Reaper of the Martial World
887 Errand Boy 5
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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887 Errand Boy 5

Dyon picked up the small egg. It was only about half a foot in diameter, but it was ridiculously heavy. Dyon could tell that even if he used all of his strength, cracking his shell was nothing more than a dream.

"With such a heaven defying beast, how do I get it to acknowledge me as its master? With its intelligence, it couldn't be that the first person it sees will be its mother, can it?"

'You're right, with the Celestial Hamster's intelligence, it can obviously tell the difference between its species and another even as a newborn. In fact, this egg is a little larger than it should be, so it might be even more troublesome.

'That said, Celestial Hamsters don't choose their masters based on strength or battle prowess, they choose based on intelligence. If it thinks you're smart enough, it'll choose you. That simple.'

"Interesting…" Dyon pondered for a moment before asking a question. "How do I hatch it?"

'The Celestial Hamster is an ancient era beast, just like the Celestial Deer once was before their bloodline declined. If you want to hatch it, you need Primordial Energy, or a suitable replacement for it. Luckily for you, your Inner World happened to accumulate a lot of it.

'Whatever you do, do not try to establish a soul pact with the Celestial Hamster before it hatches. Not only can it circumvent such an attempt, such an underhanded tactic will make it hate you forever.'

"Alright." Dyon nodded before allowing the egg into his Inner World, then he turned his senses inward to see if there were any changes.

Currently, his Inner World was quite barren, but the land was brimming with vitality, as though it was only waiting for vegetation to be planted. Other than some hills here and there, it was mostly flat, golden lands. In addition, in corresponding with his cultivation level, the land itself was only about a few dozen meters in every direction from the center.

In all likelihood, the land would mature a bit more before his soul and wills were unlocked. From what Dyon could see, his soul manifestation was still meditating silently in the air, and there were also 4 primordial yins circulating him. This gave Dyon another boost in morale, but the fourth was definitely Amphorae's. He found it odd that he didn't see Luna's, but he brushed it off as being a result of her special constitution. After all, so many powerful clans were seeking her out, maybe he wasn't worthy of taking possession of her Primordial Yin.

However, despite all this, the most shocking event happening currently was the rampaging Primordial Energy. An endless supply seemed to be funneling directly into the small egg, causing it to wobble every now and then. It seemed that it wouldn't be too long before it hatched at this pace.

Normally, it would have taken the Celestial Hamster a few more millions of years to hatch because Primordial Energy was practically extinct in these times. But now, it might only be a few more days until Dyon could see its furry and adorable appearance. After who knew how much time the little hamster spent in its egg, it was probably more excited than Dyon.

"Lastly old man, I need some aurora stones. Are there any here as a reward?"

'There is a spiritual vein you can take as a reward, but it's nowhere near the size of the Angel Clan one. The Angel Clan vein could produce even dao level energy stones, meaning even Earth aurora stones weren't an impossibility. However, these can at most create essence level energy stones. There's potential for growth, especially since you have the Energy Core though. That said, don't let anyone find out you have it, because even Emperor God Clans would go crazy for it.'

These weren't ancient times. Spiritual veins were especially rare. Even the spiritual vein of the Celestial Deer Sect was dug up and taken away by its enemies.

A spiritual vein capable of producing saint level energy stones was already the peak of this era. Some of the exceptionally powerful clans might have a spiritual vein capable of producing lower celestial level energy stones, but that was the absolute cap.

In truth, this wasn't only because of the era, but also because of the limitations of spiritual veins. If they became too large, they would cause vicious apparitions of heavens to descend and destroy them. This would also result in the destruction of the clan that owned them. Only the Energy Core was able to mitigate this.

This might seem odd. If even peak Emperor God clans could only produce lower celestial stones, then where do all of the high level stones come from?

At this point, it's important to separate the idea of energy stone mines from spiritual veins. The purpose of spiritual veins isn't to produce regular energy stones, but rather, to draw the energy of the universe toward a clan, making it easier to cultivate there. A by-product of this would be the various energy stone types that are created.

But, energy stone mines are different. They don't have the same restrictions as Spiritual veins because their abilities are much more focused. Their only reason for existing is to produce energy cultivation energy stones. As such, they don't produce things like Life stones and Aurora stones, and as such, don't deft heaven's laws too much. Thus, they're allowed to fully mature.

Essentially, the term "Energy Stones" has both a broad and narrow definition. The broad definition includes every energy stone in existence, while the narrow definition only includes the currency of the martial world.


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