Reaper of the Martial World
896 Emytheus 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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896 Emytheus 1

Within a headquarters filled with golden-eyed individuals, an atmosphere of focus and seriousness permeated.

This was the Sapientia News headquarters. As the younger generation of the Sapientia family, from various branch clans, they were tasked with the responsibility of disseminating the news of the tower to their participating powers, as well as the general population.

Usually, the room was a one-way glass filled one on the top floor of Sapientia Tower within Central City. However, over the past decade, the room had undergone many changes.

In the past, it was filled with various communication arrays and was bustling with yelling voices and flying paper as though it was a 1970s news room. But, now, it was filled with odd monitors, constructed of metal and glass that projected images and allowed information to flow more freely and easily. In addition, there was a heightened efficiency and reliability as well.

Of course, this was because of Clara's implementation of the internet. Truth be told, this plan of Dyon's was actually the brain child of both him and Clara. After expressing his dislike of the Sapientia family system and ability to control information, both he and Clara began brainstorming ideas before landing on this plan of action.

At the moment, the Sapientia had full reign of the Internet. However, as time progressed, Dyon and Clara both knew that they would find it harder and harder to control, especially after he and Clara implemented the later stages of the plan.

However, that was a story for the coming future. As of now, the board room of editors had just received information about what occurred just a few moments ago. After paying an agreed upon fee based on the ranking of information, they were able to watch the events from beginning to end.

"What do you all think?" A woman with a graceful bearing spoke at the head of the room. Her name was Aritzia Sapientia and she was the only member of the main family branch at these headquarters. With that role came obvious respect from the other members of the Sapientia family. In addition to her kind interactions with them, it was quite easy for her to win over them as subordinates.

"There is quite a list of individuals that have exited trials recently. There are too many millions to have an accurate guess of exactly who he is." One editor spoke up.

"I think it's best we filter by likelihood. Considering his wife, his bearing, his strength, and his resourcefulness, there's a less than 5% chance he is below the Duke title. By my estimation it's more than 95% likely he's a Duke or higher."

"I believe considering his wife in your calculations is a mistake."

Although they were disagreeing, there was no hostility between the editors. Much like all of their other discussions, things remained cordial and respectful.

"Thinking about it again, you are correct." The one who spoke of likelihoods acknowledged. "The Snow clan is a lowly one. And, they've promised themselves to each other at quite an early age."

"Exactly. 13 years ago, Alexandria Snow had already confirmed that she had a husband. That means, when she was as young as 17, she had already decided on her dao companion.

"Considering her clan, and who she would have an opportunity to interact with based on her status, it's unlikely that this husband is too powerful, despite being clever."

"Agreed." They spoke in unison.

"Let's disregard Alexandria, then, for the moment." Aritzia spoke with a charming smile. "Despite your analysis up to this point being flawless, it is clear that he is not so simple."

"Lady Sapientia is right.

"For one, our surveillance is able to disregard normal masks completely, yet many were completely fried in the attempt to do so, resulting in us having to buy the array plate videos of what occurred.

"In addition, there is no wing growth technique that perfectly matches the one he used. Although I was not there personally, my speculation would be that it is either an innate ability, or corresponds with some sort of treasure or manifestation, namely a soul or body manifestation.

"Lastly, the bandaged package on his back. It seems to emit the aura of a master level treasure, yet I am certain that it is incomparably heavy, weightier than any mere master level treasure should be."

The surrounding editors continually nodded, agreeing with every word.

"You've missed on thing." Aritzia interjected. "Actually, it's the most important remaining question.

"Just how did he manage to use a teleportation formation that was being hindered by a council member?"

A silence pervaded the room. This was quite a troublesome issue for them as well. But, no one mentioned it because they simply didn't have the proper explanation for it.

Aritzia's eyes sparkled as though she had long since thought of the answer, but was simply testing her surrounding editors.

"I just might have an answer for you." A handsome young man strolled into the room, completely surprising the editors.

"How did you get in here?! This is a Sapientia only area." One of the editors stood.

"For a family that puts information and knowledge over all, that's quite an interesting thing to say. I wonder what the more powerful clans would think knowing this was how the inheriting generation of the Sapientia thought?" The handsome young man smiled a smile that wasn't quite one, using his words to slice the momentum of the editor seamlessly.

The editor stuttered, but didn't have a response. He knew how important the neutrality and amiability of the Sapientia was to their survival. He really hadn't thought before he spoke.

Luckily for him, Aritzia cut through the awkward atmosphere as though nothing had happened. "King Emytheus, to what do I owe the pleasure?"


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