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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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Dyon's plans had been meticulously laid out from the beginning. With the help of the old man, it was all too easy to hide Clara and Ri's origins from their destination. Even with all the surveillance the Sapientia had around the tower, they could do nothing in the face of all of this.

The same went from Zaire and Lyla. By now, they were little young adults and brimming with a will to prove themselves. But, Dyon had strictly barred them from taking part in the trials for now. Aside from Lyla learning from the old man, Zaire focused on training in the harsh environments of the Drago-Qilin lands, waiting for the day he could return to his father's clan and wash the shame from his name.

"With you four, dealing with a measly Flaming Lotus Sect will be easy.

"Make sure to hide your strength until the final weeks of the campaign, then burst forward and conquer all of the towers in one sweep. Then, the Flaming Lily Sect can use the maintenance months of the gates to sweep over and conquer that universe.

"Well, that's the best-case scenario. What I actually expect to happen is for you to return to a 4v4 tower stalemate. Although the Flaming Lotus Sect is ranked third, they're still an Emperor God Sect of the fourth ranked quadrant.

"The reason I'm so confident in you for isn't just for combat prowess, but also the combination of unique abilities.

"Little Zaire's Dragon Soul should be at the half-step King realm by now. Little Lyla's True Empath abilities should have reached the Prediction stage. Little Clara is too clever for her own good, while my lovely Madeleine is powerful enough to beat her husband into a pulp ten times over. With this line up, how can you guys lose?"

Madeleine giggled, accepting Dyon's praise with an open heart.

"Then what will you do?" Clara asked.

A serious expression appeared on Dyon's features. "I plan to head to the 97th ranked quadrant soon to check out some theories of mine. Well, I guess they're ranked 98th now because we leaped-frogged them.

"It's Zabia's former quadrant." Dyon could almost remember Zabia's warning to never go there because something terrible occurred to those with high soul talent. But, if Dyon didn't go when his soul was sealed, he would never get another opportunity. If his theory was correct, there would be massive benefits to gain from this seemingly small quadrant… Benefits that would drastically speed up his ability to build a clan of his own.

"After that, I'll be returning to our quadrant… It's time I find out what the Demon Sage left me in the Chaos Universe as well. I also want to see if I can find any clues related to the destruction of the Ancient Elvin Clans considering the Chaos Universe was once their home.

"Aside from that, I want to check on the situation of our universe. Make sure the Uidah are still in check, and also bring another batch of geniuses to the tower as well. I also have a promise to fulfill."

Dense killing intent spilled out from Dyon's eyes.

When he had his falling out with the Aumen Royal God Clan, he had promised that he would wipe their clan out from existence. He was truly in a rage that day, but he simply didn't have the power to do anything then.

After that, Tau Aumen, their crown prince, had the audacity to try to and partner with the Uidah to conquer the Earth Gate.

The existence of the Aumen family was a stain on their Universe that must be eradicated.

Dyon could still remember the anger he felt, having to kneel before Ri and Madeleine to tell them that he would never allow such a thing to happen again… That there would be a day he stood so high above everything that no one would dare to touch a hair on their heads.

Now, Dyon had more people to protect, but the promise remained the same.

The Aumen family likely thinks they're in the clear now, that they've somehow survived. But, they were wrong.

Dyon wouldn't go so far as to kill innocents. But, that father-son pair had long been sentenced to death by him. He would truly like to see how a mere 4th grade celestial planned to resist against a killing strike from him.

Seeing Dyon's mood, Clara and Madeleine remained silent for a while, only, each, occupying a half of his chest.

"Dyon, I was thinking." Clara said softly.


"I think, when you go back, you should check for survivors from our side of the world."

Dyon blinked. "Survivors."

"Mm." Clara nodded. "Before, I didn't really understand much about the cultivation world, but now I know a lot more.

"Matriarch Niveus was at most a third or fourth grade celestial, right? But, our planet was artificially increased to millions of times its original size due to that bastard chained in the middle of it."

Dyon's eyes brightened as he suddenly understood what Clara meant.

"For that old witch to have decimated half of a normal sized planet is still within reason. But, a planet of the size of ours? It doesn't make sense. Maybe only a first-grade celestial would have such power. And even then, they'd have to be infinitely close to the dao formation realm…"


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