Reaper of the Martial World
921 Beat Up 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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921 Beat Up 3

Clara's smile never faded, in fact, as she fought, it only seemed to get wider. By now, Dyon was nothing more than a punching dummy.

Clara was able to make up her energy cultivation deficiencies with her constitutions, but what made her even scarier was the fact her soul had broken into the 8th stage and her body had already reached sainthood.

However, this was also a refresher for Dyon… It told him just how important wills were to the power of a martial warrior.

At the mere meridian formation stage, Dyon was able to defeat geniuses who were moment away from breaking into sainthood, purely because his will comprehension was so overwhelming.

In fact, Zabia was not just about to break into sainthood, he was also a first-grade essence expert of the 12th stage… Yet, he was completely powerless against Dyon simply because he had a first stage intent that also happened to be a supreme law…

While wind will might not be a supreme law, Clara had mastered it to the 5th intent level!

Clara grinned. "I did warn you that I would beat you up one day."

Blasts of vibrating winds bounced Dyon around. In truth, they didn't hurt at all considering the strength of his body, but his pride was so wounded he could cry.

Dyon wanted fight back. He still hadn't used his Demon Emperor's Will, nor had he used his wings. Not to mention the fact he had a celestial body, he shouldn't be getting throttled like this. If it was Ri or Madeleine, it would make perfect sense, but Clara?

That was when Dyon remembered something else… Clara had unlocked her divine sense. Not only that, but he had left the Soul Tome with her for the past 13 years, yet she, seemingly, hadn't used any soul techniques…

If he was being suppressed by Clara's soul. He would be able to accept it, after all, her soul was at the 8th stage, the equivalent of his body's strength. Although the soul didn't directly translate to battle strength, if used with Clara's domain and bodily strength, it would be much more effective.

In addition, the soul was the medium through which wills were comprehended, not to mention it also decided the stamina one had when using wills.

The more Dyon thought about, the more confused he became. He had never experienced something like this before, when had an enemy completely confused him? Even a former dao expert like Elder Daiyu hadn't been able to… But his crafty little wife was? He could almost feel his manhood shriveling up into non-existence.

However, Dyon was quite helpless. By now, he was certain that Clara was using some technique left within the [Dao of Array Alchemy], or maybe it was a new technique she unlocked within it, but either way, Dyon didn't know what it was!

He had only spent 1 year with the soul tome, and truthfully, he only had a few weeks within that time to spend reading and understanding it… In fact, he didn't even know how to continue his [Inner World: Sanctuary] cultivation technique after his inner world was fully formed..

Yet, Clara, in all her genius, had a full 13 years. If you subtract the time spent within the trials, that was still at least a good 5 to 6 years she spent with it. How could Dyon compare to her?

Dyon sighed as yet another blast of air knocked him back. He didn't want to use weapons against his wife, nor was the Dragon King capable of forming long distance weapons, which was a weakness Dyon found out about only recently…

"Do you give up yet?" Clara asked in a sweet voice.

Ri and Madeleine's giggling came from the skies, only increasing Dyon's depression.

"Divine sense is quite amazing, huh…" Dyon's voice drifted through the wind.

A look of surprise flashed through Clara's eyes, but she only smiled in the end. If her husband couldn't figure this out, was he really still her husband?

The fierce winds finally stopped, and Dyon was gently placed down on the floors of the training ground.

Dyon sighed, looking up into the skies as he laid on his back.

"Aww, you're not mad, are you?" Clara's giggle found its way to Dyon's side as she kneeled to the ground and gently tapped his cheeks.

"That was domestic abuse." Dyon faked an incredibly realistic wronged expression.

However, he was only greeted by laughs.

By the end of it all, if he didn't understand what was happening, he wouldn't be Dyon Sacharro. Although his soul was sealed, and Clara hid her soul fluctuations incredibly well, there was only one explanation for her combat prowess.

In truth, divine sense alone would never be so powerful. If it was, the martial world would never look down on soul cultivation so much, especially since the soul was already so important for will comprehension.

In Dyon's estimation, it was a combination of divine sense, Clara's wind domain, and likely a divine sense utilization technique found within the soul tome. Only a combination of these three things would be so overbearing.

Dyon's Demon Emperor's Will suddenly shot to the third stage of the first act, by the time Clara realized something was happening, it was already too late to escape even with her speed. In the next moment, she found herself pinned beneath Dyon in a heated exchange of passionate kisses.

"Mm…" Clara struggled. "We're .. Mm … We're still outside … Mm Mm Mm … Pervert!"


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