Reaper of the Martial World
895 Sapientia News Network 7
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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895 Sapientia News Network 7

At the moment, Dyon's eyes were completely calm. He could feel that the teleportation formation beneath him had been hindered by what he assumed was the council badge pinned to Aki's chest. But, he wasn't too worried about it.

Unlike Aki, when this silver tailed man realized he was being ignored, his temper flared up. If it wasn't for Aki stopped him, he would have charged forward.

The other figure who stood beside Aki was a golden tailed beauty. That said, Dyon didn't put her appearance in his eyes at all. If she thought he would soften his stance due to her appearance, she must have never seen Ri's true appearance.

"Friend." She said lightly, smiling brightly with a majesty that seemed to make the world revolve around her. "It will only take a moment to deal with the teleportation formation. The faster you cooperate, the faster everyone else, who are all patiently waiting, get their business done."

Hearing this, the crowd had a fire lit under them, causing them to call for Dyon to step off. They didn't know what was going on, but they did have things to do, so they'd rather the formation get fixed quicker rather than slower.

That said, the more intelligent members of the crowd remained silent. Anyone with half a brain could see that this situation wasn't so simple. How those fools calling out were worthy of entering the tower was beyond them.

Clearly, this golden tailed beauty was much too confident in her beauty. Judging by how she kept glancing arrogantly at Ri, she must think she had a good chance of winning too.

"Is this all you people have to say? If that's all, I have things to do." Dyon was almost too bored to respond. But, he really was eager to get Ri alone. 13 years of lust doesn't just vanish in an instant, he was really too irritated to deal with these people.

The beauty was stunned by Dyon's response, before she laughed angrily. 'Is he an idiot? Even if he knows that teleportation formation is in fine working condition, can't he see the badge on Aki's lapel? The same way key wielders decide who can use their teleportation formation, council members can decide who can teleport in Central City. I guess Alexandria's lauded husband is nothing more than a joke.'

She kept all of these thoughts to herself. She wanted to maintain her appearance as a kind-hearted goddess, and thus would be so free with her tongue as Ri was. Instead, she waited for Dyon to slap himself in the face.

Seeing Dyon ignore their goddess, the golden tailed members of the crowd of kitsune seethed with rage, itching to teach this man a lesson.

"Alright. Babye. Seems the kitsune clan only has one flower amongst a pile of dog shit." With those words, a wisp of aurora flames entered the formation through Dyon's foot, immediately finding the obstruction. After connecting the dimmed portion to the lit portions of the array manually, Aki's ability to stop the teleportation was completely nullified.

Seeing the teleportation array light up, Aki's complacent and lazy expression immediately sharpened with disbelief.

The golden tailed beauty's eyes widened.

Even the silver tailed idiot seemed to notice something was wrong.

"Stop!" Aki roared. If he missed this chance, he might never get another.

But, why would Dyon bother to listen to him? He had better things to do. Namely, the beauty in his arms.

So, he only shrugged. "I gave you a chance. Not my fault you didn't take it."

The anger of the surrounding kitsune erupted. When had they ever been insulted like this? They were from the 30th ranked quadrant! The vast majority of people wouldn't dare to offend them. And those ranked near them wouldn't treat them too badly either. As for those ranked much higher, they wouldn't be so bored as to bother them.

Yet, this man called them a pile of shit and was still slowly disappearing before their eyes.

Ri's light giggling was the last thing they heard before they disappeared completely.

An instant later, Aki landed on the formation in complete rage, a baleful and dark fog emanating from him.

However, the moment he landed, he activated a sound formation Dyon left behind.


The voice echoed through the city, centered around Aki and sounding off again and again.

Aki's face turned red, then white, then blue, with rage. Finally, he couldn't stand it anymore and swung his fist down at the formation.

Unfortunately, he truly was an idiot. There was a reason the Serpent Vines didn't dare to touch the teleportation formations. Obviously, they were protected.


Before Aki's fist even connected, he was sent flying into the distance.

Blood flew from his mouth as his chest completely caved in, while his arm became an unrecognizable clump of bloody flesh. In all likelihood, if he wasn't a beast, he would have died immediately. But, without top tier healing pills, it would take him months to recover.

The Kitsune could only watch in shock as their leader was almost played with to death by a completely unknown character. Maybe the worst part about all of this was that news, especially important news like this, could be sold for quite a bit of energy stones to the Sapientia News Network, even more so after their implementation of the Internet.

Because of this, the kitsune could only watch as dozens of figures dashed out of the crowd, each one rushing with picture capturing array plates to be the first to report this incident to the Sapientia. The happenings of today would soon be broadcasted throughout the Corners of the tower…


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