Reaper of the Martial World
922 Beat Up 4
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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922 Beat Up 4

In the end, Dyon spent his last day with his wives in bliss.

After ravaging Clara a few times, his depression completely disappeared and was replaced by happiness. Of his wives, he had been the most worried about Clara…

Not only was she completely new to the martial world, she was handicapped in her cultivation. However, seeing her power, he could finally put that to rest.

Divine sense referred to an amplified 6th sense provided by a celestial level soul.

When one first begins on their road of soul cultivation, the first thing they foster is a 6th sense. This was the reason why Dyon's opponents, especially at the same cultivation level, seem so slow to him.

The upgrade above this is Divine Sense. At this stage, it becomes more than a mere 'sense' or 'feeling', a divine sense quite literally gives one another set of eyes with varying ranges based on cultivation and soul talent.

However, the reason why Clara's divine sense was so overbearing was for another reason: The soul's effect on wills.

Everyone knew that the soul was the medium by which wills were comprehended. By this same token, divine sense allows one to use wills in a completely novel fashion.

At the start of cultivation, wills always originated from the body. Whether one was using sword wills, wind wills, or even death will, the will would emanate from the body, outward.

However, once one fosters a divine sense, the body is no longer the only point by which a will can originate.

By now, you definitely understand why Clara was so amazing.

With her divine sense, every one of Dyon's actions were seen by her, whether it be a twitch of the muscle, or an intention to activate a technique. Couple this with her Energy Flow constitution, and it would be completely impossible for Dyon to do anything covertly.

Then, to make matters worse, not only could she predict Dyon's movements with her divine sense, she could create wind attacks from anywhere! At that point, what chance did Dyon stand?

If the general population knew of this divine sense ability, would they really still look down upon soul cultivation? But, for obvious reasons, this ability wasn't so easy as it seemed.

First of all, the degree of using a will that didn't originate from your body was almost impossible. If Clara didn't have such an affinity for wind will, it would have been more difficult than ascending the heavens.

Secondly, the control technique for doing such a thing wasn't a common technique. In fact, by Dyon's estimation, it was a technique surpassing even a divine level one and was only found within the [Dao of Array Alchemy].

Thirdly, and maybe the most impressive part, was that this technique didn't explicitly state that it was meant to be used like this. Originally, it was meant to be a method of drawing arrays without having to use the aurora flames within you, instead using the laws of the universe themselves to do so. This method would speed up the creation of arrays, as well as lessening the burden of creating them. However, Clara saw this technique, saw its potential, then applied it to wills! To call his wife a genius would be offensive to her… This long left the realm of geniuses…

In fact, as far as Dyon knew, this was an ability only Clara could use. Although he had also helped Ri and Madeleine break into the 8th soul stage, their soul talent and control wasn't at the level of being capable of doing this. For now, they could only use their divine sense the same way everyone else did: as a third eye.

That said, Madeleine, being a music will master, was much closer to this achievement than Ri. She estimated that within a few decades, she might be able to grasp the edge of this ability, which was a clear testament to its difficulty.

Although… The fact Clara wasn't very good at explaining her thought process definitely lent to the difficulty in understanding her. In that way, she was a lot like Alidor.

However, this was all truly exciting. Dyon felt that Clara had taken a solid first step in closing the gap of combat prowess between soul cultivators and others.

According to her and Dyon's calculations, divine sense should be able to withstand wills and intents, and thus be able to use them in this way. However, if they wanted to use daos in such a way, they would need to foster and immortal sense… Something only transcendents had access to.

Clara didn't like this flaw in her created technique, but to be able to create an intent level attack from anywhere within your divine sense's perimeter was scary enough as it is… For context, Clara had only stepped into the mid 8th soul stage, yet her range was already tens of miles. Imagine attacking a person from that range in an instant!

And for Dyon… Considering his soul talent was the accumulation of many, his range might be at the level the moment his soul unlocked!

Of course, another weakness was that this attack became weaker the further away from you it was. But, a weak sneak attack was sometimes far more effective than a stronger attack an enemy was prepared for.

Truth be told, Dyon was excited for his soul to unlock so he could begin learning this technique. He felt that at that point, his battle prowess would sky-rocket.

This was highly important to him because as you increased in cultivation stages, the difference between cultivation levels grew. For example, Dyon could fight a peak essence expert at the peak meridian formation realm, but fighting a peak saint at the peak essence level was absolutely impossible.

If Dyon wanted to rule over a quadrant within the 1000 years he promised, he would need far more cultivation defying battle power than he had right now.


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