Reaper of the Martial World
900 Bastard 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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900 Bastard 2

Just as Dyon was being serious, his hand suddenly brushed against the side boob of Ri, causing him to grin.

"When did these little guys get so big?" Dyon wantonly fondled while teasing Ri. However, he was surprised when he heard a moan calm from her lips at his touch.

Ri, slightly embarrassed, slapped his hand away. "Focus, pervert."

"Okay, okay." Dyon laughed.

"Why did you bring up that guy?"

Dyon pondered for a bit, seemingly arranging his thought. Often times, he has a gut feeling of the truth behind things before understanding the true reason. It was almost as though his sub-conscious thought was too fast and too clever for his conscious thought.

"From my understanding, there's no exact science to understanding the title a person holds. The only way to confirm a person's title is through tower implemented systems.

"For example, a key wielder is confirmed as one as long as they produce their key. There are also specific events and locations that can only be accessed by those of certain ranks. In addition, there are pavilions and special locations which force you to provide credentials to enter.

"Aside from these things, deciding the title of a person is more like guess work. But, a fairly reliable method is testing a person's Presence.

"Dukes and below won't have Presences any higher than the marquise or, more likely, the Earl level. Kings however, are more apt to have high level Marquise and lower level Duke Presences.

"By this logic, of the six people on the King floor with you, 5 were Dukes. However, the sixth was impossible to see through, even for me."

Ri's brows furrowed. "Doesn't think mean that your title of God would be exposed as soon as someone tests your Presence?"

"Luckily I have this mask. If not, what you said would be correct. It has the ability to hide everything from my face, to my cultivation, to even the objects connected to me. It's quite a handy supreme treasure.

"Also, I can manually decide how much pressure my Presence puts out. With a combination of these two, unless a half-step transcendent decides to act, most of my secrets should be safe."

Ri nodded, but there were many other things still troubling her. "If you can hide things attached to you, why would you allow the bandaged package on your back to be so easily seen through? It's quite obvious to anyone that a master level treasure can't be so heavy."

Dyon grinned. "That's only true for every treasure type but one."

Ri raised an eyebrow, not understanding.

"Since I'm going to play the part of soul cultivator, I might as well go all out. The bandaged package isn't a weapon, it's a weapon's craftsman work table."

Ri's eyes brightened. At first, she thought Dyon was doing an ill job of hiding a weapon, but who would have known that he had thought of this already!

The work bench of a weapon's craftsman was their life, it was even more important than their family and children to a true master. To weapon's craftsman, putting something that important in a spatial ring would be worse than death to them. They saw their work benches as living beings. Would you put a child in an enclosed and suffocating space? Of course not!

In addition to this, craftsman work benches had to be far sturdier than the weapons they would be used to craft. On top of this, there were also many arrays built into them that made them easily compactible, but also able to expand to tens of times their size. With that logic in mind, Dyon's work bench being 700 000 jin heavy was well within reason!

In fact, this all worked perfectly with Dyon's persona as a soul cultivating genius. A true soul path genius wouldn't follow a single discipline, they would follow two, or even three.

Also, 700 000 jin wasn't outrageously heavy to carry for a sainthood cultivator. Carrying something, and using it as a weapon, were two completely different concepts.

Ri could already imagine people thinking they had "seen" through Dyon and try to expose the fact he was more than what met the eye, only for him to whip out the "hidden treasure" on his back to reveal nothing but a work bench. She was dying of laughter thinking about Dyon's innocent expression and well-meaning smile.

What was even better about all of this was that some people might start speculating about where Dyon's wing technique came from, when in the end Dyon could just say it was a treasure he crafted himself and that would be the end of that. This husband of hers was really too devious.

"You should laugh at your husband like this, little girl." Dyon grinned, attacking Ri's soft curves with his "righteous" hands.

After another round of play wrestling, Dyon knew that his 'little brother' wouldn't be able to handle any more teasing without doing the deed. So, he tried to continue onward quickly.

"Anyway, I'm not sure who that character is, but he isn't so simple, and his intentions aren't pure. Be careful of him. As long as he doesn't provoke me, there won't be any issues. But, if he does, he won't even know how he died."

If Emytheus knew that Dyon had already put him on his watch list, although he might be surprised, his fighting intent would only increase.

Emytheus' name had never appeared on any rankings, and he was almost completely unknown. If he wasn't purposely pursuing Aritzia, even she wouldn't know about him.

The coming clash between him and Dyon would be one that shook even the top ten quadrants awake. They would come to know that there were geniuses in the lower quadrants as well, and they were coming.


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