Reaper of the Martial World
915 Statement 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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915 Statement 3

"Aren't you disappointed they disappeared?" Madeleine asked a while later. Honestly, she found it difficult to even remember exactly what she was referring to. For some reason, Clara and Dyon found this much easier.

In truth, this was because the mortal realm spent a lot of time theorizing about such impossible and mind-boggling things. For example, theoretical physicists from their world were constantly coming up with incredible explanations for the reasons and ways things occurred. Of course, these topics included vast concepts like time, light and gravity. Because of this, Clara and Dyon were more used to trying to wrap their minds around abstract concepts.

Dyon shook his head, "The only thing I'm disappointed about is the fact I can't exchange them for another treasure. It seems I've taken a loss."

Clara pouted, "They could have at least left a thank you. If it wasn't for you, who knows when they'd be able to hatch."

Dyon laughed, "For all we know, they're in this room right now."

When his three wives realized that Dyon could be right, they felt slightly uncomfortable. In truth, for all they knew, celestial hamster could be any and everywhere. They could be watching everything that occurred with absolute complacency.

Dyon didn't mind too much, but he also didn't say too much. According the words of the hamsters before, they had watched while he and Ri went at it. He didn't care, but he knew his wives would. If they became too apprehensive to have any more sex, wouldn't that be too depressing?

Plus, unlike other True Deity level beasts, Celestial Hamsters could never form a human body. So, their sexual drives were completely different from, say, a Dragon. They couldn't care less about Ri's body or his. That was why Little Yin, a name Dyon decided to give to the white furred hamster, didn't care about seeing Dyon naked, but blushed when Little Yang mentioned the particular action taking place. Even if she didn't care about their bodies, that didn't mean she was immune to the idea of sex entirely.

That said, a Dragon might be the only beast in existence will to copulate with any and everything. Bird, rodent, bug, arachnid, it didn't matter.

What Dyon found interesting was that Dragons should technically be ancient beasts as well. A few dozen millennia ago, only they and the phoenixes remained. Now that the phoenixes were extinct, only they remained. As such, didn't they need a lot of Primordial Energy to hatch too? How did they deal with that?

Dyon shook his head, he'd find out eventually. "I actually think it might be a better idea if you used the Demon Generals instead, Madeleine."

"Oh? Why is that?" Madeleine was a bit confused. She was actually looking forward to seeing Little Lyla and Zaire.

"I'm not actually sure what Little Zaire and Little Lyla are up to, if they were up to something of importance, it would be a shame to interrupt them if they were.

"Also, I'm heading to the Drago-Qilin quadrant eventually… The Crystal Dragon Clan has something I need."

Clara and Madeleine frowned while Ri rolled over from her nap. They had, of course, all heard of the Crystal Dragons before. While they could easily accept Dyon going to a mere 98th ranked quadrant alone, the Drago-Qilin quadrant was a completely different animal!

On top of it all, Dyon had the aura of the Dragon King on him. He would immediately become public enemy number one. In addition, because the Dragon King was seen as a member of the older generation, the moment Dyon was exposed as having relations to him, the Dragon wouldn't be restricted to attacking with members of the younger generation anymore. At that point, Dyon would be in true danger!

Of course, Dyon knew all of this. However, he wasn't worried about the Dragon King's aura leaking because of his mask. As long as he didn't actually use the Dragon King in battle, he would be fine.

"Don't worry," Dyon smiled, "My mask can avoid such base level detection. Also, even if something unexpected occurs, simply releasing my manifestation would be enough to prove my identity. If my manifestation is my own, and not the Dragon King's, then that would prove my body hadn't been taken over."

Of course, despite saying this, Dyon didn't mention whether or not he would wait until his soul unsealed to go. He simply glossed over it… He couldn't afford to allow this seal to slow down his plans. He was willing to slow down for his wives, but not such inconsequential things.

"That aside, there's a more important reason I want the Demon Generals to go instead." Dyon said with a grin.

Seeing Dyon's smile, Madeleine couldn't help but put down her worries and smile as well. With how intelligent Dyon's wives were, how could they not tell that he was trying to pull the wool over their eyes? However, they all recognized this smile, so they all knew the person it was directed toward would truly be played with to death.

"My wife's Flaming Lily Sect wants to make use of her to strong arm me into helping them. Of course, I don't mind. They've treated my little beauty well, so how could I not repay them?" Dyon pulled Madeleine into his arms, watching with a blazing light in his eyes as her skin reddened under his gentle touch. She was truly too beautiful…

"However, the Flaming Lily Sect, and the entire Golden Flame Quadrant, needs to understand just what type of man I am. Not only am I capable, but the men under my command are as well.

"They need to understand that a mere 4th ranked quadrant disputing over a single gate isn't enough for me to take action personally." Dyon slowly removed the rest of Madeleine's clothing, getting lost in her outrageous curves… Her breasts had grown so large that even Dyon's large hands could no longer completely cover them.

Dyon didn't speak anymore, instead using his lips to seal the moan that escaped Madeleine's lips as he entered her. He had already forgotten whatever nonsense he was saying before. But, one thing was for certain: The name Dyon Sacharro would spread in the coming months for entirely new reasons.

The top nine quadrants had already begun making preparations. Because the tenth ranked Sapientia quadrant had a reserved spot, with Dyon's existence, one of them was doomed to fall to the 11th spot. Although the top three didn't care about such a thing, ranks four through nine were constantly fluctuating.

Although Dyon wouldn't be able to make drastic changes right now, because he was only at the saint floors, as he grew, he would raise to new floors, and thus begin to suppress the geniuses they held there as well…

When this happened, the Celestial Deer Quadrant would once again shoot up the rankings, resulting in their rewards plummeting.

There was no question, for quadrants four through nine, Dyon had become the number one enemy to crush. If they didn't eliminate him now, weren't they doomed to fall from the top ten rankings?

So, Dyon decided to make a statement. Since he was going to be their enemy anyway, it was best they understood right now that he didn't place them in his eyes at all. They would come to know that Dyon Sacharro feared no one.


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