Reaper of the Martial World
904 Bastard 6
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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904 Bastard 6

Dyon lost himself in a cycle of sleep. Without even realizing it, his body had undergone such wear and tear, accumulated over such a long period of time, that this was the truly the first bid of rest he had gotten in years.

In truth, his battle power had been decreased by at least 40% due to this truth, and it was only now that the minor and major tears of his body were healing.

While he slept, Ri covertly slid her visor onto Dyon's face. Although he looked much less elegant and captivating than she did, and it was clearly too small for him, making Ri giggle, the point was that Dyon was being infused with a rare amount of Life Essence that was much more potent than the Purity Stones he had in his essence level Spiritual Vein.

The Holy Arc had quite a detailed story and mysterious origin. If Dyon was awake, he would definitely agree purely because of Ri's visor.

In truth, Clara had to pay hundreds of thousands of celestial stones for just this broken piece of the Vessel, before re-forging it herself. Such an amount was astronomical because the normal currency of the Epistemic Tower Inner World, at least on this floor, were saint stones!

To put that into perspective, 1 celestial stone was worth 1000 saint stones. For this item to reach such a number was mind boggling on these floors was beyond understanding. However, such was the prestige of the Holy Arc.

Under the power of the Life Essence, Dyon's hidden inner wounds were healed remarkably quickly. It wasn't that the healing abilities of the visor were so amazing, after all, it still took it months to heal Ri's eyes. Rather, it was a hidden property of the material.

Within Dyon, the visor found something it had a high level of affinity with: Amphorae's primordial yin.

After being spurned on by the shadow of Amphorae, the visor reached into its depth, releasing hidden Life Essence it once only released slowly.

A floor of pure energy wafted through Dyon's body, healing every wound it came across.

In the end, the coarse skin on Dyon flaked off, revealing the smooth, caramel skin beneath.

Ri sat by Dyon's side the entire time. So, when she saw this, she decided to bring Dyon's sleeping body to her bath and gently scrub him down. Like a loving wife, she bathed Dyon before bringing him back to sleep once more.

This process was hardly burdensome for Ri, after all, she was a cultivator of the saint level.

By the end of the week, Dyon finally showed signs of waking up, causing Ri to smile.


When Dyon finally awoke, he was immediately greeted by a womanly fragrance.

Ri lightly and adorably snored, lying across his chest, causing him to inadvertently stroke her hair before he could stop himself.

The movement seemed to alert Ri, who looked up with a smile on her face, seemingly not even remotely sleepy.

"You missed it," Ri said lightly, "The news over the last few days has been quite wild."

Dyon blinked, "Oh?" He suddenly realized that the only reason he could see Ri was because he was peaking out of the bottom of a visor, causing him to be confused until he realized the visor was the same one Ri wore.

Chuckling, he took it off, rest it on a nearby bedside table.

"Mm." Ri nodded, taking off an odd-looking metal tablet from her spatial ring. In fact, it looked oddly similar to a Kindle from Dyon's modern world, aside from its higher quality finish.

An array lit up that made Dyon's eyes sparkle with intelligence before a smile spread across his lips. 'My little Clara truly is clever…'

"Of the articles, at least half have to do with you. It's quite funny." Ri said with a giggle. "There's news of your first-place finish for the 5th trial. It's mostly speculation about why you don't have a death count by your name.

"Then there's the incident that happened in Central City. There are a few things about that actually.

"For one, there's even more speculation about just who you are, but as expected, they believe that you're a soul cultivating expert. And, also as expected, some of the cleverer columnists believe that the "weapon" on your back is a work bench. So, you've been crowned a formation/weapon dual master.

"There's talks of our relationship, although its very little. However, it seems that someone has been doing fake interviews claiming they understood how we met and where you're from." As Ri spoke, she continuously scrolled along the projected image.

"Apparently you're a love-struck run-away prince of the Sapientia family main branch who fell in love with me."

Dyon smiled as he listened to Ri continue.

"Quite a few particularly hot-blooded soul cultivation masters have challenged you to master duels in both craftsmanship and formations. Apparently, they're waiting for you to challenge the master rankings."

"But, maybe the funniest thing of all is the video of Aki attacking the teleportation formation. You're so bad." Ri giggled. "You were about to go and kill him before, when you had already practically crippled him before you even knew what happened."

A video of Aki flying backward with a fountain of blood erupting from him played again and again, while the echo of him being called a "dumbass" resounded. Seeing this, Dyon really did feel much better. But, this was hardly 1% of what that bastard deserved.


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