Reaper of the Martial World
920 Beat Up 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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920 Beat Up 2

Clara rolled her eyes when she realized why Dyon was doing this, but that didn't stop her from sinking into his embrace. Tomorrow was the day they'd separate, so she didn't have the heart to do much nagging today.

"Why do you think that despite awakening three constitutions, my meridians were still at the 9th grade?" Clara asked.

"Likely has to do with the compatibility of the transplant. Constitutions are fundamentally body related despite them having an effect on the soul and energy cultivation. So, transplanted meridians likely have a tougher time melding with the body than your original set of meridians would. Luckily, the honey can help with this problem as well, helping your integration by quite a bit.

"Once you reach the third grade, it should be integrated enough to have a negligible difference between it and a set you were born with. At that time, your constitutions will become even more effective than they already are."

"Mm…" Clara seemed to lose herself in thought as they watched Ri and Madeleine spar. Since Madeleine was a natural counter to Ri, it was quite beneficial to Ri to spar Madeleine. On the other hand, Ri's ice was not normal when combined with her Void will, actually resulting in her slightly suppressing Madeleine.

Although Ri didn't have the Eternity's Balance constitution, it was still possible to fuse wills, it was just much more difficult and was often limited to two at a time, whereas those with that constitution could surpass that limit and fuse even three or four with much more ease.

So, essentially, their sparring was a round of Ri not making use of her void will, thus allowing Madeleine to suppress her. Then, after Ri accumulated enough training in this aspect, she would begin to use her void will, ice fusion, thus suppressing Madeleine and allowing Madeleine to improve.

As for Clara, she sparred with either one, simply trying to get used to adapting to a wide range of situations and wills. Because she spent so long forging and studying, she didn't have a lot of combat experience. So, she performed poorly during the third and fourth trials.

That said, Clara's definition of "poorly" would still make others drool.

"What weapon do you think I should focus on?" Clara suddenly asked as they continued to watch the firework of black ice and purple flames.

"Truth be told, any light and versatile weapon would work really well for you."

By this point, Dyon's wives knew about Dyon's affinity for weapons. There might not be a better person in existence to give advice on which weapon a young man or woman should focus on.

"Yea, that why it's so hard for me to decide…"

"Flexible swords… Short swords… Daggers… Shurikens… the bow and arrow…" Dyon thought out loud. "Hm… Spar with me."

Clara jumped up a little too quickly, the beaming smile on her face, while breathtakingly beautiful, also sent yet another shiver down Dyon's spine.

"Nevermind…" Dyon began say, but before he could finish, he felt vicious winds circulating him fiercely, even making it difficult to breathe.

A beautiful manifestation appeared behind Clara. It shared her flawless caramel skin, but unlike Clara, it had thin, fairy like wings that flowed with a crystalline color.

After awakening her wind spirit constitution, it had actually fused with her soul manifestation, creating an all new constitution that had absolute dominance over the air flow.

Dyon could only shake his head and leap backward to avoid Clara's palm strike. But, he clearly miscalculated…

The air vibrated violently at her palm, compressing and shooting toward the escaping Dyon.

By now, Ri and Madeleine noticed the commotion. After sending a glance toward each other, they laughed and leapt into the air, reclining to enjoy the coming show.

Dyon was blasted backward. If Clara hadn't held back, he knew he would have coughed up some blood. This realization made him depressed beyond belief, but there was nothing he could do about it.

With Clara's wind domain, not only was his movement technique suppressed, hers reached ungoldly levels. If it wasn't for his overwhelming Perception, she would have completely disappeared before his eyes time and time again.

In truth, Clara's energy cultivation had only just broken into the essence gathering stage. Because her meridians were technically of the 9th grade, she couldn't temper her meridians with essence level Gama energy. So, the power she received from actual energy was quite limited.

However, this was where Clara's ingenuity came in…

An ability of the wind spirit constitution was the ability to call to wind to replenish your energy stores. This was where the spirit portion of the name came from, because wind was essentially breathing life into you.

Normally, this ability was quite restricted and negligible, however, after fusing with Clara's soul manifestation, it was like giving a tiger wings.

All of the wind will within miles seemed at Clara's beck and call, willing to come to her at any moment. In fact, it was because of this that despite being a mere essence gatherer, Clara could withstand utilizing a 5th stage intent.

According to the laws of the martial world, a martial warrior wasn't able to withstand an intent level will until they stepped into the essence gathering stage. However, this same logic applied for high level intents as well, except their necessary stage was the saint stage!

Essentially, the first three intent stages were reserved for essence gatherers. Four through six were reserved for saints. While seven through nine were reserved for celestials.

To use a 5th level intent, without being a saint, was something reserved for only the best of geniuses with the highest of affinities for the intent in question…


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