surpassing that of a normal individual.

The book itself wasn't all that long. Only about 5000 words or so. With Dyon's cultivation, finishing such a book was child's play.

"What an interesting little sect…" Dyon mumbled as he tossed the booklet back to the unconscious sentry.

Dyon assumed that the first to make it here, actually worthy of his time, would be the outer sect elders. From the information he had gathered, they would likely be about the peak essence gathering level. Inner sect elders would be saints. Core sect elders would be at the mid to high saint level, while the peak leader would be a peak saint.

However, this terminology meant different things depending on the power of a quadrant, which made it difficult to place a pulse on its meaning.

For example, a peak saint in a top 20 quadrant definitely meant that this person was between the 10th and 12th stage of sainthood. However, this same term in a quadrant as weak as this more likely meant the 7th or 8th stage. This was because poorer quadrants had worse grade warriors, which meant their caps would be lower as well. Obviously, a mere 4th grade saint would never become a 12th stage saint. It was impossible because their 82nd to 108th meridians were rendered useless the moment they advanced as a 4th grade warrior.

By this same logic, these so-called "peak essence" elders were likely weaker than that title assumed as well. This was why Dyon was certain of dealing with them despite the heavy suppression he was under.

Soon, a whole host of individuals were grouped together by the gate, but it seemed none of the elders had appeared yet.

'An alarm of this magnitude sounds off, but the elders don't appear? This sect is a joke.'

Dyon had long seen through what sounded off the alarm, but he allowed it to purposefully sound off to attract attention. That would make things far easier on him.

The problem was that to sound off the alarm required power strong enough to either destroy the gates, or leap over it. By Dyon's estimate, this would need power equivalent to at least a mid-level essence gatherer.

Of course, elite Inner Disciples and core disciples could match up to this power output, but the outer fringe working and outer disciples definitely couldn't. If he was truly hostile, he could have killed hundreds of them by now! Were these supposed elders really only with so many of their own seedlings dying?

Finally, Dyon saw a group of disciple with sky-blue robes approaching. This color should correspond with Inner Disciples of Unseen Peak.

When they saw Dyon staring down at them, anger erupted in their eyes. This anger only grew when they saw that Dyon was a mere 1st stage essence gatherer. They had been forced to act just for this? Why would their alarm sound for such a non-threat?

Dyon inwardly laughed, 'These people probably don't know the requirements for causing the alarm to sound-off. Even if they did, they'd likely assume it was broken. The real question is… When if this alarm going to stop ringing…'

Suddenly, a blue robed youngster stepped out with anger on his face. "Scram back to where you came from! Our Unseen Peak isn't a place for you to act as you please!"

There was no reason for Dyon to get angry, honestly. He was technically the one in the wrong. So, he replied simply.

"You aren't the people I need to talk to. Bring one of your elders here, preferably a core elder with some real authority." Dyon waved his hand. "Actually, scratch that, it's best you bring your Peak Master here."

"You!" The rage on the faces of the disciples erupted.

"I'd prefer to not hurt anyone unnecessarily. You could step forward if you wanted to, but just know that the conclusion is foregone. I'm only here to take a placement for the Soul Rending Peak entrance exam."

Just as the disciples were about to rage once again, laughter interrupted them all. A black robed disciple followed by a group of elite blue robed disciples made their way through the air, leisurely walking as though they were still on the ground.


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