Reaper of the Martial World
893 Sapientia News Network 5
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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893 Sapientia News Network 5

Ri clung to Dyon's arm as they walked from store to store. Dyon felt as though he had become some sort of live doll to be poked and prodded at for his wife's leisure, but he could only let it happen. He knew the day where his sweat pants empire would be assaulted would come, it had just happened too quickly for him to be ready… He didn't even get a chance to say goodbye.

Soon, he was wearing pristine fabrics, draped in robes of black and gold Ri seemed to think matched his appearance the best.

His demeanor was enough to make him seem quite handsome, it was just that the store clerks couldn't help but sigh about the fact he kept his face behind a mask. But, considering the woman by his side and the money they spent as easily as breathing, this man had to be of pretty high status.

By the end of it all, hours had passed, and Ri had managed to prim and trim everything about Dyon's appearance but the bandaged bundle on his back. Not to mention the fact she filled a master level spatial ring with more clothes than Dyon could wear in a lifetime.

When they finally walked out of the final story, the found a group of five waiting with disdainful expressions, and although he tried to hide in the back, Dyon could clearly see the rat he had run into previously peaking from within the surrounding crowd.

Central City was quite large, but information seemed to spread quite quickly. There was supposed to be a rule of no fighting within the city that was enforced by a council of Emperors, but considering how much time those Emperors spent cultivating and ignoring the matters of the world, there was practically no one but the strong to enforce such rules. And, unfortunately, the strong were often arrogant.

What Dyon found odd was that they'd dare so openly attack an Emperor level character like Ri. Wasn't Ri's status the same as those on the council?

Dyon leaned over to Ri's ear. When he did so, many sneered, thinking they were trying to plan an escape. However, Dyon didn't hide his voice at all.

"Are they retarded?"

Ri's angered expression immediately burst into a fit of light laughter that seemed to brighten the world around them. While the crowd was lost in a trance, the Void clan members were stunned. They had never seen Ri laugh before, to them, she was a complete ice queen that needed to be put in her place. Were they seeing things?

Eventually, Ri reigned in her laughter and spoke, "A retard named Aki is part of the council of Emperors of Central City. He probably thinks he can use his position for leverage. He must not understand that we don't care about such things.

"Plus, he doesn't have the power to ban me. The rules only truly apply to Dukes and below. He must want to ban you from entering the city while taking me back to the Void Palace.

"But, he doesn't know anything about you, so he want to send a probe of idiots."

"How dare you insult Emperor Aki in this way!" One of the five figures with six black tails roared.

Ri's head turned from Dyon to the monkey acting a fool. "Do you think you have the right to talk to me in this way?"

"Yo –"

"Wrong." Ri interrupted. "The words you're looking for are Empress Alexandria. If I hear anything else come from your mouth, I'll cut your tongue out."

Suddenly, the Ice Queen reappeared, causing the five Void clan members to inadvertently take a step back. How could this possibly be the same woman that was just laughing?!

No one had ever seen Ri display her sword skills, but there was always a beautiful sword hanging from her willowy hips. This fact alone, coupled with her rankings, was enough for anyone to fear the drawing of her weapon.

This sword was, of course, the very same weapon Dyon had gifted her. Although it was only of the 4th transcendent grade, and she had seen many supreme weapons that could have replaced it during her trials, she didn't want to. However, that didn't change how deadly her attacks were.

There were two divisions of Emperor level characters. The first division was the portion of them that treated the Emperor title as their peak, however there was another set, a set within the top 100, that everyone knew were only capped at the Emperor rank because they weren't lucky enough to be key wielders and thus become Gods.

Everyone knew that Aki was of the first division, while Ri was of the second. They weren't even in the same league.

However, at the same time, Aki had taken his trials decades ago. He had spent much more time cultivating, and thus was seen as more powerful despite having less talent than Ri. This was why he dared to do such a thing.

That said, just because Aki dared to do this, didn't mean the other Void Clan members did. So, what were they relying on?

Dyon's eyes swept through the crowd, before ignoring them in an instant. Everyone his eyes touched felt as though they had been seen through completely, making them feel highly uncomfortable.

Then, Dyon eyes landed on the roofs of three particular buildings. In truth, they were tens of miles away and completely unnoticeable. Given Dyon's vantage point, and the heights of the buildings between him and those buildings, it didn't make sense for him to see through such a distance. However, his Perception saw through all things.


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