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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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912 Four 8

"Big brother, this human's cultivation technique is so interesting, have you ever heard of it?" Suddenly, the white furred hamster spoke. It had the voice of an adorable little toddler, and was clearly female.

"I haven't," The black furred hamster was just as immature in his voice. "But this human language is so coarse and foul sounding. Why do you want him to understand us so badly?"

The white furred hamster giggled. "Don't be so mean, big brother. We've roamed the cosmos for millions of years to accumulate enough Primordial Energy to hatch. I'm certain we've never seen another human more intelligent than him. At most, we've only seen his equals."

Dyon raised an eyebrow. People as intelligent as he was? Other than Clara, who could boast such a thing?

The black furred hamster laughed at Dyon's reaction. "I like him, he's just as arrogant as we are. But the difference is we know the heights of the heavens, while he doesn't. His arrogance is blind while ours is deserved."

"Following him would at least be more interesting than wondering about randomly, don't you think?"

"We should at least test him first. We've only followed him for two weeks. He spent one of those weeks sleeping, and the other doing those unholy actions." The black furred hamster sounded like a disappointed elder, but the immaturity in his voice almost made Dyon burst out with laughter.

The little white hamster seemed to blush. "Don't say those things big brother. What would you do if mother heard you?"

The black furred hamster's nose twitched. "I didn't sense this before, but this one has the blood line of another ancient Celestial within him."

Hearing her brother's words, the little sister obliged, sniffing as well. "Oo, the Celestial Deer.

"If a race that was once our equal so happily gave him their blood essence, he can't be so bad, right?"

"That was long ago," The black furred hamster replied. "From what I can tell, their bloodline has degenerated quite a bit to this point. It's hardly 0.0001% as potent as it once was. To gain the approval of them now isn't too big a deal."

"To think they once used to make fun of us for our poor reproduction abilities. Clearly, being able to reproduce quicker has its downsides."

"It couldn't be said that the reproductive abilities of the Celestial Deer were vastly greater than ours, but rather that it became easier for them to reproduce as their bloodline declined."

Dyon listened intently from beginning to end, making certain to not miss a single word. As for his wives, they sat silently seeing the concentration on their husband's face.

"Hm?" The white hamster suddenly looked around. "Big brother look! That must be the source of the Life Essence that sped up our birth last week. It seems to be a piece of the Holy Arc!"

The black furred hamster's white eyes adorably blinked in astonishment, however he quickly calmed down. "This piece is just from a bit of furniture. Now if it had been from the hull of the vessel, that would truly be something extraordinary. Even if it was a hundredth of the size of the visor, it would be thousands of times more valuable."

"To think that a mere piece of furniture would still house such pure energy within it. It's no wonder…" The little sister hamster spoke up.

"Hey you," The Big brother hamster suddenly turned to Dyon who was still focused on them. "We've been speaking in your language out of courtesy this whole time. Don't you have anything to say to us?

"Burning questions? Clearing up any misunderstandings? Begging us to become your companions? Anything aside from that focused expression would do."

Dyon smiled, "Why would I interrupt two babies getting to know the world for the first time? That would be rude of me."

"Hmph, who are you calling babies?! I've had my consciousness awakened for millions of years already. Just because I didn't have enough strength to break free of our shell, doesn't mean I'm wet behind the ears."

Dyon's only response was to lay both hamsters on his knees and pet them. "I know an old man at least tens of millions of years old, and yet I still don't treat him all that specially. Why would I treat two newborns any better?"

The white furred hamster giggled. "He's funny big brother. He didn't start begging like you assumed."

"Hmph. We're going to test you now to see if you're worthy of us following you for a bit. Consider this opportunity a thank you for speeding up out birthing process. After our mother left, we didn't think we'd be born so soon."

"Isn't that exactly why such a test is useless?" Dyon responded with a smile.


"Of course. You two need Primordial Energy to fully mature, while I have the densest source of it in these times. Isn't a test added on top of this kind of useless?"

"What you say make sense Giant brother." The white furred hamster interjected. "But we have a tradition of finding masters worth before settling down. Choosing based on benefits is against our ancient codes.

"While the ancient dragons were the embodiment of sovereignty, and ancient celestial deer were the embodiments of purity, and ancient kitsune embodied the elements and their mischief, we celestial hamsters are the embodiment of knowledge and its pursuit. Our reason for existing isn't to rule the world, but to raise those who rule it!"


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