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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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911 Four 7

"That egg…" Clara and Madeleine sat in front of Dyon, observing its shaking.

At the moment, an odd feeling was creeping up in their hearts. Although they very clearly knew the egg was right in front of them, in fact, it was even shaking and cracking wildly, the moment their attention was deviated for even a moment, it was as though the memories of it were erased away. If it wasn't for the fact Dyon was holding and looking at it so intently, they would have long forgotten about this egg.

The grey egg bulged and cracked, furiously sucking in the energy from its surroundings. But, surprisingly, much of the energy originated from Dyon itself.

As an ancient creature, the Celestial Hamster required copious amounts of Primordial Energy in order to hatch. The number of unhatched ancient eggs currently sitting idly in the cosmos today might not be innumerable, but it was still a considerable amount, and the reason for this all laid with the severe lack of Primordial Energy.

Among the quadrants in the cosmos, only the top three had even a tiny amount of this Primordial Energy. As for the other quadrants? They weren't ancient enough.

One might wonder at this point: "What about Dyon's quadrant, did it not use to be ranked highly as well?"

Although this is true, the reason for the Celestial Deer Quadrant being ranked first wasn't due to its ancient history, but rather because of the prowess of Dyon's home universe. Remember, Dyon's universe is the youngest in current existence, but it also happened to once be the one with the densest Gama energy and thus produced the best talents and had the best cultivation environment. Even the ancient quadrants couldn't compete with it.

However, with the decline of Dyon's universe, this advantage disappeared. Although the other universes still have relatively good energy density, enough to be at the middle of the pack, it wasn't enough to counter act the loss of Dyon's one universe.

In the next moment, a burst of profound light erupted from the egg, causing it grow to ten times its original size.

Dyon was overwhelmed by the sudden burst, but he continued to hold on, peering into the light intently.

Soon, the light began to morph and Dyon's hands became ingulfed in a sudden warmth and softness. None of the expected juices of birth coated his hands at all.

The light slowly faded away, but Dyon's concentration never broke. He felt that if he lost concentration for even an instant, he would never find this little creature again. After spending one of his treasure selections on it, he was obviously unwilling to suffer such an end.

However, what happened next still surprised Dyon.

By the time the light had completely disappeared, allowing Dyon to see just what was in his hands, he finally realized why the egg was slightly larger than normal… This egg actually held twins!

In Dyon's hands sat the most adorable little creatures he had ever scene. He instantly felt a will to protect them from any harm.

One had pristine white fur and large, beady black eyes that glistened cleverly.

The other was had a pristine black coat, but its eyes were like two white pearls, reflecting a milky richness that was filled with wisdom.

Both siblings were looked more like little chipmunks than hamsters, despite their name. Their cheeks were chubby, along with their little bodies, but unlike hamsters, their tails were more pronounced.

They both looked up at Dyon curiously, almost surprised that this young man, who was clearly very weak, still somehow had the ability to see them, and for so long at that. It had to be said that the concealment abilities of the Celestial Hamsters far exceeded the abilities of Dyon's supreme level mask. They could even hide from transcendents if they so chose.

In the next moment, they understood. It wasn't that Dyon's perceptive abilities were better than a transcendents, but because he was well aware of their abilities. As such, he was like a lucid dreamer, forcibly awakening his consciousness in a dream in order to be able to control his surroundings.

In addition, they had just been born and weren't fully mature yet. Because of that, they couldn't hide from Dyon who they currently lay in the palms of. However, judging by the confused expressions on Ri, Clara and Madeleine's faces, despite Dyon holding them, they couldn't see the two adorable hamsters at all.

"Dyon? What's going on?" Madeleine suddenly asked. It felt like reality was distorting before her, but she couldn't put her finger on just what was wrong.

The fact Madeleine could even tell something was off to begin with a testament to her perceptive abilities. As a music will lover, it wasn't surprising she had such sensitivity to things.

As for Ri, she could feel her bestial bloodline shift uncomfortably, as though there was a powerful beast bloodline in the close vicinity, but she didn't know where it was coming from.

Then there was Clara, her soul talent was, by far, the best amongst the three women, which also meant her 6th sense was also the best, but she still couldn't put her finger on the problem either.

In truth, none of these three would be able to sense a thing had it not been for the fact that these little hamsters were just born.

Dyon smiled down at his seemingly empty palms. "I gained an egg from the trials, and it only just hatched. But, the little creatures inside of it have outstanding concealment abilities, even so soon after birth. I'm quite impressed. If I lose concentration for even a moment, I've afraid they'll disappear before my eyes."


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