Reaper of the Martial World
898 Emytheus 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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898 Emytheus 3

Soon, Aritzia and Emytheus were in a room alone. It seemed almost like a typical corner office, but it had an odd mixture of things that also helped it double as a cultivation space.

At this moment, while watching the back view of Aritzia's swaying hips as she made her way to look over the city, Emytheus' clever eyes had washed over into unbridled lust.

"None of that now, King Emytheus." Aritzia spoke lightly without turning back.

"With all of the information you have," Emytheus spoke, taking a step forward. "You should know that even with all of my success, I've never pursued a woman in my lifetime, nor have I ever touched one. You are the first and only to catch my eye, and I know that I've caught yours. With how much freedom we have in this world, without worry for our elders, why not allow yourself to fall?"

Aritzia lightly shook her head. "I am quite fond of men who have made a name for themselves without the help of a powerful backer, and I'm quite aware that the only reason you haven't taken the Emperor trials is because you want to take the key wielding responsibilities from your current quadrant's expert, however I have yet to decide who my future husband is."

"I don't believe there's a man in existence more worthy of you than me." Emytheus said with booming confidence.

"Emytheus." Aritzia spoke serious. "You know why all Sapientia women are destined to pick amongst men from lowly clans, do you not?"

"Of course I do." Emytheus responded. "Because none of you are allowed to take another name in your life time. If I want to be with you, I must take the Sapientia name. It's in this way that the Sapientia have avoided problems in all these years."

"Since you know, why do you continue to try? You're a man of too much pride. The idea of marrying into your woman's family is appalling to you."

"There will come a day when there is not a single person in existence who can tell me what I can and cannot do. If I want to take a wife from the Sapientia main family, and have her take my name, I wonder who would dare squeak out a word when I stand at the top of the world?" Emytheus spoke as though he was saying speaking law. There was no a shred of doubt in his voice at all.

"Since you believe that, I will allow you to believe it." Aritzia didn't have any particular reaction to these words. If she was truly in love with Emytheus, maybe she would have trembled at such passion. However, she hadn't told a single lie. While Emytheus was on a short list of candidates to be her husband, she had not chosen yet. Even if she didn't choose for thousands more years, it would hardly matter.

Emytheus smiled, "It seems you've added another to your list today." He didn't seem jealous at all, only his fighting spirit was lit. "I've crushed the rest on your list, I'm surprised you keep adding names."

"Perhaps." Aritzia said lightly. "But, the previous names you've 'crushed' were only tests laid out by me. This is not a test. This is the real deal."

"Mm." Emytheus agreed with Aritzia's words. He had long since suspected this. "I have a feeling this one is just as arrogant as I am, though. You'll have just as many problems getting him to join your clan as you do me. Furthermore, to ask him to abandon his wife for you as well? It doesn't seem you have much luck in love Empress."

Aritzia shrugged, "Such is the life of a Sapientia woman. The moment I decide who my husband should be, he won't be able to escape me even if he wants to a thousand times over."

Emytheus sighed, "If your Sapientia clan continues to be so overbearing, it won't last for much longer. Not many are fooled by this outward appearance of amiability."

"The reach of my Sapientia clan is much farther and deeper than you think. Do you believe that you're the first to see that the idea of a single clan controlling all information is dangerous? Yet, characters thousands of times more powerful than you don't dare to do a thing – they can only compromise. It's best you remember that for when you want to act against my clan in the future."

Emytheus only laughed, having heard this speech a million times before, "To repeat this so often, you must have definitely fallen for me already."

"Mm." Aritza responded with what sounded like an affirmative, but it was so unemotional that Emytheus knew better than to think it was. "As for 'crushing' this mysterious masked man, you had better be careful, I would rather the both of you remain on the list to the end, then I would be able to make the best decision possible.

"In addition, you have an advantage. He doesn't know you're coming. If you win just because of such a thing, wouldn't it be too pathetic?"

"And here I thought you were saying be careful to me when in reality you're asking me to spare his life."

Aritzia didn't take these words seriously and decided to ignore them.

"Don't worry, if I come, he'll see me from a mile away. Plus, for now, I have to deal with that fool of a key wielder, only then will I feel comfortable.

"I'll play with this masked man to death." Emytheus coughed. "I mean near-death, when I have some free time."

With those final words, Emytheus left.


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