Reaper of the Martial World
897 Emytheus 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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897 Emytheus 2

"Empress Aritzia, it's always a pleasure." Emytheus smiled warmly, but the cleverness in his eyes was flashing with fighting intent as though he had just met a worthy opponent.

This lady might seem petite and amiable to everyone else, but to those who had true intelligence, she was even more dangerous than many of the God level characters.

Rumor had it that she once been the first choice to become the new key-wielder of the Sapientia Quadrant a few decades ago, but for whatever reason, she had turned down the opportunity. No one knew the full reason behind her decision, but in the eyes of many, the number one member of the Sapientia younger generation wasn't their current key wielder, but her!

As for Emytheus, he was none other than the same King that shared a restaurant floor with Ri just a few hours prior. For him, as a mere King, to command respect from Aritzia in this way, his formidability, despite his background, shouldn't be underestimated. In another world, he was quite worthy of being a main character.

"Since you have some information for us, we'll, of course, give King Emytheus a fair price." She continued, with the same fair smile on her delicate features.

"I don't dare to ask for recompense from such a fair lady. Consider this a sign of good will." Emytheus replied with a smile.

Aritzia giggled lightly, not rejecting this show of good will.

Their tacit agreement was clear between them. Emytheus knew that Aritzia had long figured out the answer to her own question, so why would Emytheus make her pay for an answer she already knew? Doing so would only make her look down on him.

"As you all know, the council, unlike key wielders, aren't the original intention of the creator of the tower.

"Originally, Central City was meant to be a free for all place without any rules or regulations. However, because it was so free, it also allowed the strong to do as they pleased.

"In the end, the council was created, allowing Emperor level characters to rule over the city. With the help of the Sapientia Quadrant formations masters guild and weapons masters guild, 36 badges were created for 36 council members.

"These 36 badges were the culmination of years of study of the teleportation arrays of Central City and the Corners. They could thus cause a portion of the formation to "dim", resulting in a disconnection of the proper symbols, and thus the inactivation of the teleportation formation.

"However, the badge isn't all-powerful. One badge is only capable of "dimming" a 36th fraction of the formation. In addition, even if all 36 badges work together and "dim" the entire formation, as long as an expert funnels enough power into it, although they might not teleport as far as the formation would allow at full capacity, they would still be able to use it to at least 80% of its abilities."

A sudden realization came over the editors. Everyone knew this history, but it was mostly ignored and forgotten. After being reminded of it now, they suddenly understood.

Unlike key wielders, council members didn't have absolute control of their teleportation formations. Which means, as long as one is a competent enough formations master, by-passing the abilities of the council members was within reason!

However, when they reached this thought, a cold sweat permeated them all. They were all members of the younger generation! The saint floors had an age cap of 1000 years old. You either move on before then, or you never enter the tower again.

They simply couldn't wrap their heads around a man of less than 1000 years old, being capable of seeing through and activating such a profound formation before an Emperor level character like Aki could act… It wasn't even remotely logical!

Those that spoke about Dyon possibly not being a formidable character suddenly felt as though they had slapped themselves in the face. If this mysterious man wasn't a formidable character, then what the hell did they count as?

"It's no wonder he said those words about soul cultivation to Alexandria." An editor, unable to hold his tongue, suddenly spoke out.

Some were confused by his words, but those who understood had a mixture of odd expressions on their faces while the women blushed. Even Aritzia's fairy-like demeanor collapsed at these words, unable to hold back her own blush.

It was quite obvious. For a man to have such formidable attainments in the formation dao, his soul must be incomparably powerful. In such a case, wasn't raising Ri's soul strength as easy as flipping a hand and inserting a penis for him?

Emytheus laughed uproariously. "A lucky man indeed. Or, should I say that Alexandria is lucky? To have her one weakness as a beast compensated for so easily by her husband, what more could she ask for in a dao companion?"

The women in the room sighed. This was true. To marry a formidable man capable of overcoming such a deeply ingrained weakness, isn't that what they would all look for in a man? A man to hold the sky in one hand, steady the earth with the other, all while keeping you by his side. That was a true man indeed.

Aritzia shook her head, overcoming her odd mood before coming to the task at hand. "I'm sure you all understand what to do now. Introduce this new formidable character as a soul cultivating expert, capable of overturning the Supreme Kitsune Clan with a single move. Do not speculate on his identity yet. We focus on being right. Leave the rest for the bloggers."

After finishing handing out her orders, Aritzia stood. "Come with me, King Emytheus. I'm sure that since you've come personally, there's something important you have to discuss with me."


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