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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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910 Four 6

Dyon's eyes continuously lit up with thought as Clara continued.

"In all likelihood, that old witch had to rely on the chain reaction in the atmosphere to destroy our home. In addition, the heat would be only more than a normal human could handle, but… Remember that those born after you had their souls unlocked. For your whole childhood, you always had a stronger body than others because your soul was constantly nourishing it, because if it didn't, your body would be too weak to house it.

"There's a possibility that there may be others with slightly stronger bodies like you, just enough to last long enough to get to shelter.

"It's a long shot since it's already been so long… It's … It's my fault for…" Clara felt her eyes freeze over. She blamed herself.

For the longest time, she couldn't bring herself to think about the situation and what happened to her father. Because she shut herself off from thinking about it, it hadn't been until recently that she thought of this theory… If she had thought of it earlier, maybe the likelihood of finding survivors would have been higher…

Dyon wrapped his arms tightly around Clara's waist, pulling her in tightly. "You silly girl… Any one of us should have thought of this possibility, yet you were the one to. I couldn't bring myself to think about what happened either. If you want to blame someone, blame me.

"Don't worry. I promise you, if there are any survivors, I'll find them.

"If your theory is correct, and that old witch didn't have enough power to eradicate everything and could only cheat to reach her desired effect, then that means that that bastard General Mace is still alive too. I'll be sure to give him the life he deserves."

Dyon knew that General Mace had used underhanded methods, even betraying his own people, for the sake of cultivating to the 9th foundation stage. Such a cultivation was ridiculously weak in Dyon's eyes, but it was already much stronger than the minor boost given by the soul nourishing the body. So, if anything, General Mace had the highest chance of survival.

Despite this, Dyon didn't change his plans. If these people really managed to survive 13 years already, he was sure that they had their own way of life already. For now, his priority was still to go to the current 98th quadrant. He had a feeling that the mystery behind the hatred of soul cultivators wasn't so simple. However, it wouldn't be the first time some elder level idiots stifled talents for their own personal gain.

"You have to find time to talk to us at least once a week okay? Or else I'll let Clara have free reign over you once you get back." Madeleine said in an adorably menacing voice.

"Big sister, you're too lenient." Clara harrumphed. "Once every three days. And you better not be getting up to any shenanigans with that mask of yours."

It was at this point that the supposedly napping Ri chimed in. "Yea, or else you'll owe an explanation to the four of us!"

Dyon's face froze when he heard this and began to slowly inch off the bed.

"Four?" Clara immediately sniffed out the main point of Ri's interjection.

The steadily escaping Dyon was suddenly pulled by the ears, only to look up and find the evil glare of Clara's grey eyes.

"It seems you have some explaining to do."

Dyon cringed while Madeleine only giggled, snuggling in for a good story.


"Only you could manage to wheel in another poor woman during in an imaginary trial world." Despite Clara rolling her eyes, just like Ri, her soul was connected to Dyon's. Part of the feeling Dyon inadvertently felt for Amphorae, clearly rubbed off on her, causing her heart to soften.

Dyon smiled, using Clara's distraction to roll on top of her.

Clara lovingly pouted. Her excessive teasing was only her way of making up for lost time, and Dyon knew that. After no nagging for more than a decade, didn't she need to catch up?

"Even if I never find her, or if she truly happens to be imaginary, wouldn't I be struck down by a bolt of lightning if I didn't appreciate the beauties already in front of me?"

The warmth in Dyon's eyes seemed to seep into Clara's, wrapping around her soul with a comfortable feeling and causing her coldness to melt away.

Dyon lowered his head and kissed her forehead, using his smile to pour out everything he had held in his heart for so long.

"I don't feel like doing anything for the next few months, how about we relax until the 4th quadrant campaigns are about to begin?"


After hearing three mumbling yeses, Dyon felt much better. In truth, his plan was to leave after a couple weeks, but after seeing his wives like this, he couldn't bear to leave them so soon. If he didn't please his women, did he even deserve them?

Just as Dyon was about to lower his lips to Clara's, his eyes suddenly sharpened.

Seeing the drastic change in Dyon's demeanor, Clara's grey eyes looked up with worry. "Is something wrong?" She couldn't help but admit to herself that she had quite been looking forward to that kiss.

Dyon didn't respond, instead choosing to quickly sit cross-legged and summon an unassuming egg from his Inner World. It seemed the Celestial Hamster was about to hatch.


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