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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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905 Four 1

Dyon grabbed the tablet, tossing it to God knows where as he lifted Ri up by her waist, not letting her react before his lips found their way to hers.

"Mm, mm, mm." Ri's words were lost in translation. In the end, she gave up trying to speak, instead allowing herself to fall into a wave of pleasure.

'Kid, if you're going to dual cultivate, you should use the technique I told you about before.'

Dyon clearly pissed by this sudden interruption almost lashed out, 'What'd I tell you about these sorts of times. My energy and soul cultivation are sealed, I can't use such a technique right now.'

'The technique comes in three parts, which is why it's far better than other dual cultivation techniques. It improves the soul, energy and body. Even though you can't practice two of the three for now, there's still one path available to you.'

'Alright, alright. Save it. I don't want the first time I'm making love to my woman in years to be for the sake of cultivation. Close off your senses for now, come back later and give me the third of the technique.'

The Dragon King seemed to be exasperated with such a sentimental master, but he still obliged.

"Dyon…" A moaning voice awoke Dyon from his distraction. His lips were caught on Ri's neck, and she was quite enjoying it until he abruptly stopped.

Since Ri didn't need to pretend to be a full-blooded Kitsune anymore, she had long since retracted her tails. However, because she had been immersed in learning the ins and outs of her Snow clan bloodline, she had become much more in tune with her bestial side. Long story short, being teased like this made her antsy.

Dyon could only oblige.

Feeling the moist and soft paradise tightening around him, Dyon became lost in a pleasure he hadn't felt in years. Before he even realized what had happened, he had had his way with Ri for days, climaxing a number of times he would be too afraid to count.

Dyon would normally never do this. Even if he wanted more, taking his wives' well being into consideration, he was monitor how they were feeling before stopping when he knew they couldn't handle anymore.

But, for some reason, this time, Dyon became more like a raging beast. After breaking through the celestial level and integrating such a high percentage of the Demon Sage's blood, and then combine that with the inner turmoil and loneliness he had faced for the past more than decade, and you created a man with little to no self-control.

With a beauty at the level of Ri in his arms, willing to do everything she could to please him without a word of complaint, Dyon lost himself.

By the time he gripped Ri's soft and willowy hips for the last time, finally feeling a semblance of contentment, days had passed and Dyon finally awakened to what he had done.

Ri's cheeks were flushed with a red glow, a slight pain hidden behind her soft and caring smile. She didn't seem to care for herself, instead choosing to lightly stroke Dyon's cheeks and kiss his lips again, as though she was prepared for him to lose control again.

However, Dyon's soul was connected to Ri's, he knew the truth. After the first day, Ri had been on the same wave of pleasure as Dyon, but as the second and third days approached and left, that pleasure had been replaced by pain for her instead.

Guilt filled Dyon heart as he slowly pulled out, unwilling to hurt Ri anymore. The worst part was his soul was still sealed so he couldn't heal her quickly. He knew that it should be possible for him to use his runic flame to help her, but his mastery of runic vein theory was pitifully low and definitely not enough to heal a saint level expert.

Ri winced slightly when she felt Dyon slide out of her. Her gorgeous breasts waving, covered with a thin sheet of sweat that made them all the more alluring.

Despite her pain, her smile didn't fade. "What are you so down for?" She said, flicking his forehead lovingly. "Is it not my duty as your wife to take on your lust?"

These words only made Dyon feel worse. He wrapped up the weak and fragile Ri as though she was a small kitten, unwilling for any more harm to come to her.

Duty as a wife to take on his lust? He spit on such a concept. If a wife had such a duty, wasn't his duty to be considerate of her even more important?

Ri silently lay in Dyon's arms, listening to the beating of his heart. "Do you want to tell me about it?"

After that, Dyon didn't much more prompting. His experiences with the trials, and especially the second trial world, came pouring out.

When he said the words aloud, he felt slightly ridiculous. Falling for a trial world imaginary woman, then coming to tell the very real woman in your arms about it? Wasn't that too much of a joke?

However, Ri's soul was intertwined with Dyon's. In this world, there were only two other people who could claim to know her husband as well as she did. Dyon wasn't free with his love, nor was his heart easy to sway. Although the number of beauties who could match up to her, Ri and Madeleine could fit in a single reasonably sized room, Ri knew very well that beauty wasn't enough to move Dyon.

There was something else going. For some reason, the Luna character who manipulated Dyon's emotions had less of a place in his heart than the Amphorae character he had abandoned… And somehow she, herself, had found a place in Dyon's heart, along with Clara, even though Madeleine's impact on his was untouchable…

The more she peered into her husband's soul and listened to his words, the more she felt at peace with his choices and his love.


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