Reaper of the Martial World
886 Errand Boy 4
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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886 Errand Boy 4

"Is it possible to upgrade them back to the third grade, then?" Dyon asked.

'It is, but it'll take some time. Like medicine, it needs to be taken over time to have the best and most solid effects. I such going the organic route as opposed to the pill route. Although it'll be even slower, at least you won't have to deal with any impurities.'

"I'll do what you say then," Dyon confirmed as he walked toward a particular treasure.

'This is called Jade Queen Bee's Honey. Although the Jade Queen Bee is only a peak transcendent beast, the nectar it produces, if given enough time, becomes a true treasure.

'As long as you take one drop of this honey, every day, for a long enough period of time, even forming a first-grade meridian set isn't impossible. It'll just take centuries to complete.

'Not going to lie to you, this treasure is often completely ignored. There's never been such a thing as a God trial taker without first grade meridians. You're truly a first-place loser.'

Dyon gave a 'really?' expression while eying the massive jar in front of him. A single drop a day? This thing could last millions of years then!

'It's actually bigger than you think. The jar is actually an interdimensional space.'

Even as the old man spoke, the massive 30-meter-wide jar suddenly shrunk to the size of a child's palm.

With a thought, a drop of golden honey appeared in the air. It emitted such an aromatic smell that Dyon almost felt that it was too much, but he still swallowed it, savouring the taste.

He suddenly felt that his body was flushed with pleasure. A gentle energy swarmed his body. In all honesty, it was so comfortable that much to Dyon's embarrassment, he almost lost control of his erection. Luckily his grand teacher couldn't read his mind anymore.

Because of his constant and perpetual lust, it was a battle to keep it down in the first place. After relaxing so much, it almost raged out of control.

Suddenly, Dyon's eyes brightened as a mini vortex of energy swirled around him. It could count as large at all, in fact, it was so pitifully small that he knew if any arrogant "young masters" saw this scene, they would laugh themselves to death. But, it was more energy than Dyon had every drawn toward himself without soul cultivating.

Just as Dyon was wondering what was going on, his grand teacher started laughing, 'Looks like you've already upgraded to the 8th grade. Stop it, that mini cyclone is going to make me die of laughter.'

Dyon sighed, but there was nothing he could do. If he absorbed the energy kernel, he was asking to die. If there was a way to only take a portion of the kernel, he would, but he wasn't sure that was possible.

'A few hundred years from now, you'll be able to use the Demon Sage's blood to upgrade to Deity level meridians if your luck is good enough. For now, take it slow. Defying the heavens isn't something to take lightly.

'This is very important to your future advancement. It's impossible to become a transcendent without major achievements in at least two of the three paths. But, it's completely unheard of for those two proficient paths to not include energy cultivation. At least, I've never met someone like that, so you must work hard to catch up.

'Also remember not to be too cocky, even when your cultivation unseals. Remember soul cultivation is very hard to translate into true battle power. That said, having the use of your wills again with be of great help. For now, with a celestial body, fighting those peak geniuses of sainthood shouldn't be a problem.'

Dyon listened to his grand teacher's nagging passively as he searched for his last two choices for treasures.

His first treasure was the mask, the second was the reverse scale, the third was his broad sword, while the fourth was the jade bee's honey. That left him with two more choices.

"Mm?" Dyon's eyes landed on an odd oval object that was painted quite a bland grey. Anyway you looked at it, it didn't seem very impressive. Dyon could sense that if it wasn't for his overwhelming soul and powerful Presence, he would have completely overlooked this treasure. It seem to hide from his observation almost perfectly… "What's this little egg?"

'Hm… It's actually quite an odd creature. Despite having a True Deity bloodline, it doesn't have any of the imposingness of a beast of that level. It has no combat prowess, and it oddly doesn't have the choice of following the human path for cultivation. In addition, it will forever be in beast form, no matter what.'

Dyon was a bit confused after hearing this explanation, "Then why is it classified as a True Deity bloodline?"

'For one, when it's fully matured, even the strongest divine senses, even the immortal senses of transcendents, can't find it if it wants to hide. The fact you even noticed it in its fetal form is quite surprising… I had even forgotten that it was here.

'Secondly, it's abilities are quite heaven defying. Although it has no combat prowess, its ability to sense danger and find treasures is unparalleled. In addition, if one were to talk about sheer intelligence, its species ranks even above humans. Also, its immune to attacks of aura, the soul and Presence. It's also exceedingly fast and has teleportation escape abilities although it can't take anyone with it.

'Its name is quite funny though. It's called the Celestial Hamster.'


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