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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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Dyon finally understood just how serious this was. Clara wasn't nagging just for the sake of doing so, she had thought deeply about this as well.

The quadrant Dyon sent Madeleine to was ranked fourth, but its political landscape was a bit odd.

As everyone knows, a quadrant is made up of exactly 100 universes. In addition, the requirements for becoming of an Emperor God Clan was the conquering of 25 universes. Because of this, and various peculiar situations, the quadrant known for its Fire Dao have fostered 4 Emperor God Sects, each controlling 25 universes.

In terms of power, Madeleine's Flaming Lily Sect was ranked second amongst the four. However, because of this truth, it always faced stiff opposition by their adjacent neighbors, the first ranked Golden Crow Sect.

Since the Flaming Lily Sect were the only ones capable of opposing them, the Golden Crow Sect placed a lot of emphasis upon cutting them down. Knowing this truth, the Flaming Lily Sect always concentrated their geniuses to cover that front.

Unfortunately, in recent years, the Golden Crow Sect had begun making underhanded deals with the third and fourth ranked sects, even going so far as to covertly send their own geniuses to fight for them while the Flaming Lily Sect was caught unawares.

Doing this was quite easy for the Golden Crow Sect. Since the key wielder of their quadrant was a disciple of theirs, they only needed to promise some small benefits here and there.

Of course, Dyon found the actions of the third and fourth ranked Fiery Lotus Sect and Flame Rebirth Sect incomparably stupid.

The balance of their quadrant was incredibly delicate. If they tipped the scales in such a way, they would be swallowed up before they could understand what happened. However, it was because anyone with a brain would know that this was stupid, that he felt that there was more to this story…

Speculation aside from now, the fall out from this would be catastrophic.

The moment the Flaming Lily Sect fell to the ranks of a King God Clan, their Legatees would lose a considerable portion of their faith, thus resulting in their combat prowess dropping drastically. Such an event would become a slippery slope, causing the sect to lose territory after territory until they were swallowed up by another sect.

However, this still wasn't the main point. At any other time, the Flaming Lily Sect would be doing their best to find a solution on their own, but now, their hopes were riding on Madeleine.

This might seem odd since Madeleine hadn't even earned a right to be one of their Legatees yet, in fact, she might never receive approval, despite her talent, because she was from a different quadrant. This wasn't because the Flaming Lily Sect had bad characters, it was just a matter of self-preservation and the realities of life.

But, the case of this war was slightly different. They had taken Madeleine in, they had allowed her to use their cultivation resources and even allowed her to learn their most treasured techniques. This was not only because Madeleine was talented and brought them glory, but it was also because of who her husband was. Since Dyon's name had already appeared on the 5th trial rankings, that means he was finished with his trials. And since that was the case, shouldn't he be free to help his wife out now? Or else what kind of husband would he be?

"What a headache." Dyon frowned after thinking all of this through. "I assume the gate they're about to lose is a saint gate, right? Or else they wouldn't be so certain I could change the situation around…"

Madeleine and Clara nodded in affirmative.

Dyon sighed. "I can't appear so soon, because if I did, the fog barrier plan would be in ruins."

"It's okay," Madeleine smiled. "I believe that I alone am enough to turn the tides. Our Legatees have already stepped out of sainthood, this is why they chose to attack a saint gate. However, It wasn't until this year that we three exited out Emperor trials, so I wasn't able to be a part of the last three campaigns. With me there, things will be different."

Madeleine exuded air of a confident queen, causing Dyon to smile. It reminded him of Amphorae's bearing, but it was much gentler, while Amphorae was much stricter and commanding.

"I believe in you, of course." Dyon said with pride. "But, you should take three other people with you."

"Three?" Madeleine raised an eyebrow, mistaking Dyon to mean the three other than her in this very room. "It's not necessary to ruin our plans for this small matter."

"I don't mean us." Dyon said mysteriously. "Or, I guess I do mean Clara."

"Me? But what about the Sapientia Quadrant?"

Dyon shook his head. "It's too dangerous there. It seems safe on the surface, but I can feel that the Sapientia are uncomfortable with your existence. Having someone who knows the ins and outs of their new shiny toy must be agonizing for them. On top of that, they can't figure out your origins, which would make them doubly mad.

"I think you should stick with Madeleine from now on in disguise, but make appearances as Clara within the tower every now and then."

Clara nodded. "That makes sense. But, who are the other two then?"

Dyon grinned. "Of course I mean my little brother and sister. I think it's time Little Lyla and Little Zaire make their presences felt, don't you?"


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