Reaper of the Martial World
914 Statement 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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914 Statement 2

Maybe in the history of the Celestial Hamster, this was the first time they had heard such a thing. No… That was wrong, according to the information the Celestial Hamster had, this very scenario had occurred 11 other times. And in each instant, they all died premature deaths.

One might not understand what it meant to have the legacy of knowledge the celestial hamsters wielded… But, it quite simply meant that they were a library that far exceeded even the Timeless Library.

Despite the Timeless Library being a scam that led to the death of the Demon Sage's Kingdom, within it, there still lied a host of information only available to transcendents. If those who created this library hadn't gone out of their way to make it real, how could they have tricked such high-level characters for so long?

However, such a repository of information was actually looked down upon by the celestial hamsters.

Starting from the very first celestial hamster, information was passed down through their bloodline. As a race that existed from the beginning of time, one can imagine just the level and quality of information they had accumulated to this point.

Even further, as a pair of Prince and Princess, the bloodline the possessed once coursed through the veins of the most famous and accomplished Celestial Hamsters to ever live.

Maybe if this was the limit of their knowledge, it would be acceptable. But, even when it came to things they didn't know or understand, it was possible for them to use their bloodline abilities to come to understand them at a depth that was only comparable to a peak-most expert.

To explain, the Second Trial of the God Trials was created using a particular path of Time Will that was known as the historical path. Of course, this was already mentioned in passing, but its importance was never clearer or more relevant than now.

What did it mean to follow the historical path? It meant, that depending on your level of proficiency, it was possible to learn about the past of an object simply by observing it.

Imagine finding an artifact you had no prior knowledge of. If you followed this particular path, or mastered this path, it wasn't necessary for you to guess or speculate as to its uses. One could directly learn about an object from the object itself!

While Celestial Deer were masters of celestial will, Celestial Hamsters were the masters of time will!

Not only was this a large reason for their vast knowledge stores, and also attested to the accuracy of this knowledge, it was also the reason why their concealment abilities were so heaven defying.

The requirements for an object, person or thing to exist would be its placement and movement along a time line. What validated one's existence was the cause and effect that revolved around them. However, what if it was possible for a race of beings to completely displace themselves from time, to exist outside of it.

Humans, and creatures in general, couldn't hope to wrap their minds around an instant where time didn't exist or flow. Even in explaining such a concept, it was necessary to use terms like "an instant" which is, by definition, impossible to separate from time.

When it comes to making up for things a person doesn't understand, the brain is excellent at filling in the gaps, although those fill-ins might not necessarily be correct. The brain often creates false memories, it often forgets traumatic experiences, and even when it comes to things as simple as sight, the blind spot located in everyone's eyes are often filled in with the incorrect images.

Now, imagine this same flaw infested brain, was tasked with comprehending and visualizing a being existing out of a time itself. Even if you were a transcendent, was it even remotely possible for you to understand such a concept?

When a celestial hamster matured, it would grasp the highest levels of time will, and become able to hide from even the peak-most existences in the cosmos. Even if one had a mastery of time will on the same level, if you weren't aware that there was an oddity you were meant to be paying attention for, how could you see through a technique of such a level?

To be capable of doing this, even directly after their birth, the level of the celestial hamster was completely unfathomable.

And yet, Dyon knew all of this, from beginning to end. He even read copious amounts of legends praising this race of beings without end, and chronicling the exploits of those they chose to serve. But, he still rejected them without batting an eye.

The white and black furred twins were silent for a long time. They large, glistening eyes trained on his face, as though they were trying to memorize something.

Dyon only continued to smile, silently petting them. He even began to converse with his wives again, listening to Clara berate him for being naked this entire time.

Sometime during the silence of the Celestial Hamsters, their eyes began to glow as though they had come to a certain understanding. They had only just been born, and despite their lofty attitudes, they weren't ready to run into such a complex and mind-numbing issue. Unfortunately, trillions of years of accumulated knowledge didn't provide them with the one thing they needed right now: Wisdom.

At some unknown time… They disappeared.


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