Reaper of the Martial World
888 Errand Boy 6
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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888 Errand Boy 6

After Dyon planted the spiritual vein within his Inner World, he suddenly felt that something within him had changed, but he couldn't put his finger on exactly what it was.

It turns out that the spiritual vein reward was one often chosen by God Trial takers due to the poking and prodding of their various clans. So, for the greater good, they give up one of their rewards for it.

However, Dyon was definitely the first one to plant it within himself. As far as he knew, he had the only Inner World cultivating technique in existence. So, aside from his Demon Generals, no one else had the ability to do this. That said, Dyon didn't specify which treasures his Demon Generals should choose, so he had no idea if they acted the same way he did.

If they had though, their spiritual veins would be at an even lower level than Dyon's considering they didn't take the God trials. According to the old man, only the Emperor and God trials provided it as a reward, so his dream of having 3001 spiritual veins was dashed before it began.

Taking out a 5th level aurora stones, corresponding with the 5th soul stage, Dyon removed his ragged clothes and replaced them with a fresh pair of black, rolled up sweats and a crisp white shirt, before strapping his massive sword to his back again.

After thinking about it a bit, he changed the appearance of his sword as well. It would be a shame if he went through so much trouble to hide his appearance, only to be exposed by his sword. He would change the appearance back when he was Dyon, but when he wasn't, it would appear to be a regular large black sword of the master level.

Although using the aurora stones was a heavy tax on himself, it was worth it.


"DYON!" Eli jumped up from his squatting position. He had just been inside of the spatial ring Dyon gave him, experimenting with a few new plant cross-sections when he heard Dyon's voice.

In the next instant, Delia flashed out as well, so Dyon had to deal with an overly tall lanky giant, and a petite woman jumping into his arms at the same time. However, he still smiled genuinely, he was happy to see them.

The three of them spent quite a long time talking. Dyon had long seen Delia and Eli as his own brother and sister, so there was no doubt that he missed them.

"Ah, we've taken up too much time." Delia said, covering her mouth. "There are a few people who miss you even more. Don't worry about us, we're happy here."

Although the cultivation room was quite plain, the spatial ring inner world was quite lively, so Dyon didn't doubt her words. It also seemed that Delia was already reaching the higher level of the middle saint realm. Since she had first grade meridians, this wasn't too surprising.

The staple of a true genius was making it to sainthood before 18, celestial with 100 years of cultivation, and dao formation with 1000 years of cultivation. The reason it was denotes as "years of cultivation" was because time spent in the trials were subtracted.

That aside, a person with first grade meridians had more than a 90% chance of accomplishing this, while someone with second grade meridians had about a 50% chance, and so on and so forth.

Either way, by now, Delia was well on her way to the celestial mark. After that, she could safely have her baby.

"I'll be heading out then." Dyon said with a smile. "I look forward to having a little nephew or niece soon." He grinned wildly before running away from the fists of the blushing couple.


"Alright old man, I'm sure you have a bird's eye view of the Epistemic Tower Inner World, right?"

The old man snorted, 'I already allowed you to cheat by not removing the fog barrier, are you trying to get me to help you cheat again?'

"Exactly." Dyon responded without hesitation. How could a mere fog barrier be the equivalent of his life? If he wasn't strong enough, he would have died to that clone!

'I'm truly limited in helping you here. At most, I can let you know the locations of people. If I told you about treasures and the like, it would be more than bending the rules, it would be breaking them, so I'd get punished.'

"Fine, fine. That's all I wanted anyway. Are my wives in the tower currently?"

Dyon was currently walking up a winding set of stairs that seemed completely out of place in this tower. Why wouldn't this place have teleportation arrays from floor to floor? How ridiculous.

'Madeleine and Clara are within their respective universes still, but Alexandria is in the tower, although she's behind the fog barrier put up for the Kitsune-Shruti universe considering Saru hasn't completed her trials yet.'

Dyon almost pouted hearing this, but then he remembered that the old man could communicate with him, so why not communicate with RI?

'I've already promised to tell Alexandria when you came out. She's on her way already. Considering she's currently an Empress, she can easily let you in and out of the fog barrier at her leisure since you only need to be a Duke to do so.'

Dyon smiled lightly, "That's good. What about Saru? Which trial is she in now?"

'She's currently in the third, going through the 11th wave right now. She'll still need quite a few more years to finish completely.'

"I see… Let me know when she comes out, I have to thank her."

'Do I look like your errand boy?!'

Dyon only laughed, not responding as he sprung out of a door of light.


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