Reaper of the Martial World
892 Sapientia News Network 4
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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892 Sapientia News Network 4

Ri's tails trembled with excitement, breathing in Dyon's scent as though she had to make sure this was real and not a dream.

Dyon lightly stroked Ri's head, tangling his finger in her long blue-silver hair. He truly felt more comfortable with her in his arms.

After a few moments, Ri finally stopped trembling enough to look up at Dyon, but she could only sigh when she saw his mask.

Dyon grinned, "Feeling sad you can't see your husband's rugged and handsome appearance?"

Ri giggled, flicking Dyon's forehead. But, the word husband set a bombshell off in the crowd. In fact, when Ri responded as though his use of the word was only normal, they almost fainted from shock.

They had heard rumors that Ri was married. Apparently she had had a huge falling out with the Void Clan where she stated that she and her husband would come back for revenge one day. At that point, it didn't mean much because Ri was completely unknown. During that time, Dyon was still in his very first trial, while Ri hadn't even taken one yet. So, it was news that many had long since forgotten… Until today.

Knowing how powerful Ri was… How powerful was her husband?

Everyone took another look at the young man's back and couldn't help but shiver. He had a murderous aura around him that sent a cold sweat down their backs, and that aura was only reserved for those who had just recently come out of high-level trials. Could it be that he was a new Emperor as well?

Since when did Emperors become so common place? They're supposed to be rare!

"Well, you're not alone." Dyon continued. "I feel depressed that I can only see half of my wife's appearance too." Dyon lightly touched the opaque white visor covering the top half of Ri's features. He felt her tremble when he did, but the feeling quickly disappeared.

Dyon couldn't help but frown when he saw this, thinking back to the Void clan rat that was scurrying through the back alleys. Originally, Dyon had been using the main roads, but his Presence caught a whiff of something he didn't like, so he decided to investigate. Now seeing Ri's reaction, he didn't like where this was going at all.

Ri knew that Dyon had seen through her, but she still quickly relaxed. There was nothing to be worried about with her man here now. "I'll show you later." She said with a slight blush that sent the blood of the men in the crowd boiling. "For now, my husband can't be walking around in sweat pants and a cheap cloak. Let's go, your wife will treat you."

Seeing Ri's reaction, Dyon could only let it go for now. But, he did find it quite funny that Ri said she'd treat him. Why did he suddenly feel like one of those mortal realm millionaires on a reality show, where his wife used a credit card he gave her to buy him gifts?

But, he was gratified that Ri acted in this way. What was his, was hers. He wouldn't have it any other way. So, he allowed her to happily drag him away from the crowd, completely forgetting about the food she left on her table.

She didn't mind, though. She could just force him to peel fruits for her later.

Up on the King floors of the restaurant, the reaction to Ri's public displays of affection weren't any less surprising. The floor itself only had half a dozen people or so, but each one of them held prestige within the tower that few could match. As for the Emperor and holy God floors, they were completely empty. Emperors and Gods were much too rare to be sitting idly in a restaurant. The fact Ri came here at all was clearly for the special occasion of reuniting with her husband.

In truth, there was only one true King on the floor. As for the other five individuals? They were only invited Dukes. As a King, he had the ability of bringing people to floors they weren't qualified to enter.

"What do you think, King Emitheyus?"

It was quite customary for titles to come before names within the Epistemic Tower culture. It was a matter of prestige and recognition. So, Emitheyus took pride in being called by this name.

Truth be told, Emitheyus wasn't from an outstanding quadrant, they were only ranked within the 60s. However, he had still managed to become a King despite not having the backing normally required to accomplish such a thing.

With his performance, he managed to gain the recognition of the elders of his family, and thus be granted more power and freedom. He was a person who knew how to bide his time well, and thus could be considered quite intelligent.

When he saw Ri enter this floor, he knew who she was automatically, so cleverly decided not to bother her. However, he was curious about why she would appear here like this. It was only now that he knew why she would risk the Void clan seeking revenge just for some tea.

Suddenly, he smiled. "It seems we'll have quite the show to watch soon. I'm quite interested in this husband of hers and just how powerful he is…

"That massive bandaged package on his back weighs at least 700 000 jin, yet he's light on his feet. Even weirder, it seems to give off the fluctuations of a master level weapon… Have you ever seen a master level weapon or treasure be so heavy? He's either purposefully using it to train his body, or it isn't so simple as it seems…

"Even more odd, he's decided to cover his face. What young hero with such a wife wouldn't want the whole world to know who he was?

"Curious… Truly curious…" Emitheyus has a thoughtful expression on his handsome face, before he spoke again. "The Void Clan should be here soon. I wonder how this will end…"

Despite saying this, Emitheyus already had a guess. The fact Ri was going shopping with her husband and not running away, meant that she hadn't been hiding all this time, she just couldn't be bothered to care about the Void family. It was either that or… Her husband was so powerful that even the Kings of the Void family were nothing more than jokes to him.


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