Reaper of the Martial World
894 Sapientia News Network 6
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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894 Sapientia News Network 6

The moment Dyon's eyes landed on those three buildings, those lying in wait felt their hearts seize. Had he seen them? How was that possible?

But, Dyon's eyes left them as quickly as it landed on them, causing them to think it must have been a coincidence.

'There are actually hundreds of them, how amusing.'

"Little feu glace."

"Hm?" Ri looked up at Dyon curiously.

"What stage is your soul at now?"

The crowd found this question odd. Weren't beasts known for having poor soul talent? What did it matter what her soul stage was at now?

Ri, feeling Dyon's intention of wanting her to answer silently, allowed her voice to be directed in a line. She knew that this must mean that Dyon's wills and energy cultivation hadn't unlocked yet, or else he would have likely asked covertly.

'I'm at the peak of the 7th stage.'

Dyon grinned. "Let's go help you break through."

The crowd was confused, but Ri immediately understood. Her blush was slight, but she giggled still, nodding her beautiful little head.

Dyon mostly said this to disregard the coming "danger" completely. He wanted his wives to break into the 8th soul stage as quickly as possible. Then, they'd be able to unlock their divine sense and have an added level of protection. Although Perception was nice, it was only perfect when combined with a soul sense.

Of course, Ri's soul talent was very poor. So, no one would ever imagine that her soul was so powerful. However, Dyon's dual cultivation with her had provided her with a massive boost, and she was able to ride that wave to this point. But, it seemed she had met a stiff bottle neck that he had to do his gentlemanly duty and help break.

At this moment, two black wings burst from Dyon's back, leaving his clothes completely unscathed. After Dyon had broken into the celestial stage with his soul, he had gained golden wings, but he also gained the ability to revert them back to previous properties they once held. He could form their original one black and one black appearance, or two white, or two black, or two gold. He could also decide the number of pairs he summoned as well. The different combination decided what variety of power boosts he could use at a given time.

There was actually a formation within the city that prohibited flying. But, once again, that was only for the weak. Those powerful enough could ignore this rule. And Dyon happened to believe he was one of them.

Sweeping up Ri in his arms and basking in her delighted laughter, he jumped into the skies, soaring over the buildings and toward the nearest teleportation formation.

Out of all of the possibilities, their enemies never expected that Dyon would fly away, let alone carry Ri along with him.

"Stop him!" The various Kitsune clans gathered on the roofs exploded outward with their cultivations, jumping off and hurrying forward.

At that moment, a young man with a dark aura appeared in the air with 9 tails whipping out behind him. He stood in the air, an ability that was easy for council members due to the exemption provided to him by his badge.

According to his understanding, only 11th stage saints and above, below the age of 60, could completely ignore the restrictions of Central City. But, he also knew that those who cultivated wing growing techniques, or beasts with wings, could ignore these rules as well, so he wasn't perturbed by Dyon's display. Instead, he looked at his wings with disdain.

As soon as Dyon landed with Ri in his arms, he was already on the teleportation formation and prepared to leave. However, it was at this moment that Aki descended from the skies, leisurely landing before them as though this had nothing to do with him.

A moment later, a group of nearly a thousand kitsune arrived behind him, but two more individuals stood side by side with him. They seemed to be of the same status, but Dyon could see that they were about a quarter of a foot length behind him. Clearly, they gave way to this Aki character.

Ri didn't seem to notice their appearance, instead, she remained in Dyon's arm, quite confident in her husband's abilities.

"This teleportation formation is down for maintenance. I'll have to ask you to step off for a moment." Aki spoke slowly and casually. His voice didn't seem to have any anger in it, but Dyon could tell he was pissed off to see Ri in his arms like this.

Even an idiot would realize at this point that the person the Void family planned to force Ri to marry was this clown. However, Dyon didn't know the details of the story yet, or else he wouldn't be so passive right now. He wouldn't need Aki to ask him to step off, he would have stepped off personally to beat him to death.

Dyon didn't respond, he was more interested in seeing what this man planned to do. As for his maintenance excuse, Dyon didn't even bother with it. The teleportation arrays of his Corner spend tens of thousands of years, untouched, and were perfectly fine. How could the busiest teleportation station, likely in the entire inner world, possibly need to be shut down?

In fact, there was quite a line of people Dyon had just cut to get here. What could he say? He didn't feel like waiting for them.

Seeing that Dyon didn't respond, a man beside Aki with eight silver tails spoke. "Are you going to step off? Or are we going to have to force you to step off?"


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