Reaper of the Martial World
919 Beat Up 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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919 Beat Up 1

Early the morning of the last day Dyon would spend with his wives for a while, Dyon began by taking his daily drop of Jade Queen Bee Honey. In these four months, his meridian grade had broken into the 7th grade and he could faintly sense it approaching the 6th, although he still felt a ways away. Of course, with the excessive amount he had, he gave quite a bit to Clara. This treasure was obviously useless to Ri and Madeleine, but to Clara, it was a god-send.

A while back, Clara had perfectly completed the Innate Aurora trials, and thus earned a set of meridians of her own. However, she hadn't integrated them until she completed her Emperor trials because her body was too weak to withstand the transplant before. After all, she wasn't like Dyon who had the demon sage's blood essence within him.

Dyon felt pain thinking about Clara going through the same torturous agony he had gone through, but he also felt pride in the fact she had made it through.

That aside, Clara's meridians were in the same poor condition as his own, so this honey was of great benefit to her, especially since she was still muddling through the essence gathering stage.

Luckily, her body and soul more than made up for it. Because she ingested half of the body kernel, she had many body constitutions she could awaken. However, without the help of the Spirit Body treasure of the 33 heavens, she could only awaken 3 because of restrictions resulting from the efficacy of pills dropping when you used them more than once.

When Clara told Dyon what three she had chosen, he couldn't help but once again be blown back by his wife's ingenuity.

It was rare for a single person to have multiple constitutions, but for a single person to have multiple constitutions that were all compatible with each other was even rarer! Yet, Clara had the special opportunity to do exactly that!

Firstly, she manifested her soul to see what it was. It turned out that she had a very interesting wind type manifestation that granted her a domain before even entering the celestial stage. Although this was surprising, it wasn't outrageously rare to the point it never happened.

This manifestation allowed Clara mastery over wind in a certain radius, giving her great boosts to speed and agility, as well as biting attacks. In fact, it was because of this wind domain that she could forge without relying on a bulky body and ridiculous muscles. She could rely on precision, and even use wind to boost her strength, when necessary.

After knowing what her soul tended toward, Clara began to do research on just what kind of constitutions would best compliment those abilities.

Her first choice was an eye and skin constitution within the top ten God level constitutions. It was called the Energy Flow constitution.

Those with this constitution were not only highly talented in sensing and perceiving energy, they could also see it. This was highly effective for forging since seeing through the essence of a material was highly important, some might say the most important, but it was also great for combat.

Those who had the Energy Flow constitution could see the flow of energy in their opponent's meridians, as well as the flow of energy around them, to calculate how best to negate attacks. It was essentially using soft to counter hard, something wind cultivators were exceedingly good at. It was clear and obvious why Clara would choose this constitution.

Her second choice was the wind spirit constitution. This was only a Heaven level constitution, and normally had quite weak effects, but when combined with Ri's soul manifestation, it reached a level exceeding even many of the top ten God constitutions.

The wind spirit constitution was exactly what it sounded like. It allowed the easy cultivation of wind will, and the ease of manipulating wind. However, since wind was a normal elemental will type, and not a supreme law, or even a high level will, this constitution was seen as average. But… That was only when its effects weren't stacked with a wind domain.

At this point, Clara was at the point where others couldn't use wind without her permission if they were of the same cultivation level. In fact, even those above her would struggle and feel stifled.

She could form wings of wind, create vacuums of combustible air, vibrate air particles to create vicious and resounding attacks… Even better, all of these were hundreds of times more effective than normal due to the wind domain and wind spirit body stack. Not to mention, the speed of her wind will cultivation was mind boggling. If it wasn't for limitations of her body, she might have already reached the 6th intent level! However, for now, she was restricted to the one with will level.

The last choice Clara made was a familiar one to us all, and it was the choice that made Dyon truly frightened of Clara's future potential.

Back in their home universe, King Belmont was always struggling with combining his inherited red and blue flames. However, his son, Lionel, did so easily after taking the virginity of Evelyn. The reason it was so easy was because Evelyn had the Eternity's Balance constitution… A constitution that allowed the perfect melding of wills, no matter how diametrically opposed they were.

The one weakness of wind will was its power. Although it was a great support will, it was still lacking. It could make you faster and it could make you stronger, but that was all contingent on the abilities you already had…

But, what if you mixed it with other wills? What if you fused it with lightning to reach unholy speeds? What if you fused it with fire to produce ungodly explosions? What if you fused it with sword will to slice through any and all?

"I should probably not piss her off any time soon…" Dyon thought silently, bringing Clara into his arms to hide his cold sweat.


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