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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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"Oh right, I almost forgot!" Ri pulled out a silver box from her spatial ring before handing it to Dyon. "Clara made some major improvements to your communication device so we could talk to each other even across quadrants." Saying these words, Ri giggled thinking about Clara's insults toward Dyon's shabby designs.

"Just a big-headed brute! No finesse! No sense of style! All the space he should have had for aesthetics was replaced by all those perverted thoughts!"

Hearing Ri retell the story in such an animated fashion made black lines appeared on Dyon's features. Was this really his wife? Or was she his enemy?

The communication devices that Clara was referring to were the ones Dyon had created back when his soul was at the mere 3rd stage. They only had the ability to communicate across a single planet, and needed ridiculously high level dao stones to function properly, but he had literally just stepped into the martial world at that point! To be able to accomplish such a feat, the word genius wasn't enough to describe him.

And yet, his partner in life was tearing down his ingenuity in such a fashion. Truly too heartbreaking.

However, when Dyon opened the box and saw the design, he couldn't help but be impressed with his little Clara once again. She truly was a genius amongst geniuses.

'Truly worthy of being my wife.' Dyon thought with a grin.

Within the box was a sleek, silver necklace. However, it was much bulkier than the ones Ri, Clara and Madeleine now wore. It was fit to be called a chain, but a still very compact one. Dyon could see that Clara made an effort to give him a more masculine design.

As for the internal structure, the more Dyon looked, the more intrigued he became.

The metal itself was in tune with his own soul. Usually, something like this would only be possible if Dyon was a part of the forging process, or better yet, forged it himself. However, Clara had managed to do it by relying on her familiarity and connection to his soul.

The material was a very rare and special ore of the soul path. It was known as Spirit Tuning Ore. However, what truly impressed Dyon was the fact that one usually had to be a moon level weapon's master to smith with this level of ore. Yet, he was quite certain Clara's soul hadn't reached that point yet.

Normally, even with this particular ore, it would be impossible to communicate across quadrants. However, this was where Clara's ingenuity came in. From what Dyon could tell, this chain acted as a signal sender, which would then bounce off of various relay stations, before reaching its destination, thus effectively increasing the range of these chains to near infinity, theoretically, as long as the proper relay stations were available.

As for how Clara set up relay stations across the cosmos? She didn't have to. The Sapientia had done all the work for her in the past ten years.

The best part was that this "chat room" between the four of them was completely exclusive. Not only was it on a frequency the Sapientia had no way of accessing unless they somehow had one of their souls transplanted into them, even if the necklaces and chains were stolen, it would be impossible for anyone to use them for the same reason the Sapientia couldn't "wire tap" their talks: unless you had one of their four souls as your own, you couldn't use this communication device.

Even further, because of these truths, even if they were stolen, it wasn't possible to use it to track one of them. Only one of Clara, Ri, Madeleine, or Dyon, could use these necklaces to find one another from whatever the distance.

Then, Dyon got another surprise. At first, he thought that these necklaces would only work in 97 quadrants, excluding the top three that didn't have Sapientia branches within them, but according to Ri, even the top three quadrants had decided the Internet was too important an innovation to miss out on. So, even they allowed the construction of relay towers within their territory despite not allowing the Sapientia to build branches!

This was truly too good. Dyon couldn't help but to grin.

After Ri helped Dyon but his chain on, Dyon felt that he had connected to something inadvertently. At that time, two familiar and breath takingly beautiful faces appeared before Ri and Dyon.

"Ri?" Madeleine asked oddly, "Why are you naked?"

For some reason, they couldn't see Dyon. Because of the way Clara designed the necklaces, the only ones who could see the pictures and hear the voices from them were those who owned the necklaces.

After a bit of confusion, Dyon suddenly understood. Although the mask had disappeared into his face, it could still perform its masking function unless Dyon manually told it to stop. So, although Dyon could see them, his mask was obstructing their ability to see him.

At that moment, Dyon turned off the mask's function, causing Clara and Madeleine to gasp at the same time before their eyes glistened. However, that moment was short lived.

"I should have known it was you, pervert! Your name has been up on the 5th trial rankings for two weeks already and you've ravaged poor little Ri for so long you made her forget about us!" Of course Clara would never put the blame on Ri. Judging by her battered and frail appearance, she knew it was Dyon's fault.

However, Dyon only smiled wider and wider, looking from Ri to Madeleine to Clara.

"I miss you too," He said, flashing a devilishly handsome smile. "Feel like making a trip?"


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