Reaper of the Martial World
903 Bastard 5
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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903 Bastard 5

Although Ri was effectively blind now, she person her head turned toward felt that she was scanning their faces and burning them memory of them into her mind.

By now, Ri had a 6th stage soul. So, although she couldn't see with her eyes, and hadn't manifested a divine sense, her soul could still fulfill the basic requirements of a 6th sense.

Her anger wasn't limited to Aki, nor did she even care about him. The people she blamed were the hypocritical, back stabbing elders in this room. She wanted nothing more than to shatter their whole existences. But, she simply didn't have the power to do so. How could she, as a mere essence gatherer, match up against dao experts? It was impossible.

So, she simply committed their faces to memory. She would remember each and every one of them.

Then she began to speak.

"There'll come a day when my husband and I return to this clan. That will be the day where your existences are eradicated and the Snow Clan becomes the supreme ruler."

Ri didn't say this because she cared about the Kitsune clan. Instead, she said it because this way, the Snow Clan was face heavier than normal suppression by the other clans, which was a punishment they deserved for being spineless cowards.

Her husband faced off against a dao expert who had fallen to the celestial level as a mere meridian formation boy. And these men and women, who had thousands of years of cultivation, couldn't muster enough courage to fight for their place in this world? She found herself completely disgusted with them.

Aki was stunned by these words before he began laughing. "Do you believe that you'll be leaving here today? How adorable. Wait until I get my hands on you, you'll learn what true pain it then!"

Of course Aki would be confident. Void Clan elders were spatial will experts. Even if Ri had some sort of underhanded scheme, absolute power trumped cleverness every time.

However, Ri didn't respond. Instead, even under the suppression of the Void Clan elders, the tower disappeared under their stunned eyes.

Even after charging after Ri, it was too late. She had long since entered Shruti territory, and thus had reached their Epistemic Tower protected within their main universe. Even if the Kitsune were a thousand times braver, they wouldn't stir conflict in the territory of their enemies.

Under Saru's protection, Ri's journey was as smooth as it could be.


By the end of the story, Dyon was seething with rage. He now understood why Ri decided to sit on top of him. Unless he was willing to hurt his wife and fling her away from himself, getting up was an impossibility. Since Ri knew that Dyon would never treat her roughly, no matter how angry he was, she knew that this was the best choice to stop him from rushing out and killing every Void clan member he came across.

"Don't worry." Ri said softly, leaning forward to rest her head on Dyon's chest. "I know you're angry, but my eyes have long since been healed.

"At the time, I was a mere essence gatherer, while that bastard was only a saint. Finding proper healing materials, with Clara's help, was very easy.

"This visor." Ri looked up, reaching for the sides of the visor with her hands before slowly taking it off.

Dyon was instantly greeted with the visage of a breath-taking beauty. His anger almost completely dissipated. How could one be angry while looking at such an immortal fairy?

What truly allowed Dyon's heart to settle down were the pair of blue-silver eyes looking up at him. They were clear as water and seemed to peer into his soul.

After breaking into the saint realm, Ri had only become more beautiful. He couldn't help but lightly cup her face before hugging her tightly.

"It's something Clara created for me. The eyes are among the body parts that are most difficult to heal, so without continuous care, there was a chance I could have gone blind permanently. So, Clara made this visor of a white oak tree with dense Life Essence. It was a piece she gained from an auction that used to be a part of a legendary vessel. I believe it was called the Holy Arc.

"The visor had been nourishing my eyes for more than a decade now, so my eyes are completely healed and are actually continuously breaking through to new levels. But, I don't keep this visor on for the benefits, rather, I want to remember the humiliation of that day. I won't stop wearing it, even if the benefits cease, until we destroy the Kitsune clans."

Ri put the visor on a bed side table. "However, when I'm with you, I don't want to think about murder, anger or revenge. I only want to be your woman, okay? If you waste the little time we have together to go off and kill some nobodies, I'll never forgive you!"

Although Dyon could see that Ri's position of "I'll divorce you" had very clearly softened, he still listened to her, holding Ri in his arms. He had lost the will to ravage the little beauty in his arms. For tonight, he preferred to just hold her.

Ri didn't complain about this either, falling asleep soundly.

Dyon hadn't slept in 13 years. With this being the first moment he had to relax in what seemed like forever, he too fell asleep soundly. However, before he did, he had one thought running through his mind.

'As a thank you for your kindness, Shruti Clan… How about I allow you to rule a quadrant?'


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