Reaper of the Martial World
926 Unseen Peak 4
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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926 Unseen Peak 4

In the end, Dyon didn't bother to change his name. Just a single universe had trillions of people, and there were ten thousand of them! He probably couldn't even fathom the number of people who shared his name.

"Your chance has long since closed." Nikolaos responded with a furrowed brow.

Considering Dyon had reach the essence gathering stage, and was likely below the age of 40, his talent was considered above average in their quadrant. So, saying that he didn't stand a chance would be disingenuous. Although he hated Dyon, if he purposefully said something so stupid in front of Violet, he would be asking to be looked down upon.

"Chances are forged by the living." Dyon responded nonchalantly.

"Forging chances requires strength you don't have. Do you believe you can upturn the rules set by elders 1000s of times more powerful than you? No matter which family you come from, they will at most be equal to Soul Rending Peak, and even more so wouldn't start such a fuss over one merely above average disciple."

"Is that so?"

"Of course." Nikolaos' eyes narrowed.

"I hear that the prestige of your Peak relies on the disciples you can offer up. Were you not once the glory of your Unseen Peak? And now you're back to support them as their Legatee."

Hearing Dyon's words, a beam of unconcealed pride shone in Nikolaos' eyes. It was clear he couldn't tell Dyon was subtly manipulating him.

"Even if you say this, rules are rules. In addition, the chosen participants for this selection exam are far more powerful than you are. Not to mention the fact you don't have the status of a disciple yet."

By this point, Violet finally couldn't handle it anymore. "Could you two have this conversation while fully clothed please!"

Dyon smiled, his eyes still closed. "You two can go on, I'll probably reach your Peak by tomorrow."

Nikolaos snorted. "There's no guarantee you'll make it through the gates. If you piss off the outer sect elders, you won't even know how you died. Let's go Lady Violet."

Violet, however, had long since left, unable to handle such a scene any longer. If Dyon wasn't naked, she might have directly lost her temper and attacked him. She had already decided to teach this perverted nudist a lesson. If word of her seeing such a scene spread out, her reputation would be ruined!

Although Nikolaos would never spread such a thing because he was still very much worried about winning her heart, this Dyon character wasn't someone she could control.

What pissed her off even more was that when she inadvertently looked back, Dyon still hadn't opened his eyes!

From beginning to end, Dyon didn't care much for the reactions of those two. 'That little girl isn't very good at concealing her killing intent. She seems to hate me even more than the guy did. This conservative quadrant is going to be the end of me.'


Early morning the next day, Dyon finished his slow trek up the mountain. Although he knew there was a possibility to use Nikolaos and Violet to make his journey smoother, the last thing he wanted to do was spend time with a two people who were hostile toward him.

Currently, he was wearing an expensive and elaborately embroidered changpao. He wasn't entirely certain why Nikolaos was so sure he came from a large clan, but through process of elimination, it came down to two possibilities: the chain on his neck, or his broad sword.

Since Dyon was already seen as a rich young master, he might as well keep up his act.

At this moment, the entrance of the sect was quite barren. Aside from two bored looking sentries who were posted on either side of the tops of the gates, there wasn't anyone in sight.

There was a large clearance between the end of the forest and the sect itself, as well as ridiculously tall 100 meter walls that surrounded the gates. In addition, there was a clear teleportation formation to the side.

By Dyon's guess, it was likely that there was another teleportation formation within the actual sect. It seemed kind of ridiculous to open these hundred-meter-tall gates simply for the sake of allowing disciples in, only to have to close them, then open them up again later.

However, this realization made Dyon quite intrigued. What was it this Peak needed such high walls for?

In more powerful quadrants, they wouldn't even bother with building walls at all. After all, martial warriors could fly…

If it was really such a common threat, the sentries wouldn't be so lazy either… How odd.

Dyon managed to walk all the way to the front of the gates, a mere extended hand away, without the sentries noticing a thing. The funniest part was he didn't even try to conceal himself, even to the point where he comedically knocked to no avail.

'Fuck it.'

A pair of black wings appeared on Dyon's back just as he bent his knees. The ground cracked under the pressure the moment Dyon stopped supporting the weight of his massive sword.

A mini explosion was set off that finally alerted the lazy sentries up top. But, it was far too late for that.

"Hey! Wait!"

Dyon had already exploded upward.

A violent gust of wind propelled him upward, shooting himself and his 700 000 jin heavy sword more than 200 meters in the air and displaying the whole of the Unseen Peak to his eyes.

Alarms were sounded off in that instant, alerting the entire clan to a threat as Dyon gently landed atop the gates, leisurely watching as the two sentries barreled toward him.

Dyon plugged his ears while sighing, "How annoying…"


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