Reaper of the Martial World
901 Bastard 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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901 Bastard 3

Ri flipped herself up, straddling Dyon's waist as letting her plump cheeks subtly split apart on his steadily growing rod.

Dyon basked in his wife's beauty. Her skin was absolutely flawless, everything from her toned belly to the deep ravine that jiggled ever so slightly when she laughed was completely captivating. However, the scene that almost caused Dyon's nose to burst into a fit of bleeding was the delicate and well trimmed garden he caught a glimpse of through her transparent panties.

Seeing Dyon so distracted by her appearance made Ri happy. But, when she remembered the story she had to tell, her mood was dampened as she touched the opaque visor still on her face.

"I'm going to tell you a story," Ri said softly, "But, I won't tell you unless you promise that we take revenge together against the Supreme Kitsune Clan together. If you go alone, I'll divorce you and never speak to you again, do you understand?" Ri's voice, that had begun slightly weak, suddenly became strong and resolute.

Dyon was stunned for a moment before he nodded, his expression incomparably serious.

"When I went to check on the Snow Clan, I ran into a lot of hostility, namely from elders of the family who didn't appreciate my mixed blood. Even knowing I was part Elvin, a clan that once used to be a part of our former number one quadrant, since the Elves have fallen so far, the completely disregarded this. It wasn't until, in my anger, I revealed my kitsune form, and they noticed my ten tails, that their attitudes changed."

The beginning of Ri's story already pissed Dyon off, but since he had already promised, he could only calm himself and continue to listen. It was suffice to say, though, that his hard-on had disappeared into the wind.

"However, at the time, the only kitsune form I knew how release was my void kitsune form, so my anger alerted the Void family to Kukan's faith seed within me. After seeing that my tails were black, the elders immediately knew what would happen and started devising a plan.

"Unfortunately, they were too stupid and actually wanted to agree with the Void clan's ask for a marriage alliance. Their goal was to cling to the legs of the Void clan elders to raise the status of the Snow clan."

Hearing this, Dyon's killing intent inadvertently exploded outward, causing his eyes to redden.

Ri sighed when she saw this. She knew perfectly well that had Dyon known about this before, he wouldn't have cared about hiding anything, or any scheming, he would have directly fought with Aki. This was a major part of the reason Ri hadn't told him earlier. She didn't want to be the reason Dyon's meticulously laid plans would fail.

"In the end, I was sent to the Void clan and forced to wait. Although I could have escaped, the original reason I went to my clan in the first place was for the sake of my mother. I didn't grow up a kitsune, but she did. So, I gave them more chances than they deserved. I didn't want to go back to mom and not be able to tell her that I tried my best.

"Eventually, I was called into a council of elders, and told about the things that I had "No choice but to do."

"Originally, the elders wanted to directly kill me and take my faith seed away before implanting it into someone more worthy. However, that was when Aki came and spoke words about the "greater good" and how he "took pity on me" and was willing to take me as a concubine."

Dyon almost forcibly sat up at these words, but Ri's small hand pressed into the center of his chest, keeping him down before continuing with her story.


Aki finished his resounding speech, smiling toward Ri as though he had just given her the greatest favor in existence.

They were currently in a large, black-walled hall, with faint white lights hanging everywhere. This was the Void Clan throne room and was usually a place only elders came to convene. But, today, members of the Void, Heaven, Jikan and Snow family were all present. In the midst of it all, stood one lone beautiful girl with long flowing blue-silver hair. However, currently, there was unbridled rage on her features.

After listening to a shameless prick bloviate about just how magnanimous he was to take a woman from a "lowly family" as a concubine, she was so disgusted that she could puke.

As for Aki, behind his mask of the "good boy" and "magnanimous prince", he couldn't help but constantly rake his eyes over Ri's figure. 'This girl's figure, demeanor, talent, and appearance are all better than that lass from the Heaven clan, Masako. I would have no issues making her my primary wife, but that would make her head a bit too big, plus her temper is a bit too fiery and not docile enough. Even if you have the legendary ten tails, you need to learn to recognize who between us is the one in charge.'

A dense black aura began emitting from Ri as though she could implode at any time.

Almost as if on cue, the elders of the Heaven and Jikan clan stepped in to "mediate" the situation.

"Little Prince Aki's words are correct. How could we kill such a talent? In the history of our Supreme Kitsune Clan, only a small percentage of ten tails don't reach at least the half-step transcendent level, and you want to kill her?"

"I agree with Elder Heaven. Her existence is very important for the future of our clan and prosperity against the damned Shruti elephants. Allow her to raise her status and become a dao companion of Little Prince Aki's. What's the harm? Hm?"

Elder Heaven turn toward Ri with a light smile as though to say 'I have your best intentions at heart'.

"What do you think, Little Princess of the Snow Clan?"


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